Player Profile: Chen Yu Weng (a.k.a. Doctor Wong)

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Last Updated 7/9/2000

Birthdate: November 6, 1980
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Residence: Taipei, Taiwan
Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (a little)
Occupation: Student at Rayhu Occupation School

Notable Results

  • 2000 Taiwan National champion
  • Member of 1998 Taiwan team
  • GP Nagoya twelfth place (out of 217 teams)
  • GP Taipei 2000 eighteenth place
  • Top 8 2000 APAC Championships

Magic Origins

"I used to collect baseball cards, and there was this baseball card shop where I always used to go. The shop owner introduced me to Magic and gave me a deck. It was a horrible five-color deck with only Mirage cards, but it helped me learn the game."

New Player Experiences

"When I first started, Taiwan was really new to Magic and there weren't very many people who knew the rules. My friends and I all thought that Dark Ritual was some sort of enchantment that would give you three mana every turn. That was back when it said 'mana source' on the card."

Influential People as Novice

"I was influenced a lot by Autrijus Tang, who was a fellow member of the Taiwanese National Team in 1998. He was the most prominent player in Taiwan at the time, and he is an absolute genius. He has an IQ of about 180, and when he's interested in something, he's totally amazing at it. We had a lot of strategy discussions that helped me see the game in a new way."

Favorite Formats

"I'm a big fan of Standard. Of all the different formats, I feel that Standard has the smallest luck factor. There are lots of opportunities for discussion among team members, learning about the different matchups, and developing tech."

Favorite Decks

"My favorite deck was Counter-Oath, which I played at GP Taipei 2000. I tried out all the decks in the environment (Sligh, Necro, Draw-Go, etc.) and I decided that Counter-Oath was not only the best deck, it was the most fun to play. It required a lot of thinking, though."

Favorite Opponent

"Satoshi Nakamura. He's very polite and classy."

Best Player in the World

"I'd have to say Jon Finkel, who is my idol. I saw him playing at 1998 Worlds. All the other players were joking around, but Finkel was really serious. You could tell that he was trying very hard to win."

Favorite Cards

"Impulse. I love the feeling of manipulating my deck."

Favorite Magic Mechanic

"First strike. When two creatures with equal power and toughness fight with each other, the one with first strike always wins. I like the idea that one creature could have an edge over the other."

Real Name

"Chen Yu Weng. Doctor Wong is just a name I made up. I use it because it sounds cool."

Favorite Moment in Magic History (that does involve you)

"I was really excited to come in 7th place at APAC championships. It's more important than winning Taiwanese Nationals, I think."

Favorite Place in Magic Travels

"Tokyo. It's very clean, and the people there are very friendly and polite. Oh, and the Japanese use Chinese kanji, which I can understand."

Deck Building Accomplishments

"During this year's Pro Tour New York, a Masques Block constructed event, I made up the Pirates deck and played it along with my friend Jin C Kuo. I didn't make second day, but my friend would have made top 8 if he wasn't DQ'd for insufficient randomization."

Greatest Magic Accomplishment

"I'm constantly amazed at how I can use Magic as a language. I can play Magic with people that I otherwise couldn't communicate with at all. My greatest accomplishment is all the crazy friendships I have made by playing this game."

Magic Playing

"I play Magic every other day, for two or three hours. Usually Booster Draft or Standard."


"My playtest team is called TTT (Taiwan Top Team). We have seven people, including myself."

Favorite Historical Magic Development

"My favorite development in Magic history was when Magic was printed in Chinese. The runner-up would have to be the introduction of foil cards. I hope to someday own a Foil Impulse, although I'm not sure that will ever be possible."


"I'm ambitious and I really want to win. This makes some people respect me, but others don't like that for some reason."

Other Interests

"Reading books, listening to music, and basketball."

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