Pro Tour Chicago Day 2 Deck Breakdown

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Josh Bennett

Of all the decks present at Pro Tour: Chicago, Rebels had the biggest turnout, accounting for nearly a third of the overall population. These decks were split between adding green for cards like Wax/Wane or Aura Mutation, and adding blue for countermagic. Fires and U/W Control were the next most prevalent, represented in almost equal numbers. The Fires decks were remarkably similar in construction, differing over what the fifth big creature should be, and running some of Assault/Battery, Wax/Wane and Urza's Rage. The U/W decks mixed it up with win conditions, either Blinding Angel or Millstone.

The proportions of these decks changed a little in Day Two. There were more rebels, with both versions seeming to enjoy success. The other two decks lapsed in representation, but still finished strong. U/B decks that advanced to Day Two were mostly Nether/Go, but included some Air Elemental/Go and Evil Eye/Go. There were a number of interesting Blue Skies builds, and some downright wacky takes on traditional G/W Armageddon. A number of rogue decks completed the field, including B/R Void-Control and Ankh-Tide, of all things.

We were able to track down the majority of the decklists. The representations and percentages were as follows:

Decktype # Played % of Field
Rebels 30 35.3%
Fires 16 18.9%
U/W Control 12 14.1%
U/B Control 10 11.7%
Blue Skies 7 8.2%
G/W Non-Rebel 4 4.7%
Ankh-Tide 1 1.2%
Void 1 1.2%
Mono-Red 1 1.2%
Rising Waters 1 1.2%
U/B/R Control 1 1.2%
Draw/Go 1 1.2%

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