Odyssey Rotisserie Draft: Pod 2

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Sideboard Staff

PickCard Name:Player #:Player
1Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor1Olivier Ruel
2Kamahl, Pit Fighter2Scott Johns
3Shower of Coals3Brian Kibler
4Beast Attack4Tsuyoshi Fujita
5Stalking Bloodsucker5Chris Pikula
6Persuasion6Chris Benafel
7Cabal Patriarch7Kai Budde
8Overrun8Tom Van de Logt
9Call of the Herd8Tom Van de Logt
10Wayward Angel7Kai Budde
11Iridescent Angel6Chris Benafel
12Cultural Exchange5Chris Pikula
13Wild Mongrel4Tsuyoshi Fujita
14Elephant Ambush3Brian Kibler
15Kirtar's Wrath2Scott Johns
16Thought Devourer1Olivier Ruel
17Roar of the Wurm1Olivier Ruel
18Lieutenant Kirtar2Scott Johns
19Chainflinger3Brian Kibler
20Firebolt4Tsuyoshi Fujita
21Braids, Cabal Minion5Chris Pikula
22Cephalid Broker6Chris Benafel
23Nomad Decoy7Kai Budde
24Ivy Elemental8Tom Van de Logt
25Twigwalker8Tom Van de Logt
26Hallowed Healer7Kai Budde
27Cephalid Retainer6Chris Benafel
28Amugaba5Chris Pikula
29Gorilla Titan4Tsuyoshi Fujita
30Springing Tiger3Brian Kibler
31Second Thoughts2Scott Johns
32Nut Collector1Olivier Ruel
33Sylvan Might1Olivier Ruel
34Pianna, Nomad Captain2Scott Johns
35Werebear3Brian Kibler
36Muscle Burst4Tsuyoshi Fujita
37Cephalid Looter5Chris Pikula
38Treetop Sentinel6Chris Benafel
39Mindslicer7Kai Budde
40Chlorophant8Tom Van de Logt
41Metamorphic Wurm8Tom Van de Logt
42Shadowmage Infiltrator7Kai Budde
43Puppeteer6Chris Benafel
44Repentant Vampire5Chris Pikula
45Spellbane Centaur4Tsuyoshi Fujita
46Barbarian Lunatic3Brian Kibler
47Mystic Zealot2Scott Johns
48Nantuko Elder1Olivier Ruel
49Concentrate1Olivier Ruel
50Flame Burst2Scott Johns
51Krosan Avenger3Brian Kibler
52Bomb Squad4Tsuyoshi Fujita
53Painbringer5Chris Pikula
54Mystic Crusader6Chris Benafel
55Blessed Orator7Kai Budde
56Squirrel Nest8Tom Van de Logt
57Bearscape8Tom Van de Logt
58Beloved Chaplain7Kai Budde
59Angelic Wall6Chris Benafel
60Syncopate5Chris Pikula
61Nantuko Disciple4Tsuyoshi Fujita
62Diligent Farmhand3Brian Kibler
63Aven Flock2Scott Johns
64Deep Reconnaissance1Olivier Ruel
65Upheaval1Olivier Ruel
66Ember Beast2Scott Johns
67Leaf Dancer3Brian Kibler
68Minotaur Explorer4Tsuyoshi Fujita
69Repel5Chris Pikula
70Aven Smokeweaver6Chris Benafel
71Aven Cloudchaser7Kai Budde
72Gravedigger8Tom Van de Logt
73Ghastly Demise8Tom Van de Logt
74Kirtar's Desire7Kai Budde
75Testament of Faith6Chris Benafel
76Morbid Hunger5Chris Pikula
77Druid Lyrist4Tsuyoshi Fujita
78Millikin3Brian Kibler
79Master Apothecary2Scott Johns
80Aven Windreader1Olivier Ruel
81Balshan Griffin1Olivier Ruel
82Patrol Hound2Scott Johns
83Krosan Archer3Brian Kibler
84Lithatog4Tsuyoshi Fujita
85Patriarch's Desire5Chris Pikula
86Embolden6Chris Benafel
87Mystic Visionary7Kai Budde
88Zombify8Tom Van de Logt
89Morgue Theft8Tom Van de Logt
90Aven Archer7Kai Budde
91Mystic Enforcer6Chris Benafel
92Aven Fisher5Chris Pikula
93Seton's Desire4Tsuyoshi Fujita
94Refresh3Brian Kibler
95Gallantry2Scott Johns
96Patchwork Gnomes1Olivier Ruel
97Squirrel Mob1Olivier Ruel
98Savage Firecat2Scott Johns
99Krosan Beast3Brian Kibler
100Engulfing Flames4Tsuyoshi Fujita
101Dreamwinder5Chris Pikula
102Luminous Guardian6Chris Benafel
103Afflict7Kai Budde
104Mirari8Tom Van de Logt
105Crypt Creeper8Tom Van de Logt
106Resilient Wanderer7Kai Budde
107Pilgrim of Justice6Chris Benafel
108Dusk Imp5Chris Pikula
109Nantuko Mentor4Tsuyoshi Fujita
110Halberdier3Brian Kibler
111Dwarven Strike Force2Scott Johns
112Psychatog1Olivier Ruel
113Darkwater Catacombs1Olivier Ruel
114Barbarian Ring2Scott Johns
115Rites of Initiation3Brian Kibler
116Sandstone Deadfall4Tsuyoshi Fujita
117Mortivore5Chris Pikula
118Phantatog6Chris Benafel
119Diabolic Tutor7Kai Budde
120Rabid Elephant8Tom Van de Logt
121Stone-Tongue Basilisk8Tom Van de Logt
122Shelter7Kai Budde
123Pilgrim of Virtue6Chris Benafel
124Pulsating Illusion5Chris Pikula
125Crashing Centaur4Tsuyoshi Fujita
126Skyshooter3Brian Kibler
127Whipkeeper2Scott Johns
128Thought Eater1Olivier Ruel
129Time Stretch1Olivier Ruel
130Thermal Blast2Scott Johns
131Mossfire Egg3Brian Kibler
132Demoralize4Tsuyoshi Fujita
133Cephalid Scout5Chris Pikula
134Sungrass Prairie6Chris Benafel
135Childhood Horror7Kai Budde
136Zoologist8Tom Van de Logt
137Cursed Monstrosity8Tom Van de Logt
138Screams of the Damned7Kai Budde
139Fervent Denial6Chris Benafel
140Zombie Assassin5Chris Pikula
141Pardic Firecat4Tsuyoshi Fujita
142Blazing Salvo3Brian Kibler
143Ashen Firebeast2Scott Johns
144Darkwater Egg1Olivier Ruel
145Cartographer1Olivier Ruel
146Liquid Fire2Scott Johns
147Still Life3Brian Kibler
148Chatter of the Squirrel4Tsuyoshi Fujita
149Malevolent Awakening5Chris Pikula
150Phantom Whelp6Chris Benafel
151Fledgling Imp7Kai Budde
152Filthy Cur8Tom Van de Logt
153Vivify8Tom Van de Logt
154Graceful Antelope7Kai Budde
155Abandoned Outpost6Chris Benafel
156Dirty Wererat5Chris Pikula
157Dwarven Recruiter4Tsuyoshi Fujita
158Centaur Garden3Brian Kibler
159Volcanic Spray2Scott Johns
160Scrivener1Olivier Ruel
161Peek1Olivier Ruel
162Soulcatcher2Scott Johns
163Acceptable Losses3Brian Kibler
164Howling Gale4Tsuyoshi Fujita
165Famished Ghoul5Chris Pikula
166Auramancer6Chris Benafel
167Sadistic Hypnotist7Kai Budde
168Seton, Krosan Protector8Tom Van de Logt
169Moment's Peace8Tom Van de Logt
170Skycloud Egg7Kai Budde
171AEther Burst6Chris Benafel
172Gravestorm5Chris Pikula
173Ground Seal4Tsuyoshi Fujita
174Nimble Mongoose3Brian Kibler
175Lava Blister2Scott Johns
176Limestone Golem1Olivier Ruel
177Dematerialize1Olivier Ruel
178Earth Rift2Scott Johns
179Vampiric Dragon3Brian Kibler
180Epicenter4Tsuyoshi Fujita
181Frightcrawler5Chris Pikula
182Cephalid Coliseum6Chris Benafel
183Skeletal Scrying7Kai Budde
184Sungrass Egg8Tom Van de Logt
185Rotting Giant8Tom Van de Logt
186Skycloud Expanse7Kai Budde
187Spiritualize6Chris Benafel
188Whispering Shade5Chris Pikula
189Thaumatog4Tsuyoshi Fujita
190Junk Golem3Brian Kibler
191Tattoo Ward2Scott Johns
192Divert1Olivier Ruel
193Rites of Spring1Olivier Ruel
194Sphere of Duty2Scott Johns
195Reckless Charge3Brian Kibler
196Demolish4Tsuyoshi Fujita
197Psionic Gift5Chris Pikula
198Otarian Juggernaut6Chris Benafel
199Infected Vermin7Kai Budde
200Zombie Infestation8Tom Van de Logt
201Caustic Tar8Tom Van de Logt
202Divine Sacrament7Kai Budde
203Sphere of Law6Chris Benafel
204Aura Graft5Chris Pikula
205Anarchist4Tsuyoshi Fujita
206Mossfire Valley3Brian Kibler
207Ray of Distortion2Scott Johns
208Execute1Olivier Ruel
209Charmed Pendant1Olivier Ruel
210Devoted Caretaker2Scott Johns
211Shadowblood Egg3Brian Kibler
212Steamclaw4Tsuyoshi Fujita
213Innocent Blood5Chris Pikula
214Seafloor Debris6Chris Benafel
215Cabal Pit7Kai Budde
216Bog Wreckage8Tom Van de Logt
217Volley of Boulders8Tom Van de Logt
218Cease-Fire7Kai Budde
219Chamber of Manipulation6Chris Benafel
220Last Rites5Chris Pikula
221Timberland Ruins4Tsuyoshi Fujita
222Dwarven Grunt3Brian Kibler
223Magma Vein2Scott Johns
224Shadowblood Ridge1Olivier Ruel
225Words of Wisdom1Olivier Ruel
226Kamahl's Desire2Scott Johns
227Terravore3Brian Kibler
228Ravaged Highlands4Tsuyoshi Fujita
229Standstill5Chris Pikula
230Sphere of Reason6Chris Benafel
231Deluge7Kai Budde
232Decaying Soil8Tom Van de Logt
233Holistic Wisdom8Tom Van de Logt
234Tainted Pact7Kai Budde
235Sphere of Truth6Chris Benafel
236Think Tank5Chris Pikula
237Decimate4Tsuyoshi Fujita
238Frenetic Ogre3Brian Kibler
239Sphere of Grace2Scott Johns
240Immobilizing Ink1Olivier Ruel
 Aegis of Honor  
 Ancestral Tribute  
 Animal Boneyard  
 Aven Shrine  
 Balancing Act  
 Dedicated Martyr  
 Delaying Shield  
 Dogged Hunter  
 Earnest Fellowship  
 Karmic Justice  
 Life Burst  
 Mystic Penitent  
 Sacred Rites
 Tireless Tribe
 Aboshan's Desire
 Balshan Beguiler
 Battle of Wits
 Careful Study
 Cephalid Shrine
 Escape Artist
 Laquatus's Creativity
 Patron Wizard
 Pedantic Learning
 Rites of Refusal
 Shifty Doppelganger
 Thought Nibbler
 Touch of Invisibility
 Unifying Theory
 Buried Alive
 Cabal Inquisitor
 Cabal Shrine
 Coffin Purge
 Face of Fear
 Haunting Echoes
 Hint of Insanity
 Mind Burst
 Nefarious Lich
 Overeager Apprentice
 Skull Fracture
 Traveling Plague
 Zombie Cannibal
 Bash to Bits
 Battle Strain
 Burning Sands
 Chance Encounter
 Dwarven Shrine
 Impulsive Maneuvers
 Mad Dog
 Mine Layer
 Molten Influence
 Need for Speed
 Obstinate Familiar
 Pardic Miner
 Pardic Swordsmith
 Price of Glory
 Scorching Missile
 Seize the Day
 Spark Mage
 Steam Vines
 Druid's Call
 Nantuko Shrine
 New Frontiers
 Piper's Melody
 Primal Frenzy
 Verdant Succession
 Woodland Druid
 Catalyst Stone
 Crystal Quarry
 Deserted Temple
 Nomad Stadium
 Petrified Field
 Tarnished Citade

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