Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 2 Round 11 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Bob Maher, Jr (USA) vs. Jon Finkel (USA)

Two Fluctuator/Stroke decks were up against each other when Jon Finkel met Bob Maher Jr. at the feature match table in the eleventh round. Finkel won the coin toss, and chose to play, but he had to mulligan as his opening hand was pretty bad - it held no card drawers, no Tolarian Academy and a Palinchron, a card you normally want to draw when you go off, not in your opening hand.

Finkel kept his second hand with one land, a Voltaic Key and a Grim Monolith, and Maher Jr. chose to mulligan as well.

But Finkel didn't draw a second land, so he just played the Polluted Mire, the Voltaic Key, and then he waited while Maher Jr. did plenty of stuff. Maher Jr. cast a turn two Grim Monolith, Voltaic Key, and during turn three, he got his Tolarian Academy, played a Claws of Gix, an Opportunity, another Grim Monolith, a Frantic Search, a Fluctuator, cycled twice, cast Frantic Search, cycled twice again, and finally, he was done for the turn.

Finkel then drew his second land, a Blasted Landscape, and he got out a grim Monolith and a Fluctuator and cycled four cards. Then he had to say go.

Maher Jr. never gave him another turn. He cycled a Blasted Landscape, cast Frantic Search, cycled a Rescind, cast Opportunity, cast a Grim Monolith, cast another Opportunity, cycled twice, cast a Claws of Gix and showed Finkel his hand to make him concede.

Maher Jr. 1 - Finkel 0

Both players mulliganed also in the second game, and again, Finkel got a very slow start. He cast a turn two Grim Monolith, and then played a land during turn three, while Maher Jr. cast a turn two Voltaic Key, a turn three Fluctuator and started the cycle show that ended with him playing another Voltaic Key.

During his discard phase, Finkel cycled a Cloud of Faeries, and after a Frantic Search, he found a Lingering Mirage and enchanted Maher Jr.'s Tolarian Academy, playing one himself along with a Voltaic Key.

Maher Jr. cycled a Cloud of Faeries, Frantic Searched and found a Lingering Mirage as well, and he made an attempt to cast it on Finkel's Academy, but Finkel Miscalculated it. During the next turn, though, Maher Jr. had another Lingering Mirage, and the third Tolarian Academy came into play.

After this, the players played draw-go for a few turns, trying to get to their key cards. Maher Jr. got to it first, during Finkel's discard phase, he cast a Stroke of Genius for three, and in his own main phase, he cycled and played two Grim Monoliths.

Finkel finally got out his own Fluctuator, but he didn't draw anything he could cycle, so during turn ten, Bob Maher Jr. finally had enough mana to go off. He Stroke of Geniused himself for 18, Frantic Searched and drew his Palinchron and another Stroke to secure him the victory.

Maher Jr. 2 - Finkel 0

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