Pro Tour Seattle Coverage Preview

Posted in Event Coverage on July 2, 2004

By Randy Buehler

Pro Tour Seattle is this weekend and this article is going to tell you everything you need to know to follow all the action live on your computer. The format this weekend is Team Limited, the favorite way to play Magic for many of the Pro Tour's regulars. They've divided themselves up into teams of three and set their sites on $200,000 in prize money.

Click to view PT Seattle 2004 Preview Video

You can warm up for the festivities by watching this preview of the event (click at right), which includes some thoughts on which teams I will have my eye on this weekend, plus interviews with the defending champions (the “Brockafellers”) and the team to beat (Kai Budde's “Phoenix Foundation”).

We have done webcasts for the last couple of Pro Tours and we're really happy with the way they turn the Pro Tour finals into a major event within the Magic community. Magic players around the world can tune in and share in the experience of watching the game's best players duke it out for big bucks and bragging rights. If you've always wondered what the pros are thinking about when they play, or you just want to see what they look like and hear what they sound like, tune in on Sunday.

These webcasts have already become a fixture of our Pro Tour coverage and we feel like we're getting better at doing them every time. In particular, the quality of the picture gets better every show (and this time around you can watch using either Quicktime or Windows Media Player because we've discovered that some users see better pictures in different players). Another innovation we're introducing this time around is an interactive forum where viewers can post questions that they want the commentators to ask the pros in interviews.

Click here for instructions on how to view the stream on Sunday. If you have more questions or problems, here is a handy Webcast FAQ.

Of course, there's a lot more to's Pro Tour coverage than just streaming video. The Tournament Center will have live coverage of the Pro Tour beginning Friday morning. If you want to see how Sunday's finalists get there, or you just want to see how your favorite players are doing, check in early and often throughout the weekend. Among other features, the popular “blog” that debuted at US Nationals will return and we will also create video highlight reels to summarize the action at the end of each day.

Meanwhile, if you want to check out the archived coverage from the last few events you can to watch Nicolai Herzog win Pro Tour San Diego, to watch Masashiro Kuroda win Pro Tour Kobe, or to watch Herzog's other win this season, in Amsterdam. We hadn't started the video coverage yet when the last Team PT happened, but there's lot of stories available for your reading pleasure here.

This time around the video archives are not going to be available until several days after Pro Tour Seattle ends. If you want to see what happens for yourself, be sure to tune in on Sunday! I'll be there doing the play-by-play commentary, and I'll be joined by at least one of the Pro Tour's superstars. Here is the schedule of events:

Pro Tour Seattle Live Coverage - Sunday, July 11, 2004
9:00am Semi-Final A Draft Coverage
9:30am Semi-Final B Draft Coverage
10:00am Semi-Final A Match Coverage
11:15am Semi-Final B Match Coverage
12:30pm Lunch Break (We will play two of the old ESPN Magic programs)
2:00pm Finals Draft Coverage
3:00pm Championship Match

All times are local (Seattle = Pacific time zone)

See you then!

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