Pro Tour–San Diego Archetype Breakdown Day 2

Posted in Event Coverage on February 20, 2010

By Rashad Miller and Bill Stark

First Name Last Name Main Archetype Sub Archetype
Thomas Cleberg All-American Control  
Hamish Gordon All-American Control  
Hiroto Higa All-American Control  
Mateusz Kopec All-American Control  
Guillaume Matignon All-American Control  
Travis Padilla All-American Control  
Aeo Paquette All-American Control  
Slone Romano All-American Control  
Theodoros Romanos All-American Control  
Guillaume Wafo-tapa All-American Control  
Samuel Black Bant  
Daniel Gardner Bant  
Charles Gendron Dupont Bant  
Martin Goldman-Kirst Bant  
Christophe Gregoir Bant  
Marijn Lybaert Bant  
Matteo Orsini Jones Bant  
Jonathan Randle Bant  
Dennis Stone Bant  
Gaudenis Vidugiris Bant  
Juan Carlos Adebo Diaz Red-White  
Selim Creiche Red-White  
Samuele Estratti Red-White  
Paul Rietzl Red-White  
Davide Grimaldi Cruel Control  
Tooru Inoue Cruel Control  
Yuusuke Iwasaki Cruel Control  
Joshua McKnight Unearth  
Lucas Florent Eldrazi Green  
Dmitry Nikitin Eldrazi Green Splash White
Armando Bulnes Esper Control  
Hideaki Imai Esper Control  
Justin Corbett Red-Green Valakut  
Koutarou Ootsuka Red-Green Valakut  
Brett Piazza Red-Green-White Ramp Splash Black
Pascal Vieren Green-White Ramp  
Eric Froehlich Red-Green-White Ramp  
Tim Landale Red-Green-White Ramp  
Ali Aintrazi Jund No Leech
You Akaike Jund  
Hector Alonso Jund  
Kyle Boggemes Jund  
Manuel Bucher Jund  
Lino Burgold Jund  
Kyle Coons Jund No Leech
Francis Cormier Jund No Leech
Chris Davis Jund No Leech
Bertil Elfgren Jund  
Marshall Fine Jund  
Jason Ford Jund  
Herve Gazard-Maurel Jund  
Patrizio Golia Jund  
Simon Görtzen Jund  
Russell Heitzmann Jund  
Kazuya Hirabayashi Jund  
Yoshihiko Ikawa Jund  
Tsuyoshi Ikeda Jund No Leech
Lukas Jaklovsky Jund  
Stephen King Jund  
Masaya Kitayama Jund  
Petr Kludka Jund  
Shuu Komuro Jund  
Adam Koska Jund  
Alexander Kreuz Jund  
Noah Long Jund  
Mat Marr Jund  
Kazuya Mitamura Jund No Leech
Hajime Nakamura Jund  
Shuuhei Nakamura Jund  
Yoshitaka Nakano Jund  
Niels Noorlander Jund  
Thomas Shackett Jund  
Tomomi Shiraishi Jund  
Alain Simón Martin Jund no leech
Fabio Tavares Jund no leech
Theophile Thuillier Jund no leech
Owen Turtenwald Jund  
Robert van Medevoort Jund  
Jonas Wallendorf Jund  
Yuuya Watanabe Jund  
Shouta Yasooka Jund  
Marcel Angelo Zafra Jund  
Sebastian Ziesche Jund  
Orrin Beasley Junk  
Lucas Blohon Junk  
Daniel Gräfensteiner Junk  
Martin Juza Junk  
Eugene Khutorsky Junk  
Rosario Maij Junk  
Luke Mulcahy Junk  
Chikara Nakajima Junk  
Gonzague Allouchery Mono-Red  
Matthew Boccio Mono-Red  
Petr Brozek Mono-Red Splash White
Robb Davis Mono-Red Splash Black
Avy Jonsay Mono-Red Splash Green
Jeroen Kanis Mono-Red  
Bastien Loddo Mono-Red Splash White
Benjamin Lundquist Mono-Red Splash White
Yann Massicard Mono-Red  
Sergio Garcia Open the Vaults  
Niels Viaene open the vaults  
Carlos Braga Polymorph Red-White-Blue
Danny Ecker Summoning Trap  
Dean McLaren Summoning Trap  
Jan Ruess Summoning Trap  
Demostenes Tsatsos Summoning Trap  
Katsuhiro Mori Time Sieve  
Matej Zatlkaj Tokens Green-White
Patrick Chapin White-Blue Control  
Mark Herberholz White-Blue Control  
Gabriel Nassif White-Blue Control  
Ville Schalin Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Sammy Batarseh Vampires  
Brian Boss Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Jeffrey Chen Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Austin Creel Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Hidenori Katayama Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Peter Kesteloo Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Ari Lax Vampires Kalastria Highborn
Adam Yurchick Vampires  
Nico Bohny White Weenie Splash Green
Justin Calhoun White Weenie Tokens
Nuno Costa White Weenie  
Brent Gregath White Weenie Stoneforge Mystic
Jun Feng Jack Ho White Weenie Stoneforge Mystic
Dennis Johannsen White Weenie  
John Kolos White Weenie Stoneforge Mystic
Matthias Künzler White Weenie  
Antti Malin White Weenie Tokens
Stephen Murray White Weenie  
Michael Patnik White Weenie Tokens
Benjamin Peebles-Mundy White Weenie  
Cedric Phillips White Weenie  
Rin Satou White Weenie Splash Green
Sascha Schwarz White Weenie  
Aras Senyuz White Weenie Splash Green
Nikola Vávra White Weenie Tokens
Cameron Veigel White Weenie  
Peter Vieren White Weenie Splash Blue
Craig Wescoe White Weenie  
Rafael Coqueiro Naya Stoneforge Mystic
Paulo Vitor da Rosa Naya Stoneforge Mystic
Tom Raney Naya stoneforge mystic
Tom Ross Naya stoneforge mystic
Tomoharu Saitou Naya  
Luis Scott-Vargas Naya stoneforge mystic
Ben Stark Naya stoneforge mystic
Bernhard Sternbauer Naya stoneforge mystic
Ken Yukuhiro Naya Nay

Jund, Jund ... Jund. From the 112 that started on Friday, 45 Jund players were left battling here in San Diego. We all knew Jund would be here in force, and it has proven once again that cascade spells have a way of swinging games to your favor. Many of the top players, including the historically inventive Japanese pros, had opted for this old standby. Over a fourth of the field had chosen a variation of the archetype on Day 1, and 40% of them made it to Day 2.

Second was the deck that won “most improved performance at a Pro Tour” this weekend, White Weenie. Honor the Pure fueled creatures, including the problematic Kor Firewalker from Worldwake, had been swarming battlefield at the top tables Friday. This deck was not totally new as players had toyed around with lists during and after Worlds last year, but thanks to this new efficient pro-red beater on the team, the Jund and Naya matchups don’t look as bad as before. Many pros had been seen sporting Emeria Angel tokens Day 1, and Saturday wouldn’t be any different, as 20 players advanced with White Weenie.

Honor of the Pure
Kor Firewalker

Bant and All-American Control represented Day 2 solidly tied at third. Knight of the Reliquary was trading Forests and Plains for Celestial Colonnade and Stirring Wildwood all weekend long. That combined with powerful land fall abilities, the strength of the exalted mechanic and versatile removal spells put 33% of the Day 1 Bant decks into Saturday competition. All-American Control also advanced a little over a third of its players to Day 2. Worldwake has livened up this deck’s card drawing with Treasure Hunt and the hot, hot Jace, the Mind Scuptor.

Celestial Colonnade
Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Rounding out the top represented decks, we have Coimbra-style Naya and Vampires tied at 9. Both decks have stood the test of time during this Standard season. Vampires gained new life with the ever so slight decline of Jund decks. This coupled with new Worldwake additions like Kalastria Highborn had carried over a forth of its pilots on to the next day. Naya had taken one of the more innovative approaches with Worldwake additions Stoneforge Mystic and Basilisk Collar. Only 22 players played Naya on Friday, yet over 40% of those players were still in contention on Saturday.

Kalastria Highborn
Basilisk Collar

Of course, this was only the top 6 archetypes. Many other decks were still in the thick of things, like Mono-Red, Junk, Boros, Summoning Trap, and White-Blue Control. Would theses decks have what it takes to win a Pro Tour? Would we have another Jund-filled Top 8? These are questions to be answered on Sunday.

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