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Name 1700 Division Byes
Au Yeung, Hon Ming/HK No 3
Bai, Sun Ren/TW Yes  
Chaion, Billy/TW Yes 1
Chan, Fung Shun/HK Yes  
Chan, Jian Nan/TW Yes  
Chan, Jimmy/TW Yes  
Chang, Chung Chei/TW Yes  
Chang, Jesse/TW No 2
Chang, Jetty/TW Yes  
Chang, Jien Hung/TW Yes  
Chang, John/TW Yes  
Chang, Yo Jen/TW Yes  
Chao, Jack/TW Yes 1
Chao, Peter/TW Yes 2
Chen, Bon/TW Yes  
Chen, Chien Hong/TW Yes 3
Chen, Chih Wei/TW Yes  
Chen, Leo/TW Yes  
Chen, Min Ku/TW Yes  
Chen, Tom/TW Yes  
Chen, Ung Hsiang/TW Yes  
Chen, Yein Chei/TW Yes  
Chen, Yeng How/TW Yes  
Chen, Yih Choug/TW Yes  
Chen, Yu Shu/TW Yes  
Cheng, Chee Ping/TW Yes  
Cheng, Chou Chen/TW No  
Cheng, Dong Hong/TW Yes 3
Cheng, Kaysa/TW Yes  
Cheng, Pai Lung/TW Yes  
Cheung, Kee Yin/HK Yes 2
Chiang, Kang Nien/TW No 2
Chien, Chau Hsiao/TW Yes 1
Chin, Bing/TW Yes 1
Choo, Ying Chin/TW Yes  
Chou, Bow Shin/TW Yes  
Chou, John/TW Yes  
Chou, Long Ju/TW Yes  
Chou, Tzue Shiang/TW Yes  
Chow, Yiu Hung/HK Yes  
Chu, Chia Sheng/TW Yes  
Chu, Huseh Lan/TW Yes  
Chun, Bo Ruan/TW Yes  
Chung, Rei/TW No 2
Chung, U-Way/TW Yes  
Chyo, Richard/TW Yes 3
Don, Hiei/TW No 3
Du, Yong Ann/TW Yes  
Feng, Zhen Bang/TW Yes  
Fun, Chu Tung/TW Yes 1
G., C. Yu/TW Yes 1
Gao, Ki Lu/TW Yes  
Gao, Merlin/TW Yes  
Gao, Stephen/TW Yes  
Gau, Max/TW Yes  
Gen, Dunk/TW Yes  
Guo, Chi Hsen/TW Yes  
Haung, Fenh Sheng/TW Yes 1
Ho, Chee Yin/HK Yes  
Ho, Denis/TW Yes  
Ho, Jack/TW No 2
Hong, Chiu Tsz/HK Yes 1
Hong, Hao T/TW Yes  
Hong, Pole/TW Yes  
Hoshino, Fumio/JP No 2
Hsieh, X. Zen/TW Yes  
Hsu, Aric/TW No  
Hsu, Hwoard/TW Yes  
Hsu, So An/TW Yes  
Hu, Jerry/TW Yes  
Huang, Bai Shiang/TW Yes  
Huang, Chee How/TW Yes  
Huang, Gen Kang/TW Yes 1
Huang, Shi Che/TW Yes  
Huang, Shr Feng/TW Yes  
Huang, Simon/TW Yes  
Huang, Stepen/TW Yes  
Huang, Yung Lin/TW Yes 1
Huen, Long Kwan/HK Yes 1
Huo, Square/TW Yes  
Hwang, Chie Chung/TW No 2
Hwang, Drinker/TW Yes  
Hwang, Wen Jien/TW Yes 1
Hwang, Youn Ling/TW Yes  
Hwang, Youn Ming/TW Yes  
Ip, Chi Wai/HK Yes  
Jang, Shan Chan/TW Yes  
Jiang, Jacky/TW Yes 3
Jung, Nissan/TW Yes 2
Kageyama, Taroh/JP No 2
Kao, Joseph/TW Yes  
Ko, Robin/TW No 2
Kong, I Chao/TW Yes  
Kou, Makoto/TW No 1
Kung, Lam Yan/HK Yes  
Kuo, Gia Ho/TW Yes  
Kuo, Quest/TW Yes  
Kuo, Tzu Zing/TW No 2
Kwok, Chun Hung Bone/HK Yes  
Lai, Yong Ho/TW Yes  
Lee, Andy/TW Yes  
Lee, Deed/TW Yes  
Lee, Frank/TW No 2
Lee, Henry/TW Yes  
Lee, Hong/TW Yes  
Lee, Kwok Keung/HK Yes 3
Lee, Len Ki/TW Yes  
Lee, Min Chang/TW Yes  
Lee, Ping Long/TW Yes  
Lee, Shee Hwei/TW Yes  
Lee, Tim/TW Yes  
Lee, Wei Yee/TW Yes 1
Lee, Yee Chiao/TW Yes  
Lee, Yen Chang/TW Yes 3
Lee, Zhu Long/TW Yes  
Leung, Chin Wang/HK No 1
Leung, Indy/HK Yes  
Li, Siu Chung/HK No 2
Liang, Seng Ling/TW Yes  
Liao, David/TW Yes  
Lim, Jacky/TW Yes  
Lin, Aki/TW Yes  
Lin, Bao Qiang/SG Yes 1
Lin, Charles/TW Yes  
Lin, Cheng Yung/TW Yes  
Lin, Jian Xiong Milton/SG No 1
Lin, Vice/TW No 2
Lin, Victor/TW No 2
Lin, Wu Lan/TW Yes 1
Lin, Yi Shun/TW Yes  
Liu, Chia Yo/TW Yes 2
Liu, Denuw/TW Yes  
Liu, Tei Ming/TW Yes  
Lu, Jacky/TW Yes  
Maa, Steven/TW Yes  
Mansa, Aymi/TW Yes  
McLennan, Kathleen/CA Yes  
Narusawa, Ryo/TW Yes  
Ng, Chun Poon/HK Yes  
Ng, Kwok Wing/HK Yes  
Ng, Teddy/HK No 3
Ong, Yi Hwa/TW Yes  
Petersen, Granger/TW No 2
Rosenthal, David/CA Yes  
Salazar, Frederick/PH No 2
Shen, Chia How/TW Yes  
Shie, Shiu Yu/TW Yes  
Shieh, Peter/TW Yes  
Shin, Eiddmon/TW Yes  
Shvartsman, Alex/US No 3
Siagian, Joey/ID Yes  
Sien, Yi Kong/TW No 2
Sim, Terence Seng Puay/SG Yes  
Song, Norris/TW Yes  
Su, Jee Hung/TW Yes  
Su, Will/TW Yes  
Su, Yi Jen/TW Yes  
Sun, Lucifar/TW Yes 1
Sun, Weng Cheng/TW Yes 1
Sung, Ka Wai/HK Yes  
Tamber, Tobey/TW No 3
Tang, Chen Ting/TW Yes  
Tang, Kai Cheong/HK No 3
Tong, King Yim Kingston/HK No 2
Tsai, Andy/TW Yes  
Tsai, Mike/TW Yes  
Tsai, Miller/TW No 2
Tsai, Min Chi/TW No 2
Tsai, Ming Da/TW Yes  
Tsai, Shun Wei/TW Yes  
Tsang, King Fu/HK Yes  
Tukamoto, Tosiki/JP No 3
Wang, Chih Ming/TW No 1
Wang, Jiang Su/TW Yes  
Wang, Kwau Wei/TW Yes  
Wang, Min Shen/TW Yes  
Wang, Ming Chee/TW Yes 1
Wang, Mon Shiang/TW No 2
Wang, Tai Yuan/TW Yes  
Wang, Yee Jie/TW Yes  
Wei, In Do/TW Yes 1
Wen, Zhi Ren/TW Yes  
Wong, Chun Hung/HK No 3
Wong, Doctor/TW No 3
Wong, Heero/TW Yes  
Wong, Nicholas Jonathan/SG No 2
Wong, Wei Cheng/TW Yes  
Wu, Bo Yuen/TW Yes  
Wu, Chia Yin/TW No 1
Wu, Di Yuan/TW Yes  
Wu, Drake/TW Yes  
Wu, Jia Lin/TW Yes  
Yamada, Tsutomu/JP No 2
Yamakawa, Yoichiro/JP No 3
Yang, Doman/TW Yes  
Yang, Fu Yen/TW Yes  
Yang, John/TW Yes  
Yang, Yui Ming/TW Yes  
Yap, Tsiang Ming Clifford/SG Yes  
Ye, Kum/TW Yes  
Yeh, Ben/TW Yes  
Yu, Chun Tien/TW Yes  
Yuan, Hans Chai/TW Yes 3
Yuen, Weng Foong/SG No 1
Zen, Quentin/TW Yes  
Zhu, Fung Huei/TW Yes  

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