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By Jeff Donais

The Sideboard asked a few questions to ten of the players here this weekend at Grand Prix Detroit. (Note that we asked these questions during the middle of day 1, less than three rounds into the tournament).

Question 1: Based on previous performance and skill, who do you think has the best chance to win Grand Prix Detroit? You are not allowed to pick yourself.

  • Matt Vienneau - "I think Chris Benafel will win!"
  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz - "Chris Benafel, all the way."
  • Gary Wise - "I would have to pick either William Jensen, Chris Benafel or Mike Turian."
  • Mike Turian - "I think Dan OMS will win, he seems to do better when his brother Steve isn't at the tournament."
  • Dan Clegg - "Either Baby Huey (William Jensen) or Brock Parker."
  • Beth Liston - "I don't really know anyone who would win a Grand Prix!"
  • Nate Heiss - "Since Finkel isn't here, I will guess Matt Vienneau."
  • Alex Shvartsman - "Mikey P. will win!"
  • Joe "Mouth" Kambourakis - "I don't really have a favorite for this tournament."
  • Rob Dougherty - "I will pick Mike Pustilnik to win."

Question 2: What is your favorite Grand Prix format?

  • Matt Vienneau - "Rochester Draft"
  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz - "Rochester Draft"
  • Gary Wise - "I've seen Apocalypse, so I would have to say Invasion, Planeshift Apocalypse Rochester Draft."
  • Mike Turian - "Tempest Block Booster Draft. Rochester Draft is too slow and boring."
  • Dan Clegg - "An all draft Tempest Block Grand Prix without Sealed Deck."
  • Beth Liston - "Booster Draft."
  • Nate Heiss - "Extended!"
  • Alex Shvartsman - "Rochester."
  • Joe "Mouth" Kambourakis - "5-color!"
  • Rob Dougherty - "Team format is definitely my favorite."

Question 3: If you make day two of this Grand Prix, what colors do you intend to draft?

  • Matt Vienneau - "I'm not sure, but if white/green comes my way, I'll end up playing it."
  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz - "I will preferably draft blue/black/red, but I will draf anything if it I have to."
  • Gary Wise - "Either red/black or red/green with a splash of black."
  • Mike Turian - "Black/red/blue, but my second plan is to go mainly red/green. Many people think I'm nuts for playing those, but they are way strong.
  • Dan Clegg - "White/blue or black/red."
  • Beth Liston - "Blue/black/red."
  • Nate Heiss - "Blue/black/red."
  • Alex Shvartsman - "Green/white, it's really underdrafted."

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