Metagame Breakdown from the Kentucky Open

Posted in Event Coverage on August 17, 2003

By Joshua Claytor

Many different archetypes were played over the course of the Kentucky Open. Scourge may not have added a lot to the format, but it is clear that Type two is enjoying a healthy amount of diversity. Here are what the hundred twenty four players played.

Rogue Decks (22 players)

While some of these decks looked like highlander decks possessed by evil spirits. Other decks, like the black white deck Adam Prosak brought looked really innovative. Glenn Wallace took his GUW madness deck to a favorable record. Still most of the rogue decks looked like something that came out of a Peasant Magic tournament.

Blue Green Madness (16 players)

The deck that has been around since the dawn of time continues to bring success to some of those brave enough to play the deck. Ken McAlpine, David Snow, and Brett Reliford put all their eggs in a Aquamoeba and Mongrel decorated basket.

Red Green Beatdown. (15 players)

The pure violence that is here in this deck makes it a suitable choice for many of the players in the area. State Co champion Derek Glenn ran this deck at the event as did top ten finisher Daniel Meadors. Phantom Centaur, Mongrel, Firebolt and the pure explosiveness of this deck made it the deck of choice for some.

Reanimator (10 players)

A deck that was designed to beat up on beat down tried to do that. Brad Taylor took the deck into the field, and was two games of land screw away from doing something really cool.

Decreed (10 players)

One of the newest decks in the format, this black white control deck gained the most from Scourge. Looking to disrupt the opponent long enough to win with a massive Decree of Justice, most players were unable to make it past the field of beat down that was in the event. Anthony “Fro” Justice ran the deck.

Zombies (9 players)

The players that played this deck knew how bad the GR matchup is. They still ran the deck with mixed results. Brian Spencer played a modified version of the deck that ran Zombie Trailblazer. Peter Maginnis was a win away from the top eight.

Goblins (7 players)

Most players decided to run the newest version of the goblin deck. The version that made it’s debut at Euros was modified for GP Bangkok. One of the finalists, Adam Yang proved the old saying that Better lucky then good was certainly the case for him. Joshua Beal finished in 16th place with the deck, and most players were impressed with the results that the deck put up in consecutive weeks.

Slide (7 players)

Finalist Kyle Eden ran the version that made Gabe Wells famous. Co State champion Will Lutes ran the version that packed Burning Wish. One player was even brave enough to play the UW version of the deck and another still packed the Ralphie Treatment. The best version of the deck so far remains the ones that pack the powerful Lightning Rift.

Tog (7 players)

Long thought killed by the results of the United States Nationals, the European Championships and Grand Prix Bangkok. The players that ran this deck were not bad players at all. Pro tour player Jarod Burt, former local JSS superstar Justin Brown and Lord of the Rings player Shane Adams all took the toothy fiend into the field.

The rest of the decks break down like this.

Elves (5 players)
Mono Black Control (4)
Black Green Cemetery (4)
Tight Sight (3)
Beasts (2) One of the beast decks made top eight. Ryan Nunn ran the tables after a loss to slide in Round one, and the decks creator Brian Fox played it as well.
Wake (2)

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