Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 1 Round 6 Feature Matches

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By Wizards of the Coast

Dirk Baberowski def. Jakub Slemr, 2-1
Randy Buehler def. Darwin Kastle, 2-0
Justin Gary def. Kurt Burgner, 2-0
Andrew Konstanczer def. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier, 1-0

Andre Konstanczer (Germany) vs. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier (USA)

Two Pro Tour veterans met in the sixth round of the swiss. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier played a white and black deck with Worship, Contamination and various creatures, while Andre Konstanczer played a red and blue Academy deck with Wildfire, Avalanche Riders, tons of artifacts and one Stroke of Genius.

Hammer won the die roll and chose to go first. He cast a turn two Disciple of Law, not exactly Andre's favourite creature. But Konstanczer got a pretty decent start himself. He cast a turn two Thran Turbine and a turn three Grim Monolith, Avalanche Riders. "Darwin Kastle" destroyed a Plains and hit Konstanczer for two.

Hammer held the Disciple back so that he wouldn't lose the damage race, but Konstanczer had Darwin's twin, and destroyed a swamp and attacked for two again. But Hammer knew what to do - he cast a Phyrexian Processor, paying five life so that he could make 5/5 Minion Tokens.

Konstanczer let his second Darwin die, so that he could summon a Viashino Heretic. Hammer answered by playing a Bone Shredder, but Kosntanczer didn't want to let Hammer use his Processor, and cast a Wildfire.

After the Wildfire, both players had to get out more lands. Hammer attacked with his Disciple and got Konstanczer down to 13 life before another Heretic hit the table. He managed to use it once, though, making one fat token before the Processor died to the Heretic.

Hammer played a Contamination, hoping it would stop Konstanczer from playing stuff, but Konstanczer showed why his deck used Tolarian Academies and a Ring of Gix came into play. Then Hammer played a Worship, and the stalemate was a fact.

Hammer summoned a few more creatures, but Konstanczer wiped most of them out by another Wildfire and an Arc Lightning. He cast a Morphling and more artifacts, and got Hammer down to one measly life.

From that point, what happened every turn was that during Hammer's upkeep, Konstanczer tapped down all of his black mana and as many other lands as he could. Using two Voltaic Keys to untap his in the end four Ring of Gixes, he was able to shut down all Hammer's sources of black mana.

The game dragged out as this tapping ritual was pretty long, but as long as someone had a chance to win, the game had to be played. Time was called, and the two players got three extra turns each - and finally, Andre Konstanczer drew his Stroke of Genius and Stroked Hammer for 19 to win the game and the match.

Konstanczer 1 - Regnier 0

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