Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 1 Round 3 Feature Matches

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By Wizards of the Coast

Scott Johns def. Nicolas Labarre, 2-0
Dirk Baberowski def. Ben Rubin, 2-0
Tony Tsai def. Feming Chan, 2-0
Joao Isidro def. Michael Sochon, 2-1

Dirk Baberowski (Germany) vs. Ben Rubin (USA)

1998 Pro Tour Chicago Champion Dirk Baberowski, faced 1998 Worlds runner-up Ben Rubin in the third round. Both players had chosen to play a version of the red/blue Academy deck, but Baberowski's version was slightly more aggressive, as it held Avalanche Riders. Baberowski also played Viashino Heretics in the main deck against other Academy decks.

Ben Rubin chose to go first, and he got a pretty amazing start. Playing a turn two Grim Monolith, Worn Powerstone gave him a speedy start, and turn three, he played a Tolarian Academy, a Ring of Gix and Tinkered for a Phyrexian Colossus.

Baberowski only had a Voltaic Key in play in addition to his lands, and Rubin started tapping the German's blue mana during his upkeep and attacked with his Colossus. But Baberowski wasn't dead yet. He wasted a Tolarian Academy to play a Grim Monolith, and the Monolith gave him enough mana to cast one of the Viashino Heretics he was holding.

Rubin got rid of it by casting a turn six Wildfire, but by then, the Heretic was active and ate the Colossus in response, dealing seven damage to Rubin. Baberowski also got the best follow-up. He drew two mountains and cast another Viashino Heretic that started chewing on the artifacts Rubin had left - and eventually, Rubin conceded.

Baberowski 1 - Rubin 0

Rubin had to mulligan once in the second game, and only played lands for the first two turns. Baberowski, on the other hand, went out in a blast. He cast a turn one Voltaic Key, turn two two Grim Monoliths and another Voltaic Key, and a turn three Avalanche Riders. "Darwin Kastle" ate one of Rubin's mountains, and, since Rubin at that time had cast a Ring of Gix, he had to sacrifice it during his upkeep as he was unable to pay the echo cost.

Rubin's draw was far from amazing. He played a Temporal Aperture and a Worn Powerstone, but that was nothing compared to Baberowski's Recantation and Morphling. The American wasted an Academy to summon a Shivan Hellkite, but the Recantation had grown and bounced it right back into his hand along with the Worn Powerstone.

Baberowski had total control, and to cripple Rubin even more, he played Wildfire, leaving Rubin with only the Temporal Aperture in play. He never got to use it, though, as the Morphling went in for the kill two turns later.

Baberowski 2 - Rubin 0

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