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Last Updated 7/14/2000

Birthdate: September 26, 1980
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark
Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark
Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent), Portuguese, German (a little)
Occupation: Magic Store
Team Affiliation: Team Faraos Cigarer

Notable Results

  • Semifinalist at Worlds 1997
  • Top 8 PT LA 1998
  • Top 8 PT LA 1999
  • 3rd Place at Duelist Invitational in Rio de Janeiro

Magic Origins

"My friends at school showed me how to play. I played for awhile in small-time tournaments, and I was about to quit. But then we had Danish Nationals for the first time. I played there and came in fourth, and that brought me back into the game. I went to Worlds, and I've gone to Worlds every year since."

New Player Experiences

"I thought Craw Wurm was really good, and Gaea's Liege and Force of Nature were the best cards ever. I played a green deck with eight Craw Wurms when I first started."

Influential People as Novice

"When I first went to Worlds, I didn't know how to play Limited at all. One of the guys from our National team, Jesper 'Manne' Thrane, taught me how to play Sealed Deck. When I first played Sealed Deck, I tried to get lots of 1/1's and build my deck like Constructed. Jesper taught me about card advantage, and this really aided my Magic development."

Favorite Formats

"Limited formats: Booster Draft, Rochester, and Sealed Deck. I like the excitement of opening a bomb, figuring out how the draft goes and how your deck changes as you draft it.. I think there's much more skill in Limited than in Constructed, now that everyone gets their decks from the Internet."

Favorite Deck

"Stompy. It took me to the semifinals at Worlds. The deck was very different, because nobody really knew about it. Everybody was surprised, because on the second turn I would have emptied out my hand out and had a Winter Orb in play. In the Swiss I went 6-0-1 with the deck."

Favorite Opponent

"Brian Hacker. We always have really close games, good games, but I always beat him in the important matches.

Best Player in the World

"There are about twenty players who are really close, so it's hard to say. I guess if I had to decide, I'd say Jon Finkel."

Favorite Cards

"Balance. When it was restricted, I drew it when I had to and I won so many games with it. My Balanced deck had all the Moxes, and Racks, and it won lots of tournaments.

Favorite Magic Mechanic

"I like Fading. You have to test the cards with fading to see which ones are worth playing and which ones just die too fast."

Favorite Moment in Magic History (that doesn't involve you)

"It's always cool to see someone you know and respect do well. I was very happy when my friend Jakob Steinaa made top 4 at Euros two years ago."

Favorite Moment in Magic History (that does involve you)

"I liked the World Championship special edition decks. It was funny to see my own deck with my signature."

Favorite Place in Magic Travels

"Rio de Janeiro. I went there for the Invitational and I loved everything: weather, the friends I made, the local women. I came back there for a three month trip to visit my friends and discover the rest of Brazil.

Deck Building Accomplishments

"I played the Merfolk deck at PT Rome. I tried all sorts of variations on the deck, and I tested every card thoroughly. The version I played could beat all the decks in the environment except for Necro."

Greatest Magic Accomplishment

"Being semifinalist at Worlds. I practiced hard, and it was my first big accomplishment except for perhaps top 32 at the pro tour."

Magic Playing

"I've been traveling recently, so I've only played twice in the last five months. Now, I hope to draft three times a month, and if I have a big tournament coming up, I try to test for that."


"I playtest with the Euro Alliance. I also practiced for Danish Nationals with fellow team members Jakob Steinaa, Thomas Jensen and Jonas Cleeman."

Favorite Historical Magic Development

"The extra money on the Pro Tour. People are going to get more serious, and because they can win money they will take more time to playtest."


"I've always been known as a beatdown player, and I used to play really fast. It was a huge advantage to play quickly, because other people would also play fast and make mistakes. Now, I have to play slower to make sure I don't miss anything."

Other Interests

"Music, soccer and other sports, partying with my friends."

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