Photo Essay: Riding the Duck Around Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on June 15, 2011

By Nate Price

A longtime member of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage staff, Nate Price now works making beautiful words for all of you lovely people as the community manager for organized play. When not covering events, he lords over the @MagicProTour Twitter account, ruling with an iron fist.

Before the Magic drafting began on Wednesday, the Community Team took a tour of Seattle on a unique amphibious vehicle, well-known around town as "The Duck."


Austrian Josef Kronbichler gives Mountain Dew a try for the first time. He admitted it wasn't Red Bull, which he said 'tastes like gummy bears!'



The Community Crew in front of the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. Not pictured: Whatever Luis Scott-Vargas was looking at.



Everyone with cameras out in front of the Experience Music Project, making like tourists. Or podcasters. Or webcasters. Or all of the above.



What have we gotten ourselves into...



The Magic Online store's new mascot...or not.



Oh that's just Alex Steacy from LoadingReadyRun...planking the bus stop.



Perhaps I should have been more specific when I asked for no duck lips in photos...



And thus began our journey on the duck...



Still blissfully unaware of what lies ahead.



Jeremy Petter from LoadingReadyRun has the best seat on the Duck: right behind the captain, with a chair in his crotch. Comfortable.



Mike Robles snapping a quick photo before we take off. I get points for this, right?



There is no chance that Bing Luke is going to drown on this trip. He's an adult.



Meet Captain Bob La Bla, Seattle Duck-guide master by day, construction worker...also by day.



Graham Stark: 'Can we stop at a Starbucks?' Cpt. Bob: 'Didn't get your coffee fix?' GS: 'No, but they might have a bathroom!'



Within thirty seconds, Stark has sprinted off the Duck!



Sweet relief!



Welcome to the Elephant Super Car Wash, the first automated car wash in the country!



Our final destination: Lake Union.



Look, man, you can by shoes anywhere. Here, you can buy feet too!



Captain Bob is a man of many hats.



The last time I drove a truck off a boat ramp, it didn't go so well...



Apparently, Captain Bob has a fairly large eyewear collection as well.



Not pictured: T-Pain, though I'm pretty sure someone in the back is wearing a nautical-themed pashmina afghan.



Chris Kiritz,left, Vincent Price (no relation), center, and Mike Robles: the men behind our expedition. If we drown, send complaints to them.



It was pretty sweet to see the Space Needle in the background as seaplanes took off before us. Cool moment.



Do you live on the right or the left?



You think Patrick Chapin is inside?



They moved too fast to get shots of the M-C-A, but you get the idea.



Planking Black Lightning.



What's better than celebrating a trip on the Duck with a hot dog? Two hot dogs!

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