Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 1 Round 4 Feature Matches

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By Wizards of the Coast

Don Gallitz def. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier, 2-0
Pat Chapin def Jon Finkel, 2-0
David Humpherys def. Andre Konstanczer, 2-0
Janosch Kuhn def. Sturla Bingen, 2-0

Janosch Kühn (Germany) vs. Sturla Bingen (Norway)

The two Europeans met in the fourth round, and they were both 2-0-1. Kühn played Stroke-Academy with Fluctuators, while Bingen played Mike Flores' black/red deck with land destruction, hand destruction and some burn.

Bingen chose to play, and he played three consecutive Spawning Pools. Kühn played a turn two Voltaic Key and a turn three Grim Monolith, and then the two of them started a cycling-show - Bingen cycled to try and get to his red mana, while Kühn cycled to get to his combo.

Unfortunately, Bingen never drew red mana, and in turn five, Kühn went off. He played a Fluctuator, and cycled madly while casting various artifacts and "free" spells. A Palinchron entered play. Bingen Expunged it, but Kühn continued cycling through his deck, casting more and more artifacts, every now and then Stroke of Geniusing himself to re-fill his hand.

Eventually, Kühn got down to his Yawgmoth's Will, and showing the Will and a Stroke to Bingen, Bingen scooped.

Kühn 1 - Bingen 0

Bingen went first in game two as well, and he took a chance and kept a hand with six lands and a Viashino Heretic. Kühn mulliganed, kept his next hand, cast a turn two Fluctuator and started cycling again.

The Norwegian got out his Viashino Heretic and ate the Fluctuator during his turn four, but at that time, Kühn had drawn another Fluctuator and started his combo. He generated a lot of mana through casting his Grim Monoliths and Voltaic Keys, as well as by casting the "free spells", untapping his Tolarian Academy.

A Yawgmoth's Will allowed him to cast the destroyed Fluctuator from the graveyard, as well as a Cloud of Faeries and a Frantic Search. Not knowing about the errata on Cloud of Faeries, he untapped his land while he cast it, and thus he got a warning, but was allowed to proceed.

Kühn then Stroke of Geniused himself for five, filling up his hand. He cycled a few more spells, cast more artifacts and continued like that until he had only two cards left in his library. Kühn then played his Palinchron, and showed Bingen another Stroke, winning the match.

Kühn 2 - Bingen 0

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