Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 2 Round 13 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Casey McCarrel (USA) vs. Ryan Fuller (Canada)

When Casey McCarrel and Ryan Fuller met in the fifth round of the swiss, they complained that they were always paired up against each other in Pro Tours. And in the 13th round of the swiss, Casey McCarrel and Ryan Fuller met again. Both of them needed one win to make top eight, and the goal was, naturally, that they both made top eight again, like in 1998 Pro Tour Chicago.

Ryan Fuller wasn't too happy about the matchup, as the two of them actually had discussed the matchup and concluded that he should lose. He won the coin flip, and started by playing a turn one Tolarian Academy, Claws of Gix and a Thran Turbine.

Casey got a pretty good draw, though. He played a turn two Grim Monolith, and turn three, he Confiscated Ryan's Tolarian Academy. Then, during his fourth turn, he cast a Phyrexian Processor, paying ten life.

Fuller Frantic Searched for an answer, but didn't find anything but a Voltaic Key. That didn't help much when huge 10/10 Tokens started beating him down, and he scooped.

McCarrel 1 - Fuller 0

Fuller went first in the second duel as well, and this was a pretty weird game. Again, he played a turn one Tolarian Academy, but he didn't cast anything before in round three, when he had drawn a Grim Monolith.

While sideboarding, he had complained that "I usually draw pretty good, except from when playing Casey," and that statement was quite considering his start. But this time, McCarrel didn't get the best start either. He cast a turn two Grim Monolith, the two of them admired it for a while as it was a foil Japanese one, and then he didn't do anything before in turn five, when he cast a Ring of Gix.

At that time, Fuller had drawn a Goblin Welder, and a Rack of Ruin that destroyed McCarrel's Ring and Monolith. But Casey had more artifacts coming, and he cast a Worn Powerstone.

During the next few turns, Fuller disturbed McCarrel's mana supply by Welding the Ring and the Worn Powerstone so that either, McCarrel had to pay echo for the Ring, or he had a tapped Worn Powerstone. It didn't matter much, though, as McCarrel didn't have much to do with his mana anyway.

Finally, in turn eleven, Fuller cast a Morphling. McCarrel used the opportunity to play a Phyrexian Processor for one, but that didn't really prevent him from taking five from the Morphling every turn. By casting a Grim Monolith, though, he was able to actually cast a Shivan Hellkite, and he traded it for the Morpling.

But Fuller didn't worry about the Morphling. He cast a Phyrexian Colossus, and everything was looking fine until McCarrel played Wildfire and proceeded by Racking his Colossus and Ruining his Grim Monolith.

The Canadian cast another Welder and a Voltaic Key, hoping to get the Colossus back. But McCarrel had another Rack of Ruin that took out the Key and a tapped Monolith. Fuller tried again, he cast a Thran Turbine and another Voltaic Key - but McCarrel had yet another Rack of Ruin, and Fuller had to attack with his Welder.

Things were looking bad for McCarrel, but when he drew his Confiscate, things changed a lot. He Confiscated the Welder, and started getting back his own artifacts. First he got back his Ring of Gix, and then he welded up his Phyrexian Processor, paying three life, leaving him at one. But that was enough - Fuller didn't draw anything, and McCarrel won to get into top eight yet again.

McCarrel 2 - Fuller 0

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