Photo Coverage of 2000 Grand Prix Sapporo

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] It's heavy, but I don't care!

[view] "I want it all, I want it now!" Satoshi Nakamura

[view] "Can I touch your hat?"

[view] Top four pose for the cameras

[view] Champion Satoshi Nakamura

[view] These shoes weren't made for a marathon

[view] Finalist

[view] Semi-finalist

[view] Semi-finalist

[view] Glory is expensive, honour is free

3players happended to the ladder?

[view] Let the final begin

[view] It's the Ron and Mon show!

[view] "Wassup with that hat?"

[view] "Da plane, Da plane"

[view] The Duelist lives on (in Japan)

[view] Mike Long: A very happy man!

[view] Masaya Mori contemplates the second draft

[view] Cooling off with the forehead patch.

[view] Table eight smiles before the second draft.

[view] Mmmm, tastes good.

[view] The fashionable judges

[view] Some More Sapporo Beer Factory

[view] Magic art? No, Nautica storefront.

[view] The Sapporo Beer Factory

[view] Sapporo Factory Mall

[view] Kazuhisa Aono, Hobby Japan's event manager is very glad it's Sunday.

[view] Cool jacket!

[view] Feature Match for Round 9 - Lionel Yuen Weng Foong vs. Itaru Ishida.

[view] Scorekeeper hard at work.

[view] Table one preparing for the first draft.

[view] Thumbs up.

[view] Michael Long, salesman extraordinaire.

[view] No comment.

[view] Table three during draft one.

[view] Alex Shvartsman during the first draft.

[view] Takamasa Fukata, the priest, chooses carefully.

[view] Head Judge, Takashi Aida calls the draft.

[view] Team John.

[view] I want that one.

[view] Higashino takes the last card.

[view] Good thing I packed my mini-ladder.

[view] Bird's eye view of the draft.

[view] Takamasa Fukata ponders his draft choices.

[view] I told you not to leave that sushi in there.

[view] Intense concentration is required during the draft.

[view] More of draft one.

[view] Table one nearing the end of draft one.

[view] Mori contemplates his next move.

[view] Masaya Mori in action

[view] Keita Mori succesfully judges the draft.

[view] Today's Olympic headlines.

[view] Random dot Japanese foil Invasion card.

[view] Yaro Starak, Sideboard Reporter for GP-Sapporo.

[view] Shvartsman in action.

[view] Peace.

[view] Side Event competitors.

[view] Card Trading in front of the prerelease area.

[view] Bad Boy Club

[view] Itaru Ishida, one of Japan's top players.

[view] "Lack of sleep makes me hungry."

[view] "I vant to suck your blood."

[view] Hobby Japan Retail booth prepares for action.

[view] Grand Prix-Sapporo Competitor T-shirt.

[view] Grand Prix-Sapporo stage.

[view] Calm before the storm.

[view] Aida "wassssssups" the judges.

[view] Judges smile for the camera.

[view] Hobby Japan staff member, Kawahara prepares for a big day in the side events area.

[view] Diagram of the Grand Prix-Sapporo venue

[view] Chris Zantides has seen the light

[view] The Jester and the Priest, Satoshi Nakamura and Takamasa Fukata

[view] The very cute Japanese fan girl, Fujiko Kato

[view] The trophies for the top 4 players at Grand Prix-Sapporo

[view] Japan's youngest Magic Player

[view] The venue in the early morning hours of day one

[view] Outside the Grand Prix-Sapporo venue

[view] Last minute updates are made to the computer before day one begins

[view] The Beer Factory in all its glory

[view] Head Judge Takashi Aida and Scorekeeper Masayasu Takano

[view] The Hobby Japan staff prepare for a big day

[view] The Rons prepare the artist signing area

[view] Ron Spencer prepares for a big day of card signing

[view] Hobby Japan's onsite superstore

[view] Two Judges stroll through the venue

[view] Grand Prix-Sapporo judging staff prepare for day one

[view] The Sapporo beer factory

[view] Buddhist Magic player Takamasa Fukata

[view] Toys-R-Us at night

[view] Sapporo's Bell Tower

[view] Ron Foster and Chris Zantides

[view] Artist Ron Spencer explains how he created Hammer of Bogardan

[view] Hobby Japan at Sapporo

[view] Japanese players trade and play on registration day

[view] Ron Spencer, Artist

[view] All is ready for the Grand Prix

[view] Grand Prix Sapporo trial event

[view] First place trophy

[view] The top tables at the Grand Prix Sapporo Trial

[view] The Sapporo beer factory at night

[view] Ron Foster and Yaro Starak interview Buddhist Magic player Takamasa Fukata

[view] More of the Sapporo Bell Tower

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