Player Profile: Josh Utter-Leyton

Posted in Event Coverage on August 26, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

Country: United States of America
Invitation Source: Top Pro Points, North America
Lifetime Pro Points: 152

Player of the Year Top 10s: 2

  • 2010: 9th
  • 2011: 7th

Pro Tour Top 8s: 3

  • San Juan 2010: 5th
  • Philadelphia 2011: 2nd
  • 2011 World Championships: 7th

Grand Prix Top 8s: 4

  • Nashville 2010: 5th
  • Dallas/Fort Worth: 6th
  • Nashville 2012: 4th
  • Minneapolis 2012: 6th

National Team Appearances: 1

  • 2010: 15th

Josh Utter-Leyton is a Pro's pro and member of Team Channelfireball who enjoyed a career year in 2011. He had his best Pro Tour finish ever at Philadelphia, where he took his "Counter Cat" strategy all the way to second place, falling just short to fellow-invitee Samuele Estratti. He also finished in the Top 8 of the World Championships as part of a platoon of Channelfireball players who took half the Top 8 slots.

Utter-Leyton now has three Pro Tour Top 8 finishes to go along with four Grand Prix Top 8s, all since 2010. Representing the top North American Pro at the Players Championship, Utter-Leyton appears to be at the height of his powers, adeptly piloting just about anything to strong finishes. Be it Standard, Modern, Limited or Legacy, Utter-Leyton is a force to be reckoned with at any event.

"Wrapter," as he's known, has also stretched his writing muscles as part of his "Utter Beatings" series, often breaking down and explaining some of the most complicated decks around.

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