The Pithy Guide to Magic Origins Sealed Archetypes

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Our friends from the video coverage team were already quite busy yesterday. Between their extensive setup and prerecording material, they also asked one Joel Larsson, champion of Pro Tour Magic Origins, for a quick rundown of the ten two-color pairs in this Limited format.

"Make it pithy," said Richard Hagon. "We're looking for one to two sentences to sum up what the archetype is all about."

Joel Larsson

Here's what Larsson had to say:

White-Blue – "Ground creatures either have to presssure the opponent to help flyers win, or they have to block to give you time to win with larger flyers."

White-Black – "Either you have bombs, or you have an enchantment theme. Otherwise, you shouldn't be in this, one of the lesser color combinations."

Red-White – "Best color pair for rares and uncommoons. We'll see many strong decks that are either aggressive, full of bombs, or both."

Green-White – "It's all about renown. Remember to have enough tricks to make it happen—the tricks don't even have to be very good."

Blue-Black – "Control, control, control. Draw cards, block their creatures, win with something big. Sometimes a Ringwarden Owl is enough."

Blue-Red – "It's all in the synergy. Withhout synergy, this is just a worse aggressive deck than red-white. If you have the artifacts to give you the synergy, it's amazing."

Green-Blue – "We called it 'The Trap' before the Pro Tour. It was so bad that none of us wanted to play it. If you want to succeed with this pair, you are bound to have lots of Bounding Krasis."

Black-Red – "Sacrifice some of yours, sacrifice some of theirs, and achieve victory through card advantage. The aggressive versions generally play worse than they appear."

Black-Green – "A chameleon of sorts. Sometimes you're Elves. Sometimes you're Shadows of the Past. Sometimes you're just big dudes and removal. A mediocre color pair."

Red-Green – "It's all about the curve. Use your cheap red removal to have a dominant board presence, and finish them off with pump spells. 'Red-Green Big Dudes' is often bad, so stay aggressive."

And there you have it. Some basics mixed with some valuable insight from the person who had won the inaugural event for this set, the eponymous Pro Tour Magic Origins.

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