Pro Tour–San Diego Finals: This Is It

Posted in Event Coverage on February 21, 2010

By Josh Bennett

Kyle Boggemes (Jund) vs. Simon Görtzen (Jund)

After clawing their way through a varied Top 8, both America’s Kyle Boggemes and Simon Görtzen of Germany had their faith in Bloodbraid Elf validated. Soon one of them would hoist the trophy as Pro Tour–San Diego Champion.

Game 1

Kyle Boggemes keeps the U.S. in this Top 8.Boggemes had to mulligan, and his next six were unspectactular. While Görtzen played a Savage Lands, Forest, and Mountain for Sprouting Thrinax right on time, Boggemes stumbled with two Raging Ravines and a Rootbound Crag. Görtzen added a second Thrinax to the mix and hit for 3. Turn four came with no help for Boggemes and he had to pass on his three lands.

Görtzen meanwhile had Garruk Wildspeaker and set up a lethal Overrun for the following turn. Boggemes drew his card and didn’t bother prolonging the inevitable.

Simon Görtzen 1, Kyle Boggemes 0

Both players kept their openers for the second game. This time, Boggemes hit his black mana right on time for a third-turn Sprouting Thrinax. Görtzen answered with Great Sable Stag. Boggemes tapped four and kicked up Goblin Ruinblaster, destroying one of Görtzen’s two Raging Ravines.

Görtzen untapped and replaced it, tapping his other and a Swamp for Putrid Leech. Boggemes played a land and tapped four for Bloodbraid Elf, hitting another Ruinblaster and kicking it, knocking off another Ravine. Görtzen played Savage Lands and stayed on the defensive.

Boggemes showed him Ruinblaster number three, offing the Savage Lands. He turned all his men sideways. Görtzen put the Stag in front of one of the Ruinblasters and stopped the Elf his Putrid Leech, pumping it to survive. Görtzen fell to 11.

Görtzen untapped and played a Forest and a second Great Sable Stag. Boggemes aimed a Blightning at him, catching a land and Broodmate Dragon. Görtzen’s four land got him a Master of the Wild Hunt, but unfortunately for him Boggemes went one better with a lethal Broodmate Dragon. Görtzen untapped and tried his luck with Bloodbraid Elf, but only got a Sprouting Thrinax.

Simon Görtzen 1, Kyle Boggemes 1

Boggemes: “How do you like Garruk?”

Görtzen: “I loved him in testing.”

Boggemes: “With Explore or Rampant Growth, it’s a better turn three than Bloodbraid.”

Game 3

Görtzen was first on the board with a third-turn Thrinax. Boggemes drew for his third turn and grimaced. He was stuck on two lands, and wound up discarding Garruk. Görtzen piled on with a second Thrinax.

Boggemes’s deck finally yielded a Verdant Catacombs. He fetched a Swamp and made a Thrinax of his own. Görtzen wasted no time Bolting it and swinging in. Boggemes tripled up to take down one of the Thrinaxes, and his tokens changed sides. Görtzen played a Great Sable Stag.

Boggemes found no fourth land and ran out another Thrinax. Görtzen charged in with his team, and a post-combat Blightning earned the scoop.

Simon Görtzen 2, Kyle Boggemes 1

Game 4

Simon Görtzen of Germany shuffles up for more.Boggemes mulliganed again for Game 4. He Duressed on the second turn and saw Maestrom Pulse sitting alongside Bloodbraid Elf, Great Sable Stag, Master of the Wild Hunt and three lands. While Görtzen played a second Raging Ravine, Boggemes played a Sprouting Thrinax.

Görtzen answered with the Stag, then had to deal with Blightning from Boggemes. He considered his options, eventually discarding Putrid Leech and Sprouting Thrinax. He played his fourth land and the Master of the Wild Hunt.

Boggemes had the second Blightning. He emptied Görtzen’s hand of Maelstrom Pulse and Bloodbraid Elf. Görtzen drew a Forest, and attacked with his Raging Ravine. Boggemes blocked with Sprouting Thrinax. Boggemes swung back with his own Ravine, taking Görtzen to 10.

Görtzen drew Swamp, still no help. He sat back on his mana. Boggemes played a land and another Sprouting Thrinax. Now they were both playing off the top. Görtzen got a Great Sable Stag. Boggemes got a Bloodbraid Elf but only cascaded into a blank Mind Rot. His monsters charged. A Stag traded with the the Bloodbraid Elf and the other ate a Saproling, and Görtzen fell to 5.

Now it was Görtzen’s turn to spin the Bloodbraid wheel. It landed on Putrid Leech. Boggemes activated his Raging Ravine and attacked with his two tokens, Sprouting Thrinax and the now 5/5 Raging Ravine. Görtzen went into the tank briefly before deciding to put Great Sable Stag on Sprouting Thrinax, his Bloodbraid Elf on a token, and a chump-blocking Putrid Leech on Raging Ravine. He fell to 4.

His top card was a replacement Putrid Leech. Boggemes considered another attack but instead played yet another Sprouting Thrinax. Görtzen drew his card and passed the turn. Boggemes played Explore, then turned on his Raging Ravine and attacked all out. Görtzen doubled up on the 6/6 Ravine and caught Sprouting Thrinax with Great Sable Stag, but that left him at 1 needing to draw a Maelstrom Pulse to catch all those tokens. It was not forthcoming.

Simon Görtzen 2, Kyle Boggemes 2

Boggemes: “Well, good luck.”

Görtzen: “Good luck. This is it.”

Game 5

Görtzen kicked off the deciding game with Dragonskull Summit, Verdant Catacombs into Forest, and Putrid Leech. Boggemes passed on two land, then Terminated the Leech after it pumped. Simon Görtzen replaced it with Sprouting Thrinax.

Boggemes fetched a third land and asked the disheartening question “How many cards in hand?” Görtzen had four, but there was no Blightning. Boggemes played a Great Sable Stag and passed it back.

Görtzen was ready with Lightning Bolt. His other two mana he spent post-attack on Rampant Growth for a second forest. He also played a Lavaclaw Reaches. Boggemes played Savage Lands as his fourth land and passed the turn. Görtzen hit for 3 and cast another Putrid Leech.

Boggemes untapped and played his fifth land. He tapped them all and leveled Bituminous Blast at the Leech. He flipped the first card: Bloodbraid Elf. He eagerly flipped again. This time the first card was Sprouting Thrinax. Gortezen thought hard at end of turn, and chose to off the Elf with Lightning Bolt.

The armies of Jund clash on the battlefield.

Görtzen untapped and offered Boggemes a trade of Thrinaxes. Boggemes accepted. Görtzen doubled his token count with the help of Siege-Gang Commander. Boggemes answered with Garruk Wildspeaker, making a Beast, and Bolted the Siege-Gang Commander. Görtzen Bolted the beast token, then attacked Boggemes with his tokens, trading Goblins for Saprolings.

Then Görtzen played the coup de grace: Blightning. The damage killed Garruk, and he caught Boggemes’s last two cards: Lightning Bolt and Broodmate Dragon!

Boggemes drew and played Raging Ravine, then took 6 from an animated Lavaclaw Reaches and the tokens. Boggemes checked his top card, then offered Görtzen a victory handshake.

Simon Görtzen defeats Kyle Boggemes 3-2 to become the 2010 Pro Tour–San Diego champion!

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