Pro Tour–San Diego Photo Essay

Posted in Event Coverage on February 20, 2010

By Josh Bennett and Craig Gibson

The Historic Gaslamp Quarter, soon to be overrun by mages.
Jace Beleren bewitches two workmen.
The free tickets to see KISS were a disappointment.
You need to work hard to sound this good.
Pros enjoy rooftop dining at the Player Party.
Big Pimpin', Planeswalker Style
We post this shot every time we're in San Diego, because it's that awesome.
Your diligent Judges: former herd of zebras, now a pack of panthers.
Player of the Year Yuuya Watanabe shows off the PT attendance promo card.
Fortune and glory, kid.
The Red Zone for Saturday's Massive Magic event doubles as a showcase.
Breakout cards catch dealers by surprise, leaving conspicuous holes in their displays.
No joke necessary.
The view from above.
rk post gives his dark queen the bedroom eyes.
Jason Felix and his creation, Obert J. Nixilis
R&D's Mike Turian is one jolly dude.
Rules nabob Mark Gottleib in the Champions Challenge
Bill Stark, a study in magenta.
Rashad Miller shames the rest of the coverage team with his fantastic styles.
Head Judge Sheldon Menery readies the hammer.
Feature matches draw the crowds.
Apparently preparing the coverage is all hijinks and merriment.
Draft regulations call for no interfering brims. Chapin and Nassif comply.
Marijn Lybaert and the Belgians' good luck charm.
Saucy FNM foils.
We weren't joking. There is really, honestly, a barbershop quartet performing at the event.
OK, I admit it. It is your lucky fish hat.
Players line up for a crack at Hall of Famer Rob Dougherty.
Hall of Famer Alan Comer and Baneslayer Angels. Yeah, THAT'S fair.

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