Quarterfinal: Anton Jonsson vs. David Brucker

Posted in Event Coverage on June 30, 2002

By Kim Eikefet

In the quarterfinals, Anton Jonsson from Sweden was paired up against David Brucker from Germany. Unfortunately for Jonsson, who played Mr. Finland, he had encountered the only really bad match-up of the whole playoff—Brucker's Psychatog deck.

Game 1

Brucker went first. Both players played two lands, then, Jonsson Iced one of Brucker's land, to try and draw a third. He didn't, and had to discard a Deep Analysis, shaking his head as he had got the worst possible start of his quarterfinals.

Brucker took his chances and summoned a turn four Psychatog. Jonsson needed to draw lands, and he flashbacked the Deep Analysis and got a mountain, which he played. Then he discarded two cards, a Goblin Trenches and a Repulse.

The German took his time to consider his next move. Eventually, he decided to play a land, attack with the Psychatog, and then he played a Fact or Fiction, flipping over a Memory Lapse, a Counterspell, an island, a Cephalid Coliseum and a Salt Marsh. Jonsson decided to put the Memory Lapse, the Coliseum and the island in one pile, and Brucker chose that one.

Jonsson still failed to draw land during his own turn. He attempted to Repulse the Psychatog, but the Repulse was Force Spiked—and that was game, as Brucker had generated enough cards in hand and graveyard to finish him off.

Jonsson 0 – 1 Brucker

Game 2

After that first, thrilling game, the two players sideboarded and shuffled up for game two. Jonsson decided to go first. "Come on, lands!" he begged as he drew his opening hand, and he was happy to see that his hand was just fine.

The Swede got out a turn two Meddling Mage, calling Chainer's Edict. Brucker did nothing during his turn except from playing a land, and the Mage started to attack. Then, Brucker's played Duress. Jonsson chose to Counterspell the Duress, but the German Counterspelled it back. Jonsson's hand consisted of a Repulse, an Aura Blast and a mountain, and the Repulse ended up in the graveyard.

Jonsson untapped, drew—and a Lightning Angel stared back at him. "Good draw!" he smiled, and slapped the Angel onto the table. Brucker was in trouble. He used a Deep Analysis to look for a solution, while the Angel and the Mage brought him down to seven.

Brucker played Probe with kicker, and Jonsson discarded his two last cards in hand, the Aura Blast and a mountain. Still, he got to knock Brucker down to two life, and drawing nothing, the German scooped.

Jonsson 1- 1 Brucker

Game 3

"I wondered if I should call the Meddling Mage Oliver Kahn or something, just to give you a chance," Jonsson commented while the two players shuffled for game three, and that sparked a friendly conversation about football.

Brucker chose to play first in the third game, and Jonsson tried to play a turn two Meddling Mage once again. This time, however, it was Counterspelled. Jonsson then attempted to cast another Mage during his fourth turn, and when Brucker Counterspelled, Jonsson had a Memory Lapse to force it through. The Meddling Mage hit the table. "Psychatog, or Oliver Kahn," Jonsson chuckled.

"Is that Probe with kicker I hear?" he wondered, but Brucker didn’t play a fifth land, and passed the turn. The Mage came over for a visit. Brucker passed once more, and the Mage hit him again. Then, the German attempted to play Duress. At this point in the game, Jonsson had an Absorb and a Counterspell in his hand, and he chose to Absorb the Duress. Brucker Counterspelled though, and Jonsson didn't have enough mana to use his own, so the Duress went through. A Goblin Trenches hit the graveyard, and the Meddling Mage soon followed it, thanks to a Ghastly Demise.

During his following turn, Brucker played Deep Analysis, and he then flashbacked it while Jonsson did nothing. Eventually, he discarded a Ghastly Demise, a bad sign for the Swede. The German continued to improve his hand quality by playing a Fact or Fiction. Flipping over a Fact or Fiction, a Circular Logic, a Deep Analysis, an Underground River and a Salt Marsh, he got the choice between two lands or three spells, and Brucker chose the spells.

The German spent his turn playing a Duress. Jonsson Absorbed it. Brucker Counterspelled. Jonsson Counterspelled. Brucker Circular Logic'd, and got to see two lands. Jonsson then sacrificed his Coliseum to draw three cards, untapped, and played Fact or Fiction, flipping over an island, Lightning Angel, a Fact or Fiction and two Gainsay. Brucker put the Angel and the Fact or Fiction in one pile, and while Jonsson seemed to want a win card, he chose to take the two Gainsays. He then played a land and a Meddling Mage, calling Psychatog. Brucker sighed.

"Wo-ho, I'm in the lead!" Jonsson said when he asked about the life totals and discovered that while Brucker was at ten, he still had his 20 life. But Brucker Ghastly Demised the Mage, eliminating the threat on the table. He then played a Probe with kicker during his following turn. Jonsson Memory Lapsed it. Brucker Counterspelled. Jonsson then Gainsay'd the Probe, and the Probe was countered.

Brucker had more card drawers, though. During Jonsson's end of turn step, he cast Fact or Fiction, flipping over four lands and a Chainer's Edict. Jonsson chose to put the four lands in one pile, and Brucker chose that one. He then played Probe with kicker, and Jonsson discarded two lands. Holding tons of cards in hand, the German attempted to play a Psychatog, but it was Gainsay'd.

Brucker played yet another Probe with kicker during his turn. Jonsson had drawn a Counterspell, and used it, holding only an Aura Blast in his hand. "I think your hand is better than mine," Jonsson remarked, "but I have one really good card." Brucker forced through the Probe by Memory Lapsing Jonsson's Counterspell. The Aura Blast hit the graveyard.

Brucker then played a Possessed Aven, and Jonsson was in serious trouble. He top-decked a Flametongue Kavu, but Brucker won the counter war quite easily and another Aven hit the table. A Fact or Fiction and a few hits later, the game was over.

Jonsson 1 – 2 Brucker

Game 4

Jonsson got to go first again during the fourth game, and he kept his hand. Brucker kept as well, playing a turn one Duress that sent a Repulse to Jonsson's graveyard. He also got to see four lands and a Flametongue Kavu in Jonsson's hand, not exactly the strongest hand ever. The two players then went into draw-go mode for a few turns, playing nothing but land.

Eventually, Brucker tried another Duress. Jonsson Counterspelled it, but Brucker Counterspelled back, and another Repulse hit the graveyard. Other than that, Jonsson had two lands and the Kavu in his hand, as he had had rather weak draws. So Brucker decided it was time for a Fact or Fiction. He flipped over two islands, a Circular Logic, an Engineered Plague and a Duress. Jonsson put the two black spells in one pile, and Brucker chose the other one.

More draw-go followed, then Jonsson tried to play a creature, a Meddling Mage. In response, Brucker cast Fact or Fiction. Jonsson Memory Lapsed it, and when the Mage came into play, Jonsson chose to name Fact or Fiction. Brucker had drawn a Ghastly Demise though, and he chose to use it to get rid of the Mage. He then smacked a Possessed Aven onto the table, and Jonsson looked disheartened.

Still holding the Flametongue Kavu, Jonsson had to attempt to cast it. But in spite of having one Memory Lapse backup, Brucker had both a Counterspell and a Memory Lapse to keep the Kavu off the table. The German then attacked and played yet another Fact or Fiction, flipping over five strong cards: two Probe, a Circular Logic, a Deep Analysis and a Duress. Both players laughed, although Brucker was obviously happier to see the cards than Jonsson was. He eventually got to choose a pile with a Probe, a Duress and a Deep Analysis. The Duress removed a Deep Analysis from Jonsson's hand. The Swede, who still hadn't drawn very well, was left with a single land in his hand.

Jonsson tried to flashback his Deep Analysis to draw two cards. It got Circular Logic'd, but Jonsson had the Memory Lapse that had been Lapsed the turn before, and he got to draw his two cards. The result was a Gainsay and Lightning Angel. The Aven knocked him down to eight life Jonsson drew three from his Coliseum, but shook his head, knowing that his odds were pretty bad. He then played Meddling Mage, calling Probe.

The Aven took him down to four life, and Jonsson had to try and cast his Lightning Angel—but Brucker just Ghastly Demised it. Game and match for the German. Another quarterfinals lost for the unlucky Swede.

Final Result: Jonsson 1 – 3 Brucker

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