Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 2 Round 14 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Adrian Sullivan (USA) vs. Richard Van Cleave (USA)

In the final round of the swiss, Adrian Sullivan and Richard Van Cleave met to fight for the chance of a spot in top eight. Adrian played aa aggressive red deck with Wildfire, Avalanche Riders and some fatties, while Richard played mono-green.

Adrian chose to play first, and he played a turn one mountain. Richard summoned a turn one Wild Dogs, but Adrian had a Shower of Sparks and killed the Dogs and dealt one damage to Richard. Then, during his own main phase, he cast a Goblin Welder.

Richard forgot about the Shower of Sparks, though, and cast another Wild Dogs in turn two. The Dogs went over to Adrian's side during his next upkeep, though, and Van Cleave lost card advantage as the Dogs and the Welder blocked his animated Treetop Village.

Sullivan had played a Ring of Gix, and he started tapping a land during Van Cleave's upkeep. This was quite effective, as Van Cleave didn't run that many lands. He managed to play a Multani's Acolyte, though, and enchanted it with Rancor.

Now it was Sullivan's turn to make a mistake. During his turn, he pumped the Molten Hydra he'd played, and he then he shot the Acolyte instead of waiting until after Van Cleave had paid the echo cost. It didn't matter that much, though, as Van Cleave didn't have much to cast except from a Pouncing Jaguar.

Sullivan then cast an Avalanche Riders, and killed a Treetop Village, leaving his opponent with even less lands. Van Cleave put the Rancor on the Pouncing Jaguar and attacked. "Darwin Kastle" blocked the Poucing Jaguar the second time it came over, and Van Cleave had to cast more creatures, this time another Acolyte and an Elvish Lyrist.

But Sullivan started pumping his Hydra, and the Ring of Gix prevented him from taking too much damage. Eventually, Van Cleave Crop Rotated to get to a Thran Quarry and Scrapped the Ring, but two turns later, Sullivan cast Wildfire, wiping out all Van Cleave's creatures and most of his lands, and Van Cleave conceded.

Sullivan 1 - Van Cleave 0

The second game was considerably shorter. Van Cleave's opening hand held only one Thran Quarry, but he kept it, and summoned a turn one Pouncing Jaguar. He didn't draw a land, though, so he couldn't enchant it with Rancor before during turn three.

Sullivan cast a turn three Viashino Heretic and a turn four Ring of Gix, but he let it go when Van Cleave paid the echo cost of a Multani's Acolyte and in addition, summoned a Wild Dogs. Sacrificing his Heretic to a Phyrexian Tower, he cast a Crater Hellion instead, wiping the table and leaving Van Cleave with only one Treetop Village in play as both his Thran Quarries jumped into the graveyard when there were no creatures to support them.

To make things even worse, Sullivan proceeded by casting an Avalanche Riders, taking Van Cleave's last land, and two turns later, Van Cleave conceded.

Sullivan 2 - Van Cleave 0

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