Modern Unified Constructed Results

Posted in Event Coverage on June 16, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Here's how the scoring works: There will be three rounds of Swiss pitting a member of one team against a player from the other team. Your first match win in a format is worth 4 points, your second win 6, and third win 7, meaning that a single player can contribute up to 17 points to his or her team's score in a format. Whichever team has a higher total points after all three formats will be declared the winner!

Round 1

WizardsPoints Community CupPointsMatch Score
D_Guskin / Dave Guskin0vsCC_Whiffy / George Efelis 40-2
Dwayne_St / Dwayne St. Arnauld4vsCC_prolepsis9 / Bing Luke02-0
Erik_L / Erik Lauer0vsCC_MarshalllRCast / Marshall Sutcliffe40-2
WotC_Lee / Lee Sharpe0vsCC_lsv / Luis Scott-Vargas40-2
Max_M / Max McCall0vsCC_joekewwl / Joe Dillard41-2
WotC_Troy / Troy Reppas4vsCC_Graham_LRR / Graham Stark02-0
worth / Worth Wollpert0vsCC_Enigma / Josef Kronbichler41-2
Zac_h / Zac Hill4vsCC_ChrisKool / Chris Kuehl02-1
Total12 20

Round 2

WizardsPoints Community CupPointsMatch Score
D_Guskin / Dave Guskin4vsCC_prolepsis9 / Bing Luke02-0
Dwayne_St / Dwayne St. Arnauld0vsCC_Whiffy / George Efelis 61-2
Erik_L / Erik Lauer0vsCC_Graham_LRR / Graham Stark41-2
WotC_Lee / Lee Sharpe0vsCC_Enigma / Josef Kronbichler60-2
Max_M / Max McCall0vsCC_ChrisKool / Chris Kuehl41-2
WotC_Troy / Troy Reppas0vsCC_lsv / Luis Scott-Vargas60-2
worth / Worth Wollpert0vsCC_MarshalllRCast / Marshall Sutcliffe61-2
Zac_h / Zac Hill0vsCC_joekewwl / Joe Dillard61-2
Total16 58

Round 3

WizardsPoints Community CupPointsMatch Score
D_Guskin / Dave Guskin0vsCC_joekewwl / Joe Dillard71-2
Dwayne_St / Dwayne St. Arnauld6vsCC_MarshalllRCast / Marshall Sutcliffe02-0
Erik_L / Erik Lauer0vsCC_Enigma / Josef Kronbichler71-2
WotC_Lee / Lee Sharpe0vsCC_Graham_LRR / Graham Stark60-2
Max_M / Max McCall0vsCC_lsv / Luis Scott-Vargas71-2
WotC_Troy / Troy Reppas0vsCC_ChrisKool / Chris Kuehl60-2
worth / Worth Wollpert0vsCC_prolepsis9 / Bing Luke40-2
Zac_h / Zac Hill0vsCC_Whiffy / George Efelis 70-2
Total22 102

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