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Posted in Event Coverage on June 14, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

If only one of the Worlds formats was "Goofiness"SundayPlayers
These boys did it for the red and whiteSundayPlayers
The Canadian National TeamSundayPlayers
The Champ loves his trophySundayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn, Canadian National ChampionSundayPlayers
David Rood is cheered on by three Wise Men: Tsang, Cunningham and FungSundayPlayers
The 3rd-4th Playoff: Rood vs. WeissSundayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn is all joked outSundayPlayers
Jon Stern can handle the pressureSundayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn vs. Jon Stern for all the marblesSundayPlayers
All eyes are on the finalsSundayPlayers
Ray Weiss goes conservative, what with so much on the lineSundayPlayers
David Rood is defiant in his fight for thirdSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Hahn vs. WeissSundayPlayers
Ray Weiss shows off a plunging neckline. Oh my!SundayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn slouches despite his best effortsSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Rood vs. Stern. Make your own puns!SundayPlayers
Stern won't take his mind off the gameSundayPlayers
David Rood, one step from greatnessSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham seems to have given up alreadySundayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn sets the tone for this matchSundayPlayers
Richard Hoaen is watched from afar by Murray "The Mauler" EvansSundayPlayers
Jon Stern is unflappableSundayPlayers
Boyd Hardie shifts to his third ridiculous shirt of the weekendSundayPlayers
The impetuous David RoodSundayPlayers
"Superman" Sam Lau. Calm, reserved, stoicSundayPlayers
Ray Weiss pretends confidence he doesn't haveSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Hahn vs. CunninghamSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Stern vs. HoaenSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Lau vs. WeissSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Hardie vs. RoodSundayPlayers
Heatmiser sez: Rock and Roll will never die!SaturdayPlayers
The Quebec contingentSaturdayPlayers
This ragtag bunch is some of the bestSaturdayPlayers
James Howden is haunted by the ghost of Jeff CunninghamSaturdayPlayers
Boyd Hardie's devilish charm can fell even the most resoluteSaturdayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Hardie vs. Howden, for Top 8SaturdayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Hoaen vs. Hadfield, for Top 8SaturdayPlayers
Kyle Hadfield puts on a serious face for the cameraSaturdayPlayers
Richard Hoaen needs just one more winSaturdayPlayers
Gab Tsang, the size and strength of ten menSaturdayPlayers
Nick Page, professional thinking machineSaturdayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Fung vs. HoaenSaturdayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Tsang vs. PageSaturdayPlayers
Yet another smeared picture of Jeff FungSaturdayPlayers
Richard Hoaen has been working on this pout for agesSaturdayPlayers
Round 10 Feature Match: Zajdner vs. SimardSaturdayPlayers
Mark Zajdner has had time to wind down, and is ready to gameSaturdayPlayers
Jason Simard frowns at his predicamentSaturdayPlayers
Dark and mysterious. That's Matt Vienneau for youSaturdayPlayers
Gab Tsang keeps his wits about himSaturdayPlayers
Round 10 Feature Match: Tsang vs. Vienneau. Stars collide!SaturdayPlayers
Table 1, three rounds away from the Top 8SaturdayPlayers
Vienneau fans it outSaturdayPlayers
Sideboard Reporter Aaron Forsythe watches Matt Vienneau and Jeff Gerstl do their thingSaturdayPlayers
Kobolds get thrown down, Vintage-styleSaturdayPlayers
Ben Raymond is focused on victorySaturdayPlayers
Gab Tsang saves his smiles for laterSaturdayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Tsang vs. Raymond for the winner of the podSaturdayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Fung vs. Radonjic, take twoSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Fung blurs illusion and realitySaturdayPlayers
A subdued Pete RadonjicSaturdayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Evans vs. RaymondSaturdayPlayers
Terry Tsang rummages for better beatsSaturdayPlayers
Fun-loving Canadian Icon Gab TsangSaturdayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Tsang on TsangSaturdayPlayers
Forrest Evans under the watchful eyes of Phil Samss and Judge Duncan McGregorSaturdayPlayers
Ben Raymond is a sleeping dragon. Tread carefully, lest you wake himSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham prepares for the worstSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Gerstl has Thug AppealSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Sonnenberg vs. FungSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Gerstl vs. Cunningham. All-Jeff Action!SaturdayPlayers
David Sonnenberg hopes for the bestSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Fung is even more exciting up closeSaturdayPlayers
Scott Larabee calls the draft under cover of mood lightingSaturdayStaff
The barely controlled chaos of the booster draftSaturdayPlayers
Table 1 is all hitsSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Fung works his mojoSaturdayPlayers
Table 2 drafts the boosterSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham's draft is sliding inexorably towards "terrible"SaturdayPlayers
Round 6 Feature Match: Boileau vs. HardieFridayPlayers
The French Terror Louis BoileauFridayPlayers
Professional Goober Boyd HardieFridayPlayers
Round 6 Feature Match: Hadfield vs. CasselFridayPlayers
GP Milwaukee Top 8'er Steve CasselFridayPlayers
Kyle Hadfield is just happy to be hereFridayPlayers
Boyd Hardie is so big, he's apparently seceded from the countryFridayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Math: Gerstl vs. RoodFridayPlayers
Quebec sensation David RoodFridayPlayers
Jeff Gerstl works out the kinksFridayPlayers
An uncharacteristically silent Mark ZajdnerFridayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham appears to have undersleptFridayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Cunningham vs. Zajdner. Poise vs. poisonFridayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Sam Lau vs. Louis BoileauFridayPlayers
Canadian Sam Lau looks to outdo his Singaporean counterpart this weekendFridayPlayers
Louis Boileau rips up the standard portionFridayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Lacourse vs. TaitFridayPlayers
Jean-Denis Lacourse ground in last nightFridayPlayers
Geordie Tait basks in the thin light of fameFridayPlayers
Round 3 Feature Match: Vienneau vs. BongiovanniFridayPlayers
Mauro Bongiovanni plucks his opening handFridayPlayers
Charismatic hobgoblin Matt VienneauFridayPlayers
Round 3 Feature Match: Cunningham vs. FungFridayPlayers
A dark and dismal Jeff CunninghamFridayPlayers
Jeff Fung calls the Feature Match area homeFridayPlayers
Just inside, a Champion is being decidedFridayPlayers
Just inside, a Champion is being decidedFridaySite
Jeff Fung takes it slowFridayPlayers
Pete Radonjic glowers for the cameraFridayPlayers
Round 2 Feature Match: Lau vs. CormierFridayPlayers
Francis Cormier is distracted and nervyFridayPlayers
Sam Lau focuses for the task at handFridayPlayers
The sun shines on the Round 2 Feature Match: Fung vs. RadonjicFridayPlayers
Round 1 Feature Match: Hahn vs. ReidFridayPlayers
Jurgen Hahn boasts geek chicFridayPlayers
Kyle Reid giggles. Constantly.FridayPlayers
Round 1 Feature Match: Ed Ito vs. Elijah PollackFridayPlayers
Blast from the past, Ed ItoFridayPlayers
Elijah Pollack is streetwiseFridayPlayers
The players meeting instills the fear of God, courtesy Head Judge Mike GuptilFridayStaff
Grand Prix - Hong Kong Champion Jeff FungFridayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham tries his darndest to intimidateFridayPlayers
The original Juggernaut, Gab TsangFridayPlayers
Reigning National Champion Terry Tsang is looking for a repeatFridayPlayers
It's all hustle and bustle at Canadian NationalsFridayPlayers
Head Judge Mike Guptil gives his underlings the low-downFridayStaff

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