Plays of the Day from Cover It Live

Posted in Event Coverage on February 10, 2012

By Tim Willoughby

Having spent much of the day on walk-around duty working the Cover It Live chat, I've had more than a few opportunities to witness some pretty sweet plays, as well as fielding questions from you guys and girls at home. If you get a chance to jump online tomorrow and check it out, I urge you to do so. It is one of the quickest and best ways to find out what is going on just about anywhere in the room.

There have almost certainly been a lot of sweet plays that we didn't get a chance to see today, but here's a few that we did pick up in the Cover It Live to give you a flavor of some of the cool interactions that we see when we put the world's best Magic players in a room to compete.

Loyal Cathar vs. Phantasmal Image


This interaction was one that had even head judge Toby Elliot chuckling. With a Phantasmal Image copying Loyal Cathar, you can create a virtually immortal Phantasmal Image. Every time it would die, the Cathar trigger happens, but the Phantasmal Image can't flip, meaning it just comes back to copy...a Loyal Cathar. Even crazier, if you copy an undying creature, and a Day of Judgment happens, then the Phantasmal Image will come back with a +1/+1 counter, but nothing to copy, meaning it can just be a 0/0 with a +1/+1 counter on it that really is Phantasmal Image rather than copying anything else.

Lost in the Woods vs. The Unprepared


One 'Interesting' draft strategy we've seen a few people employ today revolves around one kooky Dark Ascension rare. With a deck containing just Lost in the Woods and between 40 and 45 copies of Forest, it is possible to build a deck that will simply never lose to attacking creatures. If that is the only way your opponent's deck can win, then you will deck them each and every time. A bit of a niche strategy, we've seen some achieve it quite successfully, and others (like Jeremy Neeman) sideboard in to it, only to lose to, of all things, a Gravepurge.

Invisible Stalker vs. Sever the Bloodline

Don't see how this destroys multiple Invisible Stalkers? Well then, keep reading.

Normally an Invisible Stalker is a rough thing to get rid of for a blue-black deck. Sometimes you might have a Tribute to Hunger or two, but generally it is the cockroach of the format that just keeps on going. Paul Rietzl was feeling pretty good when he had a pair of copies of Invisible Stalker in play, each with a little bit of extra help (Spectral Flight and Sharpened Pitchfork). His opponent had an insidious plan though. He cast Evil Twin to get a copy of Invisible Stalker for himself. That on its own wouldn't be good enough, as the Evil Twin ability targets, and he was not about to be able to race. Once there was an Evil Twin in play on the other side of the board though, Sever the Bloodline became the perfect solution. Target your own, and take out all three. Mahalo for playing!

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