New England Challenge Final Standings

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

1Patel, Kush/TJ Collectibles$1,000
2Emmert, Mike/Crossroad Games$350
3Douglas, Rich/TJ Collectible$250
4Freedman, Jerry/Savage$150
5Beverly, Robert/Dragon's Lai$100
6Kennelly, Mike/Lennox Sports$100
7Nery, Todd/Looney Toonz$100
8Elder, Jake/Savage Games$100
9DeTora, Melissa J/Games Zone$50
10Wilson, Seth/Crossroad Games$50
11Bauermeister, Mischa/Looney $50
12Conti, Christopher M/Crossro$50
13Chambers, Adam/ Lennox Sport$50
14Camire, Nick/Crossroad Games$50
15Emmert, Jeff/Crossroad Games$50
16Deroche, Chris/Crossroad Gam$50
17Nolan, Dave/Savage Games$25
18Stokinger, Andrew T/Game Zon$25
19DePasquale, Jason/Lennox Spo$25
20Patronick, Anthony/TJ Collec$25
21Allen, Creed/TJ Collectibles$25
22Khamleu, Kong/Game Zone$25
23Clabeaux, Joel/Savage Games$25
24Wargat, Keith/Jam's ComicCon$25
25Lebeck, Julian H/Savage Game1 Draft Set
26Melnick, Mike/Lennox Sports 1 Draft Set
27Schaen, Adam/Collectors Guil1 Draft Set
28Morgan, Will/TJ Collectibles1 Draft Set
29Prior, Eric/Game Zone1 Draft Set
30Stowe, Jason/Jam's Comic Con1 Draft Set
31Dupuis, Eric/Collectors Guil1 Draft Set
32Horton, John/Gamers Haven1 Draft Set
33Baker, Brad/Dragon's Lair1 Draft Set
34Benjamin, James/TJ Collectib1 Draft Set
35Gregg, Cole/Lennox Sports Ca1 Draft Set
36Pacheco, Manuel/Gamers Haven1 Draft Set
37Stone, Matt/Collectors Guild1 Draft Set
38Snook, Adam/Collectors Guild1 Draft Set
39Pietrasz, Jacob/Dragon's Lai1 Draft Set
40Plante, Jeffrey/Gamers Haven1 Draft Set
41Roy, Chris/TJ Collectibles1 Draft Set
42Turner, Eric/Looney Toonz1 Draft Set
43Velozo, Craig/Looney Toonz1 Draft Set
44Ranks, Andrew/Crossroad Game1 Draft Set
45Beverley, Matt/Dragon's Lair1 Draft Set
46Conti, Charles/Collectors Gu1 Draft Set
47James, Eric/Crossroad Games1 Draft Set
48Alexander, Chris/TJ Collecti1 Draft Set
49Siu, Brian/Game Zone1 Draft Set
50Pontes, Tommy/Looney Toonz1 Draft Set
51Blais, Mike/Game Zone1 Draft Set

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