Nice Masters Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Caption Day Category
An overjoyed Alex Witt and his well deserved trophy Sunday Players
The Masters finalists and lots of money Sunday Players
Aaron Forsythe, Mikey P and Alan Comer all join in with Justin Gary and wait for Alex Witt to hand over the first game of the Masters finals Sunday Players
A lot of people preferred watching the tables live to listening to comments and following on the screens Sunday Players
Alexander the Great Sunday Players
The finals of the Masters Sunday Players
What's the trick? Did Rune just fold that table? Sunday Players
Your Move Games's Justin Gary, the only American left at this point Sunday Players
Flashing reds, Alex Witt, the man who is faster than his shadow Sunday Players
Justin Gary, finalist of the Nice Masters Sunday Players
Justin Gary, topped with Zvi Mowshowitz and Alex Shvartsman in the last team Pro Tour in New York Sunday Players
Alex Witt, finalist of the Nice Masters Sunday Players
Alex Witt, proof of the Netherlands' strength at Magic Sunday Players
Alex Witt versus Kai Budde in the semis Saturday Players
"What are you doing?" seems to think Justin Gary in the semis Saturday Players
Nooooo Saturday Players
Justin Gary plays with an amazing cool Saturday Players
All concentration, Antoine Ruel Saturday Players
Alexander Witt proceeds to the finals of the Masters Saturday Players
Me Tarzan, Alex Witt Saturday Players
Kai Budde loses in the semi-final of the Masters - it doesn't show Saturday Players
Late night playing of a slightly different style: Rob Dougherty and Dave Humpherys Saturday Players
Late night playing in Italian: Antonino De Rosa and Stefano Fiore Saturday Players
Alex Witt versus Jens Thoren in the quarterfinal of the Masters Friday Players
Jens Thoren tried to play Magic, got hooked and now plans on winning it all Friday Players
Alex Witt Friday Players
Stan van der Velden and Joost Vollebregt trying to curse Alex Witt's opponent in the quarterfinal of the Masters Friday Players
Tomi Walamies about to be crunched by Justin Gary Thursday Players
Justin Gary and a bunch of people looking the other way Thursday Players
You can't blame Tomi Walamies being tired, it was late at this point Thursday Players
Patrick Mello versus Kai Budde Thursday Players
Bernd Keller is trying very hard to concentrate on fellow German Patrick Mello Thursday Players
Kai Budde always attracts a crowd Thursday Players
Not sure if these people are happy to see each other or if they are just acting strangely, Wizards' Renee Roub and Gary Wise Thursday Players
Olivier Ruel and judge Marc Hernandez don't get Antoine Ruel's joke Thursday Players
A South of France original and an imported one, Nicolas Olivieri and judge David Vogin Thursday Players
Antoine Ruel versus Nicolas Olivieri, together these players brought France several trophies already Thursday Players
Chris Benafel versus Jens Thoren, both players with a reputation for being slow Thursday Players
Jens Thoren takes his time Thursday Players
After a long and tiring game against Gary Wise, Chris Benafel needs some help laying the cards Thursday Players
William Jensen taking a beating from Tomi Walamies, putting Walamies in the Top 8 Thursday Players
Baby Huey does not have a baby's face Thursday Players
Walamies and the hat that has seen all sides of his head Thursday Players
Wise and Benafel prepare for a massive Counterspell war Thursday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen can't follow anymore Thursday Players
Tomi relaxes, hat pushed far back Thursday Players
Tomi Walamies versus Kamiel Cornelissen Thursday Players
"Watch it, you don't have any chances left!" and somebody looking smug Thursday Players
Kai Budde, all smiles, and a Tommi Walamies in lumberjack-style Thursday Players
Siron shy in front of the camera Thursday Players
Budde and Siron, double checking Landgrant Thursday Players
Table 3 Thursday Players
Little red riding-hood, Dan Clegg Thursday Players
A decisive Nicolas Olivieri Thursday Players
Justin Gary is using both hands Thursday Players
Rob Dougherty carefully checks the other side of the table Thursday Players
Black and red in a Your Move Games matchup, even the sleeves have been adapted Thursday Players
Alex Witt versus Alan Comer Thursday Players
Alex Witt, Dutch and dangerous Thursday Players
Mark Rosewater turns his back on Alan Comer Thursday Players
Gabriel Nassif versus Dave Humpherys, birdie sang it out Thursday Players
Dave Humpherys next to Alan Comer Thursday Players
Bright canary or Gabriel Nassif Thursday Players
A menacing look from Gary Wise, Jeff Donais comes closer Thursday Players
Gary Wise and Chris Benafel with tight lips, this picture will come back the coming three hours - even tighter Thursday Players
Chris Benafel gives Gary Wise one of his classic faces Thursday Players
Tom van de Logt versus Gerard Fabiano Thursday Players
"Oops, did that hurt?" New Yorker Gerard Fabiano. It hurt, Fabiano won Thursday Players
An inquisitive World Champion, Tom van de Logt Thursday Players
Brian Hegstad versus Patrick Mello, who scares away from his score sheet Thursday Players
Patrick Mello's hair wave Thursday Players
Brian Hegstad chuckles Thursday Players
Ken Ho Thursday Players
Franck Canu Thursday Players
French Franck Canu versus American Ken Ho Thursday Players
Ben Rubin sneering when looking at his cards Thursday Players
Antoine Ruel still sweating after his run to make the Masters Thursday Players
French Antoine Ruel versus American Ben Rubin Thursday Players
Dutch Jelger Wiegersma versus Japanese Jin Okamoto Thursday Players
Jin Okamoto joins sides with Alex Borteh Thursday Players
Jelger Wiegersman, a sun-tanned skier who happens to play Magic too? Thursday Players
Brock Parker, still confident Thursday Players
Intrigued by the stack of cards, does it have any more surprise for Olivier Ruel? Thursday Players
Olivier Ruel and Brock Parker have a friendly match Thursday Players
Alex Borteh, repeating the blue theme Thursday Players
Alex Shvartsman, too blue Thursday Players
A double Alex and a game for me Thursday Players
Jetlagged Thursday Players
Sideboard's own Ben Bleiweiss checking out deck percentages Thursday Staff
All Dutch, Alexander Witt versus Frank Karsten Thursday Players
Jin Okamoto and Nicolaï Herzog closely followed by Aaron Forsythe Thursday Players
Frank Karsten and the Dutch mascot Thursday Players
Follow the rainbow or the Gateway to heaven Thursday Site
Dave Humpherys and Danny Mandel practicing their moves in a game of Magic Thursday Players
Recent level 4 judge Rune Horvik Thursday Staff
Some real magic: Mister Turquoise pulling a card out of his ear Thursday Players
Matt Linde asks Eric Froehlich for advice on his deck Thursday Players
Stan van der Velden versus Jin Okamoto Thursday Players
Battling in the Gateways, Nicolaï Herzog and Darwin Kastle Thursday Players
Neat trick, according to Oyvind Odegaard, Frank Karsten disagrees Thursday Players
Italian Andrea Santin versus Dutch Alex Witt Thursday Players
Thinking art Thursday Site
The 2002 European Pro Tour and Masters Series take place at the Acropolis exhibition center in Nice Thursday Site
Chris Page has time for a smile; Jin Okamoto and Amiel Tenenbaum, protecting his brains, have not Thursday Players
A big warm welcome overlooking the Esplanade in Nice Thursday Site

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