Pro Tour Osaka Masters Photos

Posted in Event Coverage on March 13, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Ando wears his cap at a jaunty angle in an act of defianceThursdayPlayers
Momose swings into Karsten's LunaticThursdayPlayers
Ishida plays for the long run against van der BroekThursdayPlayers
Winning makes Kai Budde smileThursdayPlayers
Marco Blume dwarfs Nicolas OlivieriThursdayPlayers
PTNY Rematch: Tenenbaum v. BaberowskiThursdayPlayers
Les Plus Class, far less effervescent than usualThursdayPlayers
Kai Budde makes sure things are going according to planThursdayPlayers
Amiel Tenenbaum simply cannot believe itThursdayPlayers
Victor van der Broek gives the signal to Jelger WiegersmaThursdayPlayers
Panzer Hunters survey their optionsThursdayPlayers
Pierre Malherbaud, Ken Krouner and Michihisa Onoda are just three of the hundreds that will play tomorrowThursdayPlayers
Andy Heckt shows the wayThursdayPlayers
Last-minute OBC testingThursdayPlayers
Trading is fast and furiousThursdayPlayers
Norway's finest take fiveThursdayPlayers
It's utter madness!ThursdayPlayers
Tsuyoshi Ikeda oversees a draftThursdayPlayers
Amiel Tenenbaum doesn't even try to hide his joyThursdayPlayers
Newly-crowned Level 4 Judge Rune Horvik suffers from narcolepsyThursdayStaff
Mike Turian and an equally-happy hanger-onThursdayPlayers
Eric Ziegler is complacent against Nicolas OlivieriThursdayPlayers
Scott McCord tangles with Gabriel NassifThursdayPlayers
Shaved Head A-Go-Go: Nicolai Herzog v. Dirk BaberowskiThursdayPlayers
Evind Nitter looks starstruck by Kai BuddeThursdayPlayers
Marco Blume's play suckerpunches Bjorn JocumsenThursdayPlayers
Battle of the Silly Hats: Franck Canu v. Jelger WiegersmaThursdayPlayers
Pure concentration: Itaru Ishida v. Dave HumpherysThursdayPlayers
Kazuyuki Momose of Panzer Hunter lost his Overrun, how sad.ThursdayPlayers
Darwin Kastle susses out Reiji Ando's graveyardThursdayPlayers
Raphael Levy v. Frank Karsten: 90% FrownsThursdayPlayers
Wilfreid Ranque pauses Victor van der BroekThursdayPlayers
Norway's Team Outland is all businessThursdayPlayers
Everyone's favorite Germans, Phoenix FoundationThursdayPlayers
Top New York Team Slay-Pillage-MassacreThursdayPlayers
Gabriel Nassif's hat makes Les Plus Class hard to missThursdayPlayers
Dutch powerhouse
Last year's finalists, Panzer HuntersThursdayPlayers
Your Move Games communicates in secret codeThursdayPlayers
Metagames make early draft decisionsThursdayPlayers
The Osaka Masters CompetitorsThursdayPlayers
Metagames wins the gateway! And there is much rejoicing.ThursdayPlayers
William "Baby Huey" Jensen tips over to the delight of Brian HegstadThursdayPlayers
Magic Players or Transients? You decide!ThursdayPlayers
Franck Canu's unorthodox headgear does little to distract Phil "Ray Liotta" FreneauThursdayPlayers
Hegstad under fire from gentle giant Wilfreid RanqueThursdayPlayers
Raphael Levy shuts Szigeti downThursdayPlayers watch Metagames argue during the draftThursdayPlayers
Peter "Cueball" Szigeti bashes Ayumi Hidaka who laughs uncontrollably, and who can blame him?ThursdayPlayers
Judge Akio Sugaya explains Shambling Swarm to HidakaThursdayPlayers
Phil Freneau mauls Takayuki NagaokaThursdayPlayers
Brian Hegstad basks in the glow of imminent victory over Osamu FujitaThursdayPlayers
Franck Canu gears up to turn sideways versus Endre SkjetneThursdayPlayers
Raphael Levy makes Oyvind Odegaard very sadThursdayPlayers
All-Euro Action: Team Outland 2 vs. MetagamesThursdayPlayers
The Masters Gateway Semifinals draw modest crowdsThursdayPlayers

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