Photo Coverage of Latin American Championships 2000

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The top four hold up their awards. Mexican Gustavo Chapela, Chilean Raphael Le Saux, Mexcan Gerardo Godinez and Brazilian Carlos Romao).

[view] Fabian Andrade (Chile Open Winner), Raphael Le Saux (Latin America Championship finalist) and their fellow teammates are very happy with their performance this weekend.

[view] The Latin America Championship trophy with plaques for the finalist and semi-finalists.

[view] President of La Rambla (Chilean distributor for Magic) Andres Miranda.

[view] Gustavo Chapela hoists his trophy in the air.

[view] Fabian Andrade receives his award for winning the Chile Open (plus $2000 USD).

[view] Carlos Romao receives his award for 4th place in the Latin America Championship.

[view] Gerardo Godinez receives his award for 3rd place in the Latin America Championship.

[view] Raphael Le Saux receives his award for 2nd place in the Latin America Championship.

[view] Champion Gustavo Chapela receives his trophy.

[view] Juan Del Compare, Andres Miranda and Jeff Donais.

[view] The top finishers pose with their awards.

[view] The top 4 from the Latin America Championship and the winner of the Chile Open. (L to R): Gustavo Chapela, Raphael Le Saux, Gerardo Godinez, Carlos Romao and Fabian Andrade.

[view] The top four from the Latin America Championship (Chapela, Le Saux, Godinez, Romao)

[view] Gerardo Godinez and Carlos Romao take an intentional draw to put them in the finals.

[view] The top tables right before the last round of Swiss.

[view] Tables 5-10 right before the last round of Swiss.

[view] Sending updates late at night.

[view] Alvaro Lopez interviewing the first seed, Gerardo Godinez.

[view] Interview with the second seed, Rafael.

[view] Raising the roof with Gerardo Godinez.

[view] Collin Jackson under a much appreciated heat lamp.

[view] Alego Zagalsky from Argentina, just excited to be here.

[view] (one of the sponsors for the event) sent its top team of ladies to represent the company.

[view] There were long lines for artists signings.

[view] Mike Elliot's gunslinging was a huge hit, even with his red deck full of Mons Goblin Raiders.

[view] Luis Neiman (Argentina player and now Sideboard writer) plays versus Juan Carlos de la Riva Fort in round 11.

[view] Reid and Collin typing away at the scorekeeping station.

[view] Great judge from Uruguay, Pedro Ceroitti.

[view] Leonardo Dos Santos (Brazil) versus Eduardo Vyhmeister (Chile) in the top 8 of the Chile Open, a $10,000 tournament held alongside the Latin America Championship.

[view] Gerardo Godinez (Mexico) and Thomas Felsberg (Brazil) before their quarterfinal match of the Latin America Championship.

[view] Fabian Andrade (Chile) and Jose Albiac (Mexico) before their quarterfinal match of the Chile Open.

[view] Emilio De Ioannes (Chile) and Romolo Disconzi Neto (Brazil) before their quarterfinal match of the Chile Open.

[view] Carlos Romao (Brazil) and Alex Sousa (Brazil) before their quarterfinal match of the Latin America Championship.

[view] Eduardo Simao Teixeira (Brazil) and Rafael Le Saux (Chile) before their quarterfinal match of the Latin America Championship.

[view] Carlos Romao (Brazil) and Rafael Le Saux (Chile) before their semifinal match.

[view] Top Mexican judge Saul Arreola with an girl.

[view] A tense semifinal match, Sousa vs. Le Saux.

[view] The finals of the Chile Open, Fabian Andrade and Leonardo Dosantos.

[view] Felipe Silva (Chile) versus Romolo Disconzi Neto (Brazil) in the Chile Open top 8.

[view] Semifinals of the LAC, Carlos Romao (Brazil) versus Rafael Le Saux (Chile).

[view] The Mexican Standoff.

[view] Gerardo Chiclick Godinez takes on his countryman Gustavo Chapela.

[view] Raphael Le Saux looks in awe at the huge crowd of spectators cheering him on.

[view] Carlos Romao takes no prisoners.

[view] Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola gets ready to take on Raphae Le Saux in the finals.

[view] Raphael Le Saux smiles as he is cheered on by his countrymen.

[view] Gustavo prepares mentally for the final match.

[view] Mexican cameraman.

[view] Raphael Le Saux is happy after winning the first game of the finals.

[view] The players of the LAC finals prepare for game two.

[view] Tensions are high for the final match and both players are nervous.

[view] Game two of the LAC finals are underway.

[view] Game three of the finals starts slowly for Le Saux but quickly for Chapela.

[view] Fabian Andrade versus Romolo Disconzi Neto in the semi-finals of the Chile Open.

[view] Raphael Le Saux in deep concentation during the finals.

[view] Gustavo and Le Saux played hard during the finals.

[view] Young Chilean Fabian Andrade.

[view] Raphael Le Saux in deep contrentation during the finals.

[view] Gustavo and Le Saux played hard during the finals.

[view] Young Chilean Fabian Andrade.

[view] Exterior view of the Latin America Championship site. The building was too large to fit into one frame of the camera.

[view] There was an 80-foot Magic billboard outside.

[view] Fifty-foot banners hung outside of the event site.

[view] The billboard outside rotated between Magic and a popular rock band.

[view] The light was bright during the day, but the temperature was chilly in Chile.

[view] The wonderful architecture of Chile, enhanced by Magic: The Gathering.

[view] Fabian Andrade was nervous and happy after his victory in the Chile Open.

[view] Gustavo Chapela used nifty Tahngarth tokens to represent his squirrels.

[view] Gustavo rises after his victory over Raphael Le Saux.

[view] The crowd is a little shocked that their hometown boy didn't win, but proud of him regardless.

[view] Raphael's mom congratulates him on a job well done.Mrs. Le Saux is very supportive of her son's Magic career and has helped him attend many events.

[view] Mike Elliot of Magic Research and Development smiling as he crushes a young player from Chile with his Replenish deck.

[view] One of the sponsors, Rock and Pop, set up a sound system for entertainment.

[view] Top judges from Juan Del Compare, Pedro Ceroitti, Saul Arreola and Amauri Fonseca.

[view] Latin America Championship banners were all over the place.

[view] After they sign for the general public, the artists (Donato and D.Alexander) signed exclusively for the judges.

[view] Collin Jackson and random.pigeons

[view] Collin Jackson and

[view] Rodrigo Barbosa de Castro, playing for a spot in the top 8 (feature match round 12.

[view] Franco Biasotti, playing for a spot in the top 8 (feature match round 12).

[view] Franco Biasotti versus Rodrigo Barbosa de Castro, waiting for round 12 to begin.

[view] Eduardo Simao Teixeira versus Alex Sousa. They are in round 12 playing for a spot in the top 8.

[view] Pablo Huerta versus Gustavo del Gerbo Actis in the final round of Swiss play.

[view] This player has an interesting method of holding his cards. Instead of putting the cards in his hand, he puts them in a small device on the table.

[view] The ghostly image of Reid haunts the side event area.

[view] Mexico's finest judge and owner of NecroTower.

[view] The Chile Open was extremely popular, drawing over 200 players.

[view] The Chile Open used Standard format with the top 8 being played on Sunday.

[view] Players in the final round are excited and relieved.

[view] Gustavo and Rafael take an intentional draw into the finals.

[view] Gerardo Godinez and Carlos Romao take an intentional draw to put them in the finals.

[view] The top tables right before the last round of Swiss.

[view] Tables 5-10 right before the last round of Swiss.

[view] Sending updates late at night.

[view] Alvaro Lopez interviewing the first seed, Gerardo Godinez.

[view] Interview with the second seed, Rafael.

[view] Raising the roof with Gerardo Godinez.

[view] Collin Jackson under a much appreciated heat lamp.

[view] The crowd cheered when a contestant got a correct answer and booed very loudly when someone gave an incorrect answer.

[view] A massive crowd gathered for the Magic Quiz Show.

[view] Laura Waniuk, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Event Manager.

[view] Mike Elliot wows the crowd at the Magic Quiz Show.

[view] The players in the side event area showed excellent sportmanship and enthusiasm.

[view] View from the stage during the Magic Quiz Show. Notice famous Magic card designer Mike Elliot on the left in the black clothing.

[view] About 90% of the players in the Chile Open were from Chile, the rest were from neighboring Latin America countries.

[view] Rafael Alvarenga is very close to making the top 8.

[view] Television interviewer for live television show. The host at the anchor desk in the studio is currently asking Jeff a question through the earpiece.

[view] Jeff Donais, being interviewed for a live television show.

[view] The side event stage. The Chile Open was run on Saturday with a $10,000 prize purse.

[view] Big smile for Eduardo Simao Teixeira before the match (alas, he lost).

[view] Rafael Le Saux (from Chile), Sideboard writer Collin Jackson and Tigger (in the Latin America Championship trophy).

[view] Eduardo Simao Teixeira, playing German Covetous Dragon in a feature match versus Rafael Le Saux, playing Accelerated Blue.

[view] King Godinez.

[view] Rafael Alvarenga concentrates while deciding when to play Replenish.

[view] Feature Match (round 10): Douglas Maioli vs. Rafael Alvarenga.

[view] Rafael Alvarenga concentrating in his first ever feature match.

[view] Wonderful view of the event. Pictured is the food vendor (far let), Rock & Pop balloon, sealed deck tournament with 100+ players (back right), Latin America Championship area (front right).

[view] 60 of the best players from Latin America.

[view] The huge front doors of the tournament area.

[view] View of the Latin America Championships.

[view] Overhead view of the side event stage.

[view] Overhead view of the tournament.

[view] Spectators gathered around the feature match table.

[view] Overhead view of round nine.

[view] Ten security guards kept the tournament complex safe.

[view] Rock & Pop (one of the sponsors) had several large helium filled display balloons at the event.

[view] Alejo Zagalsky (Argentina) smiling for the camera.

[view] Latin America Championship, day 2, in full swing.

[view] Alexander Sacal and Luis Neiman compete in round 9.

[view] Feature Match, round 9: Gerardo Godinez versus Francisco Garcia Barbosa

[view] There was a press coference for all of the reporters at the Latin America Championships. The panel included Karol Fuentes (WOTC sales for Chile) and Sally Templeton (WOTC marketing for Chile), the Chile Naional Champion, Mike Elliot (Magic R&D), Donato Giancola and D. Alexander Gregory. Notice the girls flanking Mike Elliot (they were a sponsor for the event).

[view] Rafael Alvarenga has a nice carpet for a playmat.

[view] Felsberg versus Maioli, round 8.

[view] Douglas Maioli is upset after his opponent, Thomas Felsberg plays Replenish.

[view] Thomas Felsberg from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

[view] Feaure Match (round 8): Douglas Maioli versus Thomas Felsberg.

[view] Rafael Le Saux versus Gerardo Godinez.

[view] Rafael Le Saux with his lucky mascot, Tigger.

[view] Table 3 (round 7): Francisco Garcia Barbosa vs. Ernesto Mignorance.

[view] Maioli versus Godinez. They are playing at table round during round seven.

[view] Gerardo Godinez (Mexico) is deep in thought in his match versus Douglas Maioli (Argentina).

[view] Ignacio Monteavaro from Argentina has scary contact lenses.

[view] Maioli has competed in several Pro Tours and World Championships.

[view] Douglas Maioli from Argentina.

[view] The Latin America Championship winner's trophy.

[view] Round 7 Feature Match: Gustavo Chapela vs. Erico Sousa

[view] One of the players is using the finely-made Pokemon card sleeves.

[view] Well respected head judge, Juan Del Compare.

[view] Collin Jackson and

[view] Head Judge Juan Del Compare gives a warning to a random dog that wandered into the tournament.

[view] The scorekeeper stays in touch by radio.

[view] Burger King, one of the many sponsors for the event!

[view] Karol Fuentes.

[view] Overview of the second booster draft.

[view] Head Judge, Juan Del Compare calls the second draft.

[view] Table 6 during the second draft.

[view] Eduardo Lima and Marco Baptista drafting.

[view] Table 7 during the second draft - drafting is hard!

[view] Juan Reutter and Thomas Felsberg drafting.

[view] Table 8 during the second draft.

[view] The official time clock for the Latin America Championship.

[view] Alejo Zagalsky vs. Carlos Romao

[view] Godinez crushes Estrada quickly and efficiently.

[view] Estrada vs. Godinez

[view] Senior judge, Pedro Ceriotti, level 3 from Uruguay.

[view] Table 5 during the second draft.

[view] Players were a little nervous about a booster draft using formal Pro Tour level rules.

[view] Table 4 during the second draft.

[view] Players in Latin America have been practicing drafting Prophecy in anticipation for this event.

[view] Basilio San Juan and Gustavo Chapela.

[view] Sergio Longo and Gerardo Godinez-Estrada.

[view] Table 2 during the second draft.

[view] During the second draft, players had improved their drafting technique and now drafted like experienced pros.

[view] Table 1 during the second draft.

[view] Table 3 during the second draft.

[view] Mario Luncimilla and Julio Vazquez Ayala wait for the second draft to begin.

[view] Mike Elliot, the best Magic R&D designer, intent on his gunslinging activities with many fans.

[view] La Rambla, our Chile distributor, sells Magic boosters and single cards for the public.

[view] is one of the many sponsors that sent representatives to the event.

[view] D.Alexander Gregory is impressed by the number of his fans in Chile.

[view] Donato had very long lines to sign cards.

[view] Donato Giancola, the second special guest artist.

[view] D.Alexander Gregory, one of the special guest artists.

[view] Pairings and Standings board for the Latin America Championships.

[view] Alvaro Lopez from La Rambla.

[view] The shining light of fame blinds Mike Elliot.

[view] Jeff Donais is praising Chile in the opening ceremony.

[view] Workers assemble the Latin America Championship stage.

[view] Lots of Magic signs populated the site.

[view] Competitors watch the ESPN World Championship video.

[view] Cool banner for the Latin America Championship.

[view] Player registration for the Latin America Championship.

[view] Juan and Silvana are ready for the tournament!

[view] The side event area is prepared for the Chile Open on Saturday.

[view] Jeff Donais addressing the audience during the opening ceremonies.

[view] Drafting was smooth, with no interruptions.

[view] Draft table number five.

[view] Booster draft is widely regarded as one of the most skill testing formats.

[view] Booster draft number one is underway.

[view] The staff readies for player registration on Thursday evening.

[view] Rodrigo Constanza smiles about his first pick.

[view] Joaquin Alvarez Rivera, Salomon Chacon and Luis Neiman.

[view] Rafael Alvarenga and Leandro Mamczyc Haro during draft one.

[view] Gerardo Godinez-Estrada listens to the judge instructions for the first draft.

[view] Juan Del Compare calling the first booster draft of the Latin America Championship.

[view] Players at table 3: Juan Reutter, Carlos Romao and Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola.

[view] Gerardo Godinez-Estrada, star player from Mexico dafts beside Eduardo Albareda from Peru.

[view] Saul Arreola, judge from Mexico and owner of NecroTower Magic shop.

[view] Juan Del Compare calls the draft in Spanish and Amauri Fonseca translates into Portuguese.

[view] For many players, this was their first official booster draft.

[view] Alexander Sacal and Rodrigo Barbosa de Castro.

[view] Guilherme Svaldi and Franz Alejos during the first draft.

[view] Julio Ayala Vasquez and Joaquin Alvarez Rivera during the first draft.

[view] Marco Baptista from Venezuela during the first draft.

[view] Reid Schmadeka, Wizards of the Coast territory manager for Latin America.

[view] Level 3 judges Collin Jackson and Pedro Ceriotti.

[view] Latin America Championship Event Manager, Laura Waniuk.

[view] Wizards of the Coast photographer, Craig Cudnohufsky consults with Collin Jackson.

[view] Douglas Maioli, top player and Magic card trader from Argentina.

[view] Alejandro Raggio, level 1 judge from Argentina.

[view] Jeff Donais presents a gift to the president of La Rambla, Andreas Miranda, the Magic distributor in Chile.

[view] Event Staff: Silvana Fucito (Argentina), Pedro Ceriotti (Uruguay), Alejandro Raggio (Argentina), Collin Jackson (USA) and Jeff Donais (Canada).

[view] From Argentina, level 3 judge Juan Del Compare with his wife (and scorekeeper) Silvana Fucito.

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