Photo Essay: The View from Kyoto

Posted in Event Coverage on February 27, 2009

By Craig Gibson and Josh Bennett

Jacob van Lunen poses with the largest auto he could afford. Does this mean he should be made the subject of fun?
This rabbit is warding off either evil spirits or pestilential gamers.
The porcelain beauty of the geisha.
Kyoto is called the City of Temples for a reason.
We are all equally complicit in allowing this photograph to happen.
This exchange between Lan D. Ho and Mark Herberholz was exactly as loud as it looks.
But ... what will I do with my catalogue of zebra jokes?
At the end of day, this bin will be given to a pyromaniac in need.
Brain Warfare at its finest.
Somewhere in the heart of every gamer, no matter how jaded, lives this man.
KO'd in Kyoto: The Life and Times of a Narcoleptic Gamer
Dr. Magic pauses mid-surgery to bust some heads.
Nicol Bolas has him right where he wants him.
The only soft drink with the great taste of sweat.
Endless delights. May I humbly suggest the hot canned coffee, or perhaps a C.C. Lemon?
For those who read neither Japanese nor English, following the parade of backpacked young men is a safe bet.

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