Photo Coverage of Canadian Nationals 2000

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Ryan Fuller shows off his trophy.

[view] The judging team for the 2000 Canadian Nationals, led by Collin Jackson

[view] Champion Ryan Fuller receives his trophy.

[view] Finalist Murray Evans receives his trophy.

[view] Third-place finisher Gab Tsang receives his trophy.

[view] Fourth-place finisher Sam Lau receives his trophy.

[view] The 2000 Canadian National Team rejoices.

[view] The National Team continues to rejoice.

[view] Ryan Fuller's parents watched proudly as their son reigned victorious in Vancouver.

[view] Murray Evans knew if he played perfectly, he could become the 2000 Canadian National Champion.

[view] Ryan Fuller knew if he played perfectly, he could become the 2000 Canadian National Champion.

[view] When Evans had this many creatures out, he usually won.

[view] Ryan Fuller makes sure that he figured all the angles.

[view] Murray "The Mauler" Evans psyches himself up during the finals.

[view] The match between Terry Lau and Sam Lau is believed to be the first match between people with the same last name in the last round of Modified Double Elimination in a National Championship.

[view] Sam Lau defeated Terry Lau, 3-1 to get onto the Canadian National team.

[view] Gab Tsang had to go through the losers' bracket to do it, but he made it to the Canadian National team.

[view] Michael Gurney lost in the losers' bracket semifinals to Gab Tsang, 3-0.

[view] Murray Evans advanced to the finals after defeating Gab Tsang. Evans would face Ryan Fuller.

[view] Murray Evans's swarm of creatures proved too much for Gab Tsang's monoblue deck to handle in the semifinals.

[view] Gab Tsang's run came to an end in the semifinals when he ran up against thirteen-year-old Murray "The Mauler" Evans.

[view] Ryan Fuller took his Stompy deck to the finals after defeating Terry Lau in the Semis.

[view] Terry Lau lost in three straight games to Ryan Fuller in the Semifinals. Lau's next match was in the finals of the losers' bracket against Sam Lau.

[view] Terry Lau defeated Roland Aw in the quarterfinals and moves on to face Ryan Fuller in the Semis.

[view] Roland Aw's monoblue deck couldn't measure up to Terry Lau's Tinker deck; Aw moves to the losers' bracket to face Mike Gurney.

[view] Terry Lau faced Roland Aw in the quaterfinals.

[view] Mike Gurney lost to Ryan Fuller's Stompy deck and moved to the losers' bracket to face Roland Aw.

[view] In their Quarterfinal match, Ryan Fuller defeated Mike Gurney, 3-2.

[view] Ryan Fuller faced Mike Gurney in the quarterfinals.

[view] Losing to Murray Evans in the quarters, Sam Lau went to the losers' bracket to play Jason The.

[view] Murray Evans took his Stompy deck into the semifinals with his win over Sam Lau.

[view] Murray Evans defeated Sam Lau, 3-2, in their Quarterfinal match.

[view] Gab Tsang rolled through the Swiss round with the best record, and then put away Jason The, 3-1, in the quarterfinals.

[view] Losing to Gab Tsang in the quarterfinals, Jason The moved to the loser's bracket, where he would face Sam Lau.

[view] The counterspells in Tsang's deck overwhelmed the combo-oriented Bargain deck wielded by The.

[view] Gab Tsang's monoblue deck faced off against Jason The's Bargain deck in the quarterfinals

[view] Gab Tsang, the top seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Ryan Fuller, the second seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Roland Aw, the third seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Murray Evans, the fourth seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Sam Lau, the fifth seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Terry Lau, the sixth seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Mike Gurney, the seventh seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Jason The, the eighth seed after the Swiss rounds.

[view] Vancouver, BC; the site of the 2000 Canadian National Championship

[view] Gary Wise went 3-3 on Friday, but started Saturday 2-1 to maintain his dignity.

[view] Gary Krakower was unable to salvage his tournament in this Round Nine Feature Match against Gary Wise; Krakower fell to 4-5.

[view] Matt Vienneau's quick start in game two wasn't enough to finish off Ryan Fuller.

[view] Matt Vienneau faces Ryan Fuller in Round Eight.

[view] After losing in Round Seven, Ryan Fuller held his game together for a win in this Round Eight Feature Match against Matt Vienneau

[view] After Round Eight, Gab Tsang was still undefeated.

 Jay Elarar ran a Replenish deck with main deck Sheltering Prayer. As he sat down for his Round Eight feature match against Jurgen Hahn, he was still complaining about the previous round, asking "Who loses to Red Deck Wins?" Hahn spotted him a game due to a decklist sideboard error, but Hahn came back to win the match 2-1 with his Blastogeddon deck. (Sheltering Prayer was quite effective against Hahn's Fallow Earths, but double Armageddon was too much for Elarar.)

[view] Alex Mitchell brought his Tinker tech up from Seattle. While Mitchell watches Canadian Nationals and plays in the team PTQ, Terry Lau and Pete Radonjic are running his Metalworker-Tinker deck in the main event. Mitchell ran the table at Northwest Regionals with his Tinker deck and was 3-1 with it at US Nationals before he dropped from the event due to his poor record on Day 1.

 Jurgen Hahn won't be allowed to use his sideboard for the rest of the event, but that didn't stop him from eliminating Jay Elarar from contention in Round Eight.

[view] Terry Tsang and Terry Lau were paired against each other for a Round Nine Feature Match. They both had 5-3 records and they both needed to go 3-0-1 from this point in order to advance to Sunday's Top 8. The old friends from Vancouver decided to take an intentional draw rather than have one eliminate the other from contention. This way they each have a shot to advance if they can go 3-0 on Saturday afternoon.

[view] Pete Radonjic pulled off a 4th turn kill in Rd. 7 with Alex Mitchell's mono-blue Metalworker/Tinker deck. Radonjic played turn 1 Voltaic Key, turn 2 Metalworker, and on turn 3 he tapped the Metalworker for 6, untapped it, tapped it for 6 more, played Thran Dynamo, plyed Phyrexian Processor, and put a 19/19 Minion into play. On his next turn Pete attacked with the Minion plus the 1/2 Metalworker for 20 points of damage! Before the tournament Radonjic explained they he knew he needed to go 5-0-1 to advance and by playing Tinker he knew he'd definitely have fun.

[view] After round seven, Gab Tsang was still undefeated.

[view] On the first round of Day Two, Ryan Fuller face the undefeated Gab Tsang.

[view] Matt Vienneau fell, 2-0, to Jurgen Hahn in their Round Six Feature Match to end the first day of play.

[view] In this Round Six Feature Match between Jurgen Hahn And Pete Radonjic, each player played most of his deck onto the table.

[view] Jurgen Hahn came into Round Six hoping to repeat his Top 4 performance from last year.

[view] Pete Radonjic knew he was taking a risk when he bought this hat yesterday. Only time will tell whether it refers to him or his opponents.

[view] Gary Wise squeaked out a Round Four win in extra turns and was rewarded with a Round Five match against fellow Toronto player Steve Wolfman. Wise lost to move to 2-3.

[view] Matt Vienneau had plenty to complain about when the second set of pods came out. He got rounded down to a table full of 1-1-1 players which means not only will his tiebreakers get even worse, but he's also in for a long three hours against players who've all already picked up draws.

[view] Gab Tsang was the last undefeated player as round 5 began.

[view] Gerald Budzinski drove 14 hours from White Horse, Yukon and then qualified for Canadian Nationals through one of yesterday's Meatgrinders. Three rounds into Nationals, he was 3-0 and drafting at table 1! Shawn Underhill came with him and also qualified through a 'Grinder.

[view] Gab Tsang hopes to put together a deck that will bring him to the Standard day with a perfect record.

[view] Gab Tsang drafts at the 3-0 table.

[view] These special high-tech Canadian feature match signs definitely aded to the flavor of the event.

[view] Gary Wise brags about the cards that wound up in his sideboard (including Foil and Coastal Hornclaw) after the second draft. It's amazing what happens when you wind up at the 1-2 table.

A newly blonde Jay Elarar started out 0-2 and then had the ignominy of receiving a 3rd round bye. Still, with only 70 players and 12 rounds of Swiss, he's still in contention.

[view] Featured artist Ron Spears talks to some of his fans. Spears has been signing a lot of copies of Aura Thief. He also painted Rootwater Thief, Opportunity, and Deepwood Drummer.

[view] Last year's Canadian national team is displayed proudly at the entrance to the tournament room. (Team member Gary Krakower seems less than proud of their performance last year -- his favorite story is when his teammates asked him on Saturday morning in Japan last year if it would be OK if they played the Pro Tour Qualifier instead the team competition.)

[view] Anthony Ferraro made it to the Feature Match table only to be unceremoniously defeated by Terry Tsang.

[view] Terry Tsang's deck was good enough to beat Anthony Ferraro, 2-0, in this Round Four Feature Match.

[view] Terry Tsang builds his deck for the second draft.

[view] Pete Radonjic builds his deck for the second draft.

[view] Terry Tsang and Pete Radonjic sat next to each other in the second draft.

[view] Jason The took advantage of Gary Wise's mana problems in round three.

[view] After facing Jason The, Gary Wise was 1-2 and faced a long uphill climb.

[view] Gary Wise felt that he could come back from his 1-1 match record when he sat down to play Jason The in their Round Three Feature Match.

[view] Mike Gurney easily defeated Terry Lau in their Round Two Feature Match.

[view] Terry Lau tries to defeat Mike Gurney's superior draft deck in a Round Two Feature Match

[view] Matt Viennaeu won this Round One Feature Match against Gary Krakower, 2-0.

[view] Gary Krakower plays Matt Vienneau in their Round One Feature Match

[view] Gab Tsang and Terry Tsang (no relation) talk about the decks they just drafted.

[view] US Nationals runner-up Chris Benafel made the trip up to Vancouver from Oregon so he could hang out and scout for Worlds.

[view] A room full of Canadians build their first decks.

[view] Gary Wise (right) and Gab Tsang (left) were happy to be playing next to each other rather than against each other in round 2.

[view] 70 competitors sat down for the first draft of Canadian Nationals.

[view] Terry Lau (left) and Terry Tsang (right) are two of the many good Vancouver players who are defending their home town honor this weekend.

[view] The DCI's finest look on. From the left that's Scott Larabee, Sean Anderson, and Elaine Ferrao.

[view] A mob of players looks on as the feature match between Pete Radonjic and Sam Lau (last year's Ontario provincial champion) comes down to the wire. Radonjic pulled it out 2-1.

[view] Gary Wise drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Matt Vienneau drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Terry Tsang drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Peter Radonjic drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Gary Krakower drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Gab Tsang drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

[view] Ryan Fuller drafts before the first round of Canadian Nationals 2000.

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