Posted in Event Coverage on November 7, 2013

By Marc Calderaro

This matchup was setting up to be the most exciting of the quarter finals. Luis Navas has been turning heads all day with his innovative Black-Red Aggro deck. It combines all the hits each of the colors offers, often closing the game with a Mogis’s Marauders, giving his whole team intimidate and swinging for the fences.

Carlos Davi Montenegro was sporting a mostly-mono-red deck, save some Chained to the Rocks in the maindeck, and Assemble the Legions in the sideboard for control. Though his deck is brutal, it sports less removal than Navas’s deck, and fewer evasive creatures. Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch would be particularly painful.

Carlos Davi Montenegro

Game 1

The first game started as you might expect—tons of small creatures from each direction, getting blown up and traded at will. Navas took an early lead, using Spike Jester and Rakdos Cackler to take his opponent to 11 without taking any damage himself. Frostburn Weird and Boros Reckoner from Montenegro tried to keep up and mount some defenses. But Xathrid Necromancer was turning those 1-for-1s into profit.

Most of Navas’s creatures started to look at bit worse into the midgame, but not Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch. Though the Legendary creature had not seen much love during the Return to Ravnica block, since the release of Theros it has been popping up here and there, punishing Sorcery-speed removal like nobody’s business. The creature swung in and made the score 18-3 in Navas’s favor.

Though Montenegro had his own help, a Hammer of Purphoros was cast to provide him some late-game gas (late game for these decks starts around turn six), Navas had just the right amount of removal. He used a Doom Blade to push through enough blockers to take the last three life from his opponent.

Luis Navas 1 – 0 Carlos Davi Montenegro

Game 2

For Navas, the second game started just as well as the first. A Tormented Hero into two Xathrid Necromancers, mixed in with a Thoughtseize to take away an early Chained to the Rocks from Montenegro.

Montenegro’s start was also very good, with two Ash Zealots and a Frostburn Weird to act as a wall. The totals were 18-18 when Navas again dropped his Exava again. Montenegro created an important-looking boardstall. Adding the unleash ability to his black-red witch without much thought, Navas had creatures charge into the red zone. Though the unleashed hasted Legend died shortly after to a Mizzium Mortars, the two Necromancers quickly turned the body into two Zombies keeping up the pace.

Luis Navas

But Navas couldn’t attack profitably into the 1/4 and the first-strikers, so he slowly bided his time. He added Rakdos Cacklers, and other little annoying guys, slowing building his field. Like Navas himself, his creatures sat stoic, waiting when they could be best used. Navas had his opponent at 10 life and the board was stabilized. He knew his opponent couldn’t overload Mizzium Mortars and he was playing for the blowout himself.

Montenegro could see what was coming, but he hoped Navas hadn’t drawn it. And with more than 12 power on the board, Navas cast the Mogis’s Marauder, making his black Zombies, Necromancers and the Marauder himself all unblockable. It was enough damage for the win.

Luis Navas 2 – 0 Carlos Davi Montenegro

Luis Navas and his evil army advance to the semifinals!

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