Pro Tour-New York 1999
Day 2 Round 9 Feature Matches

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By Wizards of the Coast

Kai Budde (Germany) vs. David Humpherys (USA)

Grand Prix King Kai Budde, was able to come to New Jersey because his exam was rescheduled, so he didn't get much time to playtest. He got a deck from his CCC teammates, a red and blue Academy-deck that merely splashed blue. The deck worked fine, though, and in the ninth round of the swiss, Budde faced David Humpherys from team Your Move Games, playing a red and blue Adacemy-deck as well.

Kai won the die roll and went first, playing a turn two Grim Monolith. Humpherys got out the first Tolarian Academy, though, and he also had a turn one Claws of Gix and a turn two Goblin Welder.

The Welder didn't live long, as Kai quickly Arc Lightninged it. Then Budde cast a Ring of Gix, and started tapping Humpherys' Academy during his upkeep. This really hurt Humpherys' game, as he didn't draw a third land before turn five. By then, Budde had a Voltaic Key and another Ring of Gix in play, and so he could tap two of Humpherys' lands during his upkeep, leaving him with only one measly mana to spend during his main phase.

Humpherys got out a fourth land, but two mana wasn't quite enough to get started, so he begun discarding. Budde then cast a Crater Hellion, and after a few hits from the Hellion, Humpherys scooped.

Budde 1 - Humpherys 0

In the second game, Humpherys chose to let Budde play first. The German mulliganed once, and got a pretty slow start, he only played lands for the first two turns while Humpherys got out a turn one Goblin Welder, and a turn two Voltaic Key.

During turn three, Budde summoned a Viashino Heretic, and said go, getting ready to put the Heretic in the graveyard. But Humpherys just sighed, thought for a while, and cast a Claws of Gix so that at least, he didn't take damage when the Heretic ate the Voltaic Key.

Budde then cast a Ring of Gix, and he started tapping Humpherys' Tolarian Academy during his upkeep. This time, it didn't hurt him much, though. The American finally drew his Arc Lightning, killed Budde's Heretic, and Tinkered for a Citanul Flute to get his own Viashino Heretic.

But Budde had answers to Humpherys' threats. He got rid of the Tolarian Academy by summoning a "Darwin Kastle," and when Humpherys summoned his Heretic, Budde cleared the table by casting a Wildfire, leaving him with his Flute and one single mountain that he could tap down with his Ring of Gix.

Humpherys didn't draw lands for four turns, and by the time he did, Budde had another Ring of Gix that could tap that land as well. Humpherys cast a Voltaic Key. Budde cast Rack of Ruin. Humpherys played another land. Budde Confiscated a mountain. Finally, Budde got out a Crater Hellion, started attacking, and, seeing no way out, Humpherys scooped.

Budde 2 - Humpherys 0

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