Metagame Nostradamus Jay Elarar

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By Josh Bennett

Jay Elarar

Many professional players loathe an explored Constructed format. If the big decks have already been discovered, then there is little left to do but tighten existing designs and try to guess what your opponents are going to bring to the tournament.

Proficiency with the latter can yield enormous dividends. An accurate assessment of the field lets a player cram their deck full of cards that win their expected matches, as well as allowing a tighter, more focused sideboard. With better tools than their opponents, these players will climb to the Top 8 on the backs of the unprepared. On the other hand, a player whose predictions are off might as well be sideboarding the Queen of Spades.

One such seer is Canadian Pro Jay Elarar. His choice of Skies at Chicago was unorthodox, but he was the deck's lone representative in the Top 32. This weekend he came to Barcelona for the Masters alone, as he was unqualified for the Pro Tour. It paid off big time. Today he will compete in the Final 8 with a Red-Green Beats deck sporting four maindeck Kavu Chameleons. He anticipated a field of islands, and with Go-Mar and Domain out in force, he got it.

Elarar is quick to pass on the praise for his results. He claims to owe all his recent deck advice to a relatively unknown source from Brazil. This mysterious "Brazilian Connection" is responsible for the Skies deck Elarar played at Chicago. Not only did he Top 8, but his foreknowledge of the Fires matchup let him take five matches after losing every single Game 1!

Sideboard investigations have uncovered that the Brazilian Connection is, in fact, Uruguayan goon Damian Brown-Santirso. The Pro Tour regular met Elarar at tournaments in the Pacific Northwest, and the two have remained in touch through IRC. Damian almost took one of the two Gateway spots with a straight-up Red-Green deck. He lost in the fourth round, and called the audible. Elarar would play his deck, but with four Chameleons main. That decision has already earned Elarar $6500, with more just within reach.

Damian has been reticent about the extent and origins of his prognosticative powers. Present speculation is evenly divided between "Tricked-out DeLorean" and "The Spice, Melange."

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