Photo Essay: Magic Players Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on August 30, 2012

By Craig Gibson

So good of you to join us! Please, accept this bouquet of bananas as a token of our gratitude.

We're having a party before the Players Championship begins.

Here you can see some reporters enjoying spoons full of fish...

...while a distinguished gentleman searches for the finest hors d'oeuvre.

Then after we make a quick trip to the world famous Pike Place Market to pick up supplies...

...we'll head over to the Show Box to watch the Magic Players Championship.

Even seasoned commentators Zac Hill and Sheldon Menery have been stunned into silence by just how good the players competing here are.

Globetrotter Martin Juza appears to be huffing and puffing a bit as he figures out a tough draft pick...

...but the mustachioed David Ochoa is able to stay cool under pressure, once again demonstrating his ability to remain completely immune to the vapors even when surrounded by the toughest competition in the world.

What's cooler than being cool? Frost Titan.

While world famous bluffer Samuele Estratti feigns weakness.

After finishing their Cube matches, Shuuhei Nakamura and David Ochoa decided to take a quick spin in their DeLorean. Fortunately, they were able to get back in time for the next round.

World Magic Cup Champion Tzu-Ching Kuo showed up to the Players Championship commanding a robot army... army which Yuuya Watanabe hoped he could defeat with the power of laughter.

No, I will not pull your finger Pro Tour Avacyn Restored champion Alexander Hayne.


When they said it rains a lot in Seattle, I don't think this is what they meant.

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