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Posted in Event Coverage on March 10, 2006

By Léonidas Vesperini, for Mana Rouge

This story will also appear in the April issue of Mana Rouge.

Here's the final Mana Rouge standings for the upcoming Invitational, after talking with many French Pro players:

1. Masashi Oiso

"One of the very few stars of the game, an Invitational without him would be nonsense. It's trully impressive to watch him playing," says Nicolas Labarre.

"Probably the best player in the world," says Olivier Ruel.

Our team agrees on one point, Masashi might not have the biggest personality on the tour, nor the strongest investment in writing articles, but he is the best player in the world and thus has to be invited.

2. Tsuyoshi Fujita

Not only is Tusyoshi one of the best players and one of the world's top deckbuilders, but he is also one of the nicest guy in the game. Semifinals of GP Kuala Lumpur, Fujita is playing against Morita, and chooses to concede to his friend so that he finally wins a GP! Tsuyoshi is also an active writer, and you will often see him on the web coverages of PT Top 8, wearing a sideboard shirt. When he's not playing in the Top 8 himself, of course!

3. Osyp Lebedowicz

"Osyp is not the player he used to be two or three years ago, but his column, often brilliant, and his terribly contagious good mood and love of the game, makes him elligible for a slot to the E3", says Olivier Ruel.

"Very good, nice, and very funny, his article about Wilfried Ranque becoming Antoine Ruel's challenger to be the Pro Tour playboy of the year, although not very subtle, made me laugh a lot", says Yann Hamon.

PT champion, Osyp Lebedowicz AKA Joe Black,also plays a very important role in the MTG community with his very entertaining (if not brilliant) columns.

4. Gabe Walls

"I don't know if he plays that well, but I like him a lot," says Nicolas Labarre.

"Very solid and open-minded player," says Yann Hamon.

Gabe's presence in this Top 5 is more related to his personality than to his mere skills. Don't see any sarcasm in this, we just appreciate the guy enough as a person that his playing skills don't matter to us that much.

5. Antonio Da Rosa

"Number 1 for me in this standing, not much to say about his skills after the results he posted last season. He has also one of the most sympathetic (or original) personalities on the tour," says Antoine Ménard.

Antonio is a very good player, everyone agrees on that, only his personality and latest writings divide our team of writers.

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