Metagame: Bring Your Own Block

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Early Nguyen

The Invivational: Bring your own Block format unmasked many interesting decks. Among the 16 players the following deck types where played:

1 Fires (Red/Green): This deck revolved around Fires of Yavimaya and solid green creatures and speed such as Blastoderm, Rofellos, Saproling Burst, Kavu Chamelon, Masticore. Mark Rosewater noted this being the most original deck in the format.

2 Humility- Post: The old archetype, Humility Post uses countermagic along with Humility and Orim's Prayer to shut down opponent's creatures and Kjeldorn Outpost to build their own personal army.

1 Draw-Go: Filled with countermagic and cantrips. Draw-go controls the game with the usual permission style play: "Can I play this card?"

2 Survival-Ghoul: Based on the traditional Living Death deck, Survival Ghoul uses Survival of the Fittest to dump mass number of creatures in their graveyards and brings them back into play using Oath of Ghouls. For maximum benefit, all creatures in the Survival Ghoul deck are 187 creatures.

1 Counter-Phoenix: Red for destruction, blue for countermagic. The power of Counter Phoenix lies in the recursion ability of Shard Phoenix. Being Bring Your Own Block format, Counter-Phoenix saw the introduction of Tradewind Rider, Hammerhead Shark and Legacy's Allure for further capabilities.

1 Trade-Awakening: Springing up from the earlier days and making it's return in this format is Trade Awakening. Utilizing the power of Awakening, the deck main focus was Tradewind Rider and Capsize, effectively returning all the opponent's cards back to their hand.

7 Mono-Red: Mono Red or Ponza as some would call it was by far the most popular deck. All decks were similar and contained the basic land destruction components along with Avalanche Riders, Mogg Fanatics, Jackal Pups, Fireslingers and Balduvian Hordes.

1 Squirrel Prison: A green/ blue using the power of Tradewind Rider with the lock ability of Opposition, Squirrel Prison is exactly as its namesake, cast Opposition, cast Squirrel: Prison.

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