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Posted in Event Coverage on September 5, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Champion Valentin MoskovichSundayPlayers
Finalist Gab Tsang tries his best to smileSundayPlayers
For all the marbles: Tsang vs. MoskovichSundayPlayers
Moskovich feels no pressureSundayPlayers
Tsang weighs the benefits of the mulliganSundayPlayers
Semifinalist Jeremy PinterSundayPlayers
Semifinalist Matthew SchemppSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Tsang vs. SchemppSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Pinter vs. MoskovichSundayPlayers
You can't hear the cries, but they're "SCHEMPP! SCHEMPP! SCHEMPP! SCHEMPP! SCHEMPP!"SundayPlayers
Moskovich seems pleasantly surprised at how things are proceedingSundayPlayers
Jeremy Pinter feels this one slipping awaySundayPlayers
Tsang makes his moveSundayPlayers
The Top 8 pose for your enjoymentSundayPlayers
Moskovich cruises through his quarterfinalSundayPlayers
Prosak ignores the zombie to his right and focusses on the task aheadSundayPlayers
Pinter is terrified of making a mistakeSundayPlayers
Dave Williams in full effectSundayPlayers
Adam Prosak wears a whimsical shirtSundayPlayers
Brian Davis tests out his Death StareSundayPlayers
Matthew Schempp is a bundle of nervesSundayPlayers
"The Juggernaut", complete focusSundayPlayers
Rob Dougherty continues to demolish Constructed eventsSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Pinter vs. DavisSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Schempp vs. WilliamsSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Prosak vs. MoskovichSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Dougherty vs. TsangSundayPlayers
Matthew Schmalz wins the original art for Volcanic Spray for "Highest-Placed Competitor Playing Red". The art was donated by its creator, Matt Cavotta, and the conditions for its award were his.SundayPlayers
Davis gets ready to chargeSundayPlayers
Will Brinkman imposesSundayPlayers
Michael Dove's disappointment is masked by his exhaustionSundayPlayers
Valentin Moskovich's victory has left him a little lightheadedSundayPlayers
Harvey considers every possibilitySundayPlayers
Round 14 Feature Match: Brian Davis vs. Eugene HarveySundayPlayers
Round 14 Feature Match: Moskovich vs. Dove. Make or break.SundayPlayers
A smiling Brian DavisSundayPlayers
Upheaval-Infestation brings a classic of the cinema to lifeSundayPlayers
Round 13 Feature Match: Pinter vs. WallsSundayPlayers
Round 13 Feature Match: Brian Davis vs. Rob DoughertySundayPlayers
Jeremy Pinter, no relation to absurdist playwright, Harold PinterSundayPlayers
Gab Walls checks his situationSundayPlayers
Rob Dougherty has found serenitySundayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Kibler vs. RietzlSundayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Shroll vs. ProsakSundayPlayers
Brian Kibler is in top formSundayPlayers
Paul Rietzl, the dispassionate executionerSundayPlayers
Josh Shroll keeps a low profileSundayPlayers
Adam Prosak gums up the worksSundayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Osyp Lebedowicz vs. Ben RubinSundayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Gab Tsang vs. Antonio De RosaSundayPlayers
Osyp Lebedowicz gets ready to shuffleSundayPlayers
Sneaky Pete Ben RubinSundayPlayers
Gab Tsang weighs his optionsSundayPlayers
A petulant Antonio De RosaSundayPlayers
Ben Rubin displays the mutant muscles that earned him the right to play firstSundayPlayers
Rubin and Lebedowicz dispense with the die roll, opting for a more traditional method of settling disputesSundayPlayers
Round 10 Feature Match: Matt Rubin vs. Bob Maher, Jr.SundayPlayers
Gerard Fabiano. Cool, collected, menacing.SundayPlayers
Michael Schempp and his green-white deck made Day 2 without the benefit of byesSundayPlayers
Matt Rubin knows that waiting favors his opponent, and is unnervedSundayPlayers
Maher is right at home under StandstillSundayPlayers
Round 10 Feature Match: Michael Schempp vs. Gerard FabianoSundayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Brian Hegstad vs. Eugene HarveySundayPlayers
The shoe is on the other foot for JensenSundayPlayers
Hegstad receives encouragement, but certainly not play advice, from his adorable new mascotSundayPlayers
Dave Williams is left permanentless under Huey's assaultSundayPlayers
Eugene Harvey ... waits!SundayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: William Jensen vs. Dave WilliamsSundayPlayers
The Forces of JusticeSaturdayStaff
Jeffery Kretuz, 1-7 on the day, earns the Perseverance Award: The original art for Wormfang Crab, donated by Glen AngusSaturdayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Gab Tsang vs. Kenny Hsiung, and his cyber-eyeSaturdayPlayers
Gab Tsang is as surprised as anyone else that he's 7-0SaturdayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Maher vs. Globus. It's win, and in. Hopefully.SaturdayPlayers
Mark "The Bus" Globus with fire in his eyesSaturdayPlayers
Kenny Hsiung takes his timeSaturdayPlayers
Stoic to the end, Bob Maher, Jr.SaturdayPlayers
Happy Birthday, Brian Kibler; you're 6-1!SaturdayPlayers
The Wake deck takes long enough to draw the spectators three deepSaturdayPlayers
Canadians draw crowds at the top tablesSaturdayPlayers
Froehlich needs this to be a good oneSaturdayPlayers
Harvey turns a wary eye on his opponentSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Dougherty vs. HueySaturdayPlayers
Daddy Cool, Rob DoughertySaturdayPlayers
William "Baby Huey" Jensen is unexcitedSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey vs. Eric FroehlichSaturdayPlayers
A line of giants: Williams, Maher, Davis and TsangSaturdayPlayers
Judges keep the peaceSaturdayStaff
Round 6 Feature Match: Chris Pait vs. Randy WrightSaturdayPlayers
The chiseled features of Patrick Chapin, hyperbolistSaturdayPlayers
The always-jolly Mike TurianSaturdayPlayers
With Wake and Compulsion on the board already, Randy Wright is at easeSaturdayPlayers
Chris Pait just hopes things will work outSaturdayPlayers
Round 6 Feature Match: Pat Chapin vs. Mike TurianSaturdayPlayers
Lyndon Robbins III shows that Judges are adept at more than judging. Behold his craft!SaturdayStaff
Two underlings seek the wisdom of Head Judge FairbanksSaturdayStaff
Huey feels no remorse at dismantling McGuffinSaturdayPlayers
McGuffin seems a little shell-shocked at the beating he's gettingSaturdayPlayers
Dr. Mike Pustilnik gawks at a monster gripSaturdayPlayers
Kastle gets his think onSaturdayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Mike Pustilnik vs. Darwin KastleSaturdayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Max McGuffin vs. William "Baby Huey" JensenSaturdayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Dave Williams vs. Danny "Boy Wonder" MandelSaturdayPlayers
Dave "ben_tak" Williams makes his triumphant return to the gameSaturdayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Rubin vs. Rubin!SaturdayPlayers
Matt Rubin goes through the motionsSaturdayPlayers
Only Ben Rubin can make winning seem so terribleSaturdayPlayers
Mandel busts out double-Rootwalla turn one.SaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Tony "The Shark" Tsai vs. Sergio MartinsSaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Danny Mandel vs. Justin PolinSaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Paul "Little Darwin" Rietzl vs. Gab TsangSaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Andrew Stokinger vs. Jill CostiganSaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Peter Szigeti vs. Mike WilloughbySaturdayPlayers
Faces in the Crowd: Bob Maher, Jr. vs. Chris KelseySaturdayPlayers
Diligent Judges check decklists for shenanigansSaturdayStaff
It's blue shirt day for the artists! Notice Cavotta has already slipped into some sort of trance.SaturdayStaff
Artist Matt Cavotta throws you a smileSaturdayStaff
Artist Glen Angus, surrounded by his handiworkSaturdayStaff
That delightful roué and artist, Arnie SwekelSaturdayStaff
Round 2 Feature Match: Opalka vs. DoveSaturdayPlayers
Michael Dove, former US National Team memberSaturdayPlayers
Jason "T2K" OpalkaSaturdayPlayers
Round 1 Feature Match: The Ferrett vs. Brad Klabik. Klabik with the nuts openerSaturdayPlayers
Seriously, don't cross Head Judge Nat FairbanksSaturdayStaff
Klabik and reporter Brian Kowal yuk it upSaturdayPlayers
The Ferrett, swathed in velvetSaturdayPlayers
Eager anticipationSaturdayPlayers
This early in the morning, everyone's a little surlySaturdayPlayers
Behind these doors, a different sort of danceSaturdaySite
The sign of the I-X Center shines bright in the dawn sunSaturdaySite
The calm before the stormSaturdayPlayers

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