Photo Coverage of 2000 Grand Prix Porto

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Olivier Ruel

[view] Felix Huybrechts and Olivier Ruel

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Antoine and Olivier Ruel

[view] Olivier Ruel

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Antoine and Olivier in their final match

[view] Antoine and Olivier in their final match

[view] Ryan Fuller in his quarter final against Olivier Ruel

[view] Olivier Ruel in his quarter final

[view] Paco Llopis in his quarter final against Mike Pustilnik

[view] Mike Pustilnik in his semi-final

[view] Antoine Ruel and Radoslaw Gromko looking during the Final Rochester Draft.

[view] Top 8 of Grand Prix Porto: top from left to right Radoslaw Gromko, David Williams, Antoine and Olivier Ruel, Ryan Fuller, Paco Llopis. Bottom from left to right: Mike Pustilnik and Mariani Rodrigues.

[view] Top 8 registering their final decks.

[view] Online Sideboard headquarters. Tony Dobson, Pete Norris, Ben Ronaldson and Kai Budde preparing themselves to cover the draft.

[view] Cyril Grillon giving some last minute information to Mike Pustilnik and Antoine and Olivier Ruel.

[view] All top 8 players look very relaxed before the draft starts.

[view] Ryan Fuller, Mariani Rodrigues and David Williams preparing for the final draft.

[view] #1 seed, Antoine Ruel

[view] #2 seed, Ryan Fuller

[view] #3 seed, David Williams

[view] #4 seed, Paco Llopis

[view] #5 seed, Mike Pustilnik

[view] #6 seed, Radoslaw Gromko

[view] #7 seed, Olivier Ruel

[view] #8 seed, Rodrigues Mariani

[view] Draft 2 table 1: Carlos Barrado, Tiago Chan, Paco Llopis (not in the picture), Ricard Tuduri (not in the picture), Daniel Steinsdorfer, Ryan Fuller, David Williams and Antoine Ruel

[view] Draft 2 table 1: Ed Fear, Gromko Radoslaw and are not in the picture: Patrick Mello, Marcio Carvalho, Helio Felix, Mike Pustilnik, Gus Villena and Philip Pettifer.

[view] Draft 2 table 3: Mattias Jorstedt, Hector Fuentes, Omar Sagol.

[view] Draft 2 table 3: Helder Coelho, Raphael Levy, Olivier Ruel, Bruno Ferreira and Bob Maher (not in the picture).

[view] More pre-release scenes.

[view] More pre-release scenes.

[view] 280 players are currently competing in the Invasion pre-release tournament.

[view] Players are very enthusiastic about the new Invasion cards.

[view] Little 8-year olds are discovering Invasion.

[view] Round 10: Ryan Fuller vs. Gromko Radoslaw and Antoine Ruel vs. Paco Llopis from Spain.

[view] Antoine Ruel in a round 10 feature match.

[view] Gromko Radoslaw from Poland had a solid 8-1 record after round 9.

[view] The Palacio de Cristal lies on a mountain from where the view is absolutely magnificent.

[view] The Palacio de Cristal lies on a mountain from where the view is absolutely magnificent.

[view] and all kinds of animals live in absolute freedom.

[view] where ballet dancers practice for upcoming performances

[view] where ballet dancers practice for upcoming performances

[view] The venue is located in the middle of a beautiful parc

[view] "Arbitro", judge in Portuguese.

[view] Bob Maher Jr. vs. Frederico Bastos.

[view] Frederico Bastos, the current Portuguese champion, in a round 9 feature match.

[view] David Williams, this time without headphones.

[view] Mike Pustilnik from the USA.

[view] A round 9 feature match between David Williams and Mike Pustilnik.

[view] David Price, completely mana screwed in the first game.

[view] Jamie Lynn and David Price, PT LA 98 Winner, facing each other in a round 9 feature match.

[view] Jamie Lynn from Canada is the only female player on the second day.

[view] Round 8 feature match between Bob Maher, Pro Tour Player of the Year, and Carlos Barrado, 2000 GP Madrid winner.

[view] Round 8 feature match between Noah Boeken, the current European Champion and Ed Fear.

[view] Ed Fear drafted a fast red/green beat down deck.

[view] Luis Sousa from Portugal vs. Bruno Ferreira, also from Portugal.

[view] The round 8 feature match area with Bob Maher playing Carlos Barrado and Noah Boeken playing Ed Fear.

[view] Table 5 featuring Raphael Levy, Pedro Velhinho, Tiago Chan and not in the picture: David Matilde, Ricardo Braga, Patrick Minton, Mattias Jorstedt and Ricardo Ramiao.

[view] Table 2 featuring Pedro Bailadeira, Gromko Radoslaw, Philip Pettifer, Ryan Fuller, Olivier Ruel, Bruno Ferreira (not in the picture), Luis Sousa and Claudio Fonseca.

[view] Table 3: Jamie Lynn from Canada is the only girl to have made the 2nd day.

[view] Table 4 featuring Frederico Bastos, Mariani Rodrigues and not in the picture: Jorge Da Costa, Pedro Maccos, Javier Perez, Bob Maher, Hector Fuentes and Carlos Barrado.

[view] Table 3 featuring Patrick Mello, Marcio Carvalho, Paulo Oliveira, David Price (not in the picture), Daniel Lachmann (not in the picture), Andrew Sagol (not in the picture), Jamie Lynn and Ricard Tuduri

[view] Table 1 feature Noah Boeken, Mike Pustilnik, Antoine Ruel and not in the picture: Morgan Karlsson, David Williams, Ed Fear, Paco Llopis and Helder Coelho.

[view] Cyril Grillon, sound asleep.

[view] Day 1 took a lot out of Cyril Grillon

[view] After 6 rounds of playing and going 4-2, Ben Ronaldson dropped and decided to help out with the online coverage.

[view] Ed Fear is trying very hard to intimidate his opponent.

[view] Morgan Karlsson (Sweden) in a round 7 feature match against Ed Fear.

[view] Luis Sousa from Portugal.

[view] Mike Pustilnik from the USA in a round 7 feature match.

[view] Kai Budde, 1999 World Champion and Pro Tour Player of the year.

[view] Englishman Phil Pettifer.

[view] Worlds 2000 quarterfinalist, Dominik Hothow.

[view] Round 6 feature matches: Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Dominik Hothow and Phil Pettifer vs. Kai Budde.

[view] Former NASA employee Mike Le Beau is currently travelling in Europe.

[view] Hector Fuentes from Spain, who made top 8 at Pro Tour Chicago.

[view] Tiago Freitas from Portugal in a round 5 feature match against Matthias Jorstedt, 1997 Swedish National team member.

[view] David Williams jammin' and playing Magic in a round 5 feature match.

[view] Round 5 feature matches: Matthias Jorstedt vs. Tiago Freitas and David Williams vs. Javier Perez.

[view] GP Porto is an impressive sight from above.

[view] Overhead view of Grand Prix Porto.

[view] The Great One, Bob Maher, plays against Carlos Barrado in the fourth round of GP Porto.

[view] Olivier Ruel, a member of one of the greatest Magic teams in the World, Black Ops, plays recent top 8 Worlds finisher, Dominik Hothow.

[view] Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz added to his Magic playing porfolio recently when he placed 2nd at Grand Prix Copenhagen.

[view] David Price and Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz both both received three byes at Grand Prix Porto.

[view] Boeken faced Mattias Kettil in a round 4 feature match.

[view] David Price from the USA in a round 4 feature match against Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz.

[view] Mattias Kettil of Sweden, considers his options in round 4.

[view] One of Spain's top players, Carlos Barrado, watches his friend, Frenchman Raphael Levy.

[view] Canadian National Champion and Magic Invitational invitee, Ryan Fuller.

[view] The Feature match area in round 4. (From top, clockwise): Kim Eikefet, Sideboard reporter, David Price, Pro Tour Los Angeles 1998 Champion, Mattias Kettil, top 8 at Pro Tour New York, an Italian judge, Noah Boeken, current European Champion, Dan OMS, the anchorman of Team Antarctica.

[view] Signing or drawing, artist Mark Zug is always happy to do it for his fans.

[view] Magic artist Mark Zug is signing cards for his European fans during the entire weekend.

[view] Judges Friedrich Rademacher and Michael Kastberg doing deck checks in round 4.

[view] Omeed Dariani is one of the staff that is responsible for bringing you live updates of Grand Prix Porto and Grand Prix Sapporo.

[view] Age doesn't matter in Magic.

[view] Sonia Oliveira from Portugal, a member of the all-female Charm School mailing list.

[view] Pete Norris, an Englishman, lost in the 2nd round but made up for it in the 3rd round by skillfully winning.

[view] Rogerio Alecrim, a level 3 judge from Portugal.

[view] Cajus von Engelmann (scorekeeper) and Cyril Grillon (head judge) crying on each others shoulders.

[view] Play in the second round commences.

[view] Judges sorting decklists: Ricardo Tavaros (left) and Bruno Barracoser (right).

[view] Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz and Ed Fear testing their decks while waiting for their first round to start.

[view] Ryan Fuller's girlfriend - both of them made Day 2!

[view] Vicky Korstanje, concentrating on the online coverage for the Sideboard.

[view] There are a lot of youngsters playing today. Having a Portuguese translation of Magic has gotten more kids involved in the game.

[view] Maria Ribeiro from Portugal.

[view] Who said Magic is a game exclusively for men? A lot of women are playing in the Grand Prix today. Pictured: Sara Egido from Spain.

[view] Pete Norris internet columnist from England is playing today

[view] Mattias Kettil, Pro Tour New York quarterfinalist, from Sweden

[view] Ed Fear from New York, USA.

[view] From left to right: Raphael Levy, Rickard Osterberg, Mattias Jorstedt, Tony Dobson, Pete Norris, Dominik Hothow and Kai Budde.

[view] Ben Ronaldson, current English champion.

[view] Kai Budde, 1999 World Champion and 1999 Pro Player of the Year.

[view] Tony Dobson from the UK, determined not "to suck" this weekend.

[view] Cyril Grillon, from France but currently working as DCI Manager at WotC Belgium and head judge for this event, is completely relaxed only minutes before the tournament.

[view] Felix Huybrechts, OP manager from Wizards of the Coast Belgium. In the background the empty Palacio de Cristal prepared to welcome the players.

[view] Michael Kastberg from Denmark leading the judges meeting.

[view] Cajus von Engelmann from France, preparing all computers for registration.

[view] Palacio de Cristal is a big sports complex in the center of a beautiful park.

[view] More than 600 people passed by Registration.

[view] 6 people and 3 computers took care of the registration.

[view] Outside the Palacio de Cristal there was a long queue with players waiting to register for the Grand Prix.

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