Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 2 Round 10 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Pat Chapin (USA) vs. Marcel Baran (Germany)

Pat Chapin and Marcel Baran were both 7-2 before the tenth round of the swiss. Pat, a member of the UberTeam, played his own creation, a green and blue Infinite Squirrel-deck with Deranged Hermits, Snaps and Barrin, while Marcel played a red and black deck with a lot of removal.

Pat won the coin toss and chose to go first. He cast a turn one Elvish Herder, a turn two Priest of Titania and a turn three Fertile Ground, Raven Familiar, but Baran "countered" by casting Steam Blast, killing all of Chapin's creatures.

Chapin then cast another Raven Familiar, while Baran summoned a Viashino Heretic, Parched the Raven and cast a Sanguine Guard.

The American went looking for his combo with a Frantic Search, then he cast a Cloud of Faeries, a Deranged Hermit and Stroke of Geniused himself for four, filling up his hand. Unfortunately, Baran had a Fault Line that again wiped out Chapin's weenie horde, letting Baran's creatures through.

After two such attacks, Chapin was getting dangerously low on life, so he cast a Deranged Hermit and got ready to block. But Baran had another Steam Blast, cast it, and attacked for the win.

Chapin 0 - Baran 1

In the second duel, Chapin cast a turn two Fertile Ground. Baran tried a turn two Dark Ritual, Persecute for green, but the only green card in Chapin's hand was a Crop Rotation.

The American proceeded to draw a Priest of Titania, cast it, and then summoned a turn four Deranged Hermit, while Baran played some Ticking Gnomes. Chapin then went looking for parts of the combo with a Raven Familiar, and tried to Snap his Deranged Hermit, but Baran killed the Hermit in response.

Another Ticking Gnomes hit the table, but Chapin didn't mind much, as he'd got most of what he needed. Turn six, he cast another Raven Familiar, Snapped his Raven, played it again and Stroke of Geniused himself for four, getting ready to go off. This he did in turn six. He cast another Raven, a Cloud of Faeries, another Cloud of Faeries, and a Barrin that he used to bounce his Clouds, and, seeing that he couldn't win, Baran conceded.

Chapin 1 - Baran 1

Baran went first in the third and deciding game, and after a wasted first-turn Duress, he cast a turn two Dark Ritual, Eastern Paladin and a turn three Ticking Gnomes, putting immediate pressure on Chapin.

The American cast a Fertile Ground and then an Absolute Law before playing some creatures that eventually had to block Baran's two fat creatures.

Baran was obviously afraid of Chapin's combo deck, and he cast a Yawgmoth's Will, Duress that turned out to be totally wasted as Chapin didn't have any non-land, non-creature cards in his hand. Chapin did have a Deranged Hermit, though, and it came into play, followed by four Squirrels.

When Baran Razed Chapin's Fertile Grounded forest, Chapin tried another strategy. He started attacking with his Squirrels, the Priest and a Treetop Village, hitting Baran down to eleven life, and suddenly, the game became a damage race.

Baran Parched Chapin down to six life, but couldn't get his creatures through the wall of Squirrels. The third Duress netted him a Stroke of Genius, but Baran probably wished it was an Ostracize as Chapin then summoned his Barrin, Master Wizard and bounced the Eastern Paladin back to Baran's hand.

This made room for Chapin's creatures, and as Baran was unable to draw enough burn to finish Chapin off, the Treetop Village and a single Squirrel won the match for Chapin.

Chapin 2 - Baran 1

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