Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 1 Round 2 Feature Matches

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By Wizards of the Coast

Kyle Rose def. Ton Guevin, 2-1
Andy Wolf def. Gary Wise, 2-0
Nicolas Labarre def. Gary Krakower, 2-1
Tommi Hovi def. Randy Buehler, 2-1

Tommi Hovi (Finland) vs. Randy Buehler (USA)

In the second round, two-time Pro Tour Champion Tommi Hovi was up against 1997 Pro Tour-Chicago Champion Randy Buehler. While Hovi has few players to playtest with before big tournaments, Buehler is a member of Team CMU, and before this tournament, he was a part of the UberTeam where CMU, Deadguys, Pat Chapin, Eric Taylor and Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz went together to make deck tech.

Buehler didn't play a very unusual deck, though. He played a red and blue Academy-deck with Tinkers, Phyrexian Colossus and Phyrexian Processors. Tommi Hovi, on the other hand, played a red and white decks with a lot of artifact removal, Molten Hydras, and protection creatures.

Randy won the die roll and chose to go first. He had to mulligan, but kept his second hand and played a turn one Academy as he didn't know what Hovi was playing. The Finn got out some early pressure by summoning a turn two Molten Hydra, while Buehler cast a Temporal Aperture and then a Phyrexian Processor, paying five life to make 5/5 Minion Tokens.

Hovi had the answer to this, though. He cast a Viashino Heretic, and started eating Buehler's numerous artifacts. Buehler activated the Aperture and got a Claws of Gix that prevented him from taking further damage from his own artifacts.

An active Mother of Runes held back the one Minion Token Buehler had managed to make before the Processor was gone, and eventually, Hovi Humbled the token and blocked to kill it. Buehler was at this time very low on life, and as he didn't see any way out, he conceded.

Hovi 1 - Buehler 0

Buehler went first after sideboarding, and he cast a turn one Voltaic Key. Hovi played a Forbidding Watchtower and then a Disciple of Law and a Mother of Runes, but Buehler had an Arc Lightning that prevented the Mother from becoming active. He also had an Arc Lightning for Hovi's Viashino Heretic, and a Rewind for his Worship.

Buehler then cast a Wildfire, destroying most of Hovi's lands while leaving himself with a Tolarian Academy with which he played a Douse. He then cast a Temporal Aperture, Tinkering it to get a Phyrexian Colossus.

Hovi cast a few more creatures and then a Worship, emptying his hand. Two turns later, however, Buehler Confiscated the Worship, and sent the Colossus in for the win.

Hovi 1 - Buehler 1

Hovi played first in the third game, and he played a turn one, two and four Forbidding Watchtower and a turn three Viashino Heretic. Buehler, on the other hand, got out a Voltaic Key, a Tolarian Academy and a Grim Monolith, and he also had an Arc Lightning for the Heretic.

Hovi Disenchanted Buehler's Monolith, and Buehler then used the Tinkered away a Key to get his Phyrexian Colossus. But Hovi had another Disenchant, and he then summoned a Molten Hydra.

The Finn started attacking with a Watchtower and a Hydra, pumping the Hydra once every turn. Buehler got out a Dous and then Tinkered for a Phyrexian Processor, paying two life.

Buehler was able to Rewind a Mother of Runes and block the Hydra once, but Hovi's creatures had whittled away his life and eventually, Hovi pumped his Hydra once more and let it shoot Buehler to death.

Hovi 2 - Buehler 1

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