Pro Tour–Honolulu: Top 8 Draft Packs

Posted in Event Coverage on June 7, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

3A1 3A2 3A3 3A4 3A5 3A6 3A7 3A8
Waveskimmer Aven Thorn-Thrash Viashino Courier’s Capsule Druid of the Anima Cavern Thoctar Blightning Deft Duelist Deft Duelist
Courier’s Capsule Etherium Sculptor Yoked Plowbeast Ridge Rannet Call to Heel Ridge Rannet Yoked Plowbeast Savage Hunger
Akrasan Squire Marble Chalice Banewasp Affliction Steelclad Serpent Yoked Plowbeast Steelclad Serpent Dregscape Zombie Hissing Iguanar
Bone Splinters Guardians of Akrasa Waveskimmer Aven Waveskimmer Aven Dregscape Zombie Mosstodon Waveskimmer Aven Steward of Valeron
Jungle Weaver Goblin Deathraiders Coma Veil Elvish Visionary Steward of Valeron Waveskimmer Aven Elvish Visionary Kathari Screecher
Skeletal Kathari Magma Spray Blister Beetle Dragon Fodder Kathari Screecher Elvish Visionary Dragon Fodder Dispeller’s Capsule
Executioner’s Capsule Blightning Obelisk of Jund Branching Bolt Blightning Relic of Progenitus Skeletal Kathari Volcanic Submersion
Outrider of Jhess Naturalize Cathartic Adept Oblivion Ring Lightning Talons Hindering Light Executioner’s Capsule Relic of Progenitus
Oblivion Ring Obelisk of Grixis Lightning Talons Jund Panorama Angelsong Vithian Stinger Carrion Thrash Resounding Wave
Carrion Thrash Resounding Scream Naya Panorama Obelisk of Bant Undead Leotau Wild Nacatl Vithian Stinger Soul’s Might
Grixis Charm Tower Gargoyle Jund Battlemage Naya Battlemage Fire-Field Ogre Seaside Citadel Crumbling Necropolis Drumhunter
Demon’s Herald Skeletonize Scourge Devil Bant Charm Bull Cerodon Filigree Sages Fire-Field Ogre Thoughtcutter Agent
Sangrite Surge Grixis Battlemage Behemoth’s Herald Kiss of the Amesha Dawnray Archer Protomatter Powder Rockcaster Platoon Angelic Benediction
Mycoloth Quietus Spike Lich’s Mirror Flameblast Dragon Caldera Hellion Death Baron Goblin Assault Skill Borrower
3B1 3B2 3B3 3B4 3B5 3B6 3B7 3B8
Mana Cylix Wretched Banquet Valeron Outlander Ember Weaver Vedalken Outlander Yoke of the Damned Wretched Banquet Aven Trailblazer
Wild Leotau Esper Cormorants Armillary Sphere Faerie Mechanist Wild Leotau Fiery Fall Canyon Minotaur Kaleidostone
Gleam of Resistance Parasitic Strix Drag Down Bone Saw Dark Temper Wretched Banquet Traumatic Visions Ember Weaver
Frontline Sage Aven Trailblazer Aven Trailblazer Gleam of Resistance Frontline Sage Esper Cormorants Rhox Meditant Toxic Iguanar
Fiery Fall Kaleidostone Toxic Iguanar Sedraxis Alchemist Aven Squire Parasitic Strix Zombie Outlander Faerie Mechanist
Pestilent Kathari Toxic Iguanar Might of Alara Lapse of Certainty Sylvan Bounty Molten Frame Might of Alara Bone Saw
Molten Frame Yoke of the Damned Valiant Guard Rupture Spire Molten Frame Rhox Bodyguard Valiant Guard Quenchable Fire
Infectious Horror Vectis Agents Salvage Slasher Suicidal Charge Infectious Horror Scattershot Archer Salvage Slasher Rotting Rats
Rhox Bodyguard Quenchable Fire Goblin Outlander Constricting Tendrils Rhox Bodyguard Infectious Horror Goblin Outlander Asha’s Favor
Wandering Goblins Tukatongue Thallid Constricting Tendrils Court Homunculus Wandering Goblins Worldly Counsel Constricting Tendrils Nacatl Outlander
Jhessian Balmgiver Vagrant Plowbeasts Countersquall Cumber Stone Paragon of the Amesha Paragon of the Amesha Shard Convergence Filigree Fracture
Hellkite Hatchling Sludge Strider Ancient Ziggurat Knotvine Mystic Controlled Instincts Knotvine Mystic Grixis Slavedriver Skyward Eye Prophets
Aerie Mystics Sacellum Archers Scarland Thrinax Scornful Æther-Lich Sludge Strider Esperzoa Spore Burst Fleshformer
Soul’s Majesty Scepter of Dominance Banefire Meglonoth Paleoloth Rakka Mar Obelisk of Alara Kederekt Parasite
3C1 3C2 3C3 3C4 3C5 3C6 3C7 3C8
Arsenal Thresher Jund Hackblade Mistvein Borderpost Rhox Brute Bant Sureblade Crystallization Architects of Will Bant Sureblade
Crystallization Monstrous Carabid Winged Coatl Fieldmist Borderpost Pale Recluse Colossal Might Fieldmist Borderpost Pale Recluse
Mistvein Borderpost Stormcaller’s Boon Deadshot Minotaur Sewn-Eye Drake Soul Manipulation Jhessian Zombies Crystallization Soul Manipulation
Monstrous Carabid Rhox Brute Veinfire Borderpost Putrid Leech Stormcaller’s Boon Naya Sojourners Mistvein Borderpost Stormcaller’s Boon
Talon Trooper Wildfield Borderpost Esper Stormblade Colossal Might Veinfire Borderpost Gorger Wurm Monstrous Carabid Veinfire Borderpost
Sangrite Backlash Vectis Dominator Deny Reality Pale Recluse Sangrite Backlash Singe-Mind Ogre Captured Sunlight Magefire Wings
Naya Hushblade Firewild Borderpost Brainbite Bant Sojourners Sigiled Behemoth Violent Outburst Breath of Malfegor Trace of Abundance
Sigil of the Nayan Gods Jund Sojourners Trace of Abundance Sanctum Plowbeast Etherium Abomination Grixis Sojourners Etherium Abomination Kathari Bomber
Kathari Bomber Captured Sunlight Grizzled Leotau Demonic Dread Esper Sojourners Ethercaste Knight Arsenal Thresher Vedalken Ghoul
Vectis Dominator Breath of Malfegor Valley Rannet Magefire Wings Ethercaste Knight Captured Sunlight Demonic Dread Violent Outburst
Demonspine Whip Stun Sniper Messenger Falcons Drastic Revelation Zealous Persecution Enlisted Wurm Mask of Riddles Kathari Remnant
Gloryscale Viashino Mask of Riddles Shield of the Righteous Sigil Captain Tainted Sigil Bloodbraid Elf Bloodbraid Elf Vengeful Rebirth
Morbid Bloom Wall of Denial Vithian Renegades Illusory Demon Anathemancer Wall of Denial Wall of Denial Etherwrought Page
Knight of New Alara Wargate Lightning Reaver Lich Lord of Unx Lavalanche Predatory Advantage Vedalken Heretic Knight of New Alara

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