Quarterfinal - Caleb Durward vs Bryant Cook

Posted in Event Coverage on August 1, 2010

By Rashad Miller

Game 1

Cook led with Scalding Tarn for Underground Sea into Ponder. Durward sacrificed Wasteland to destroy the Underground Sea. Durward played a turn-two Gemstone Mine and his second Ponder. Durward followed with Noble Hierarch on his second turn. Turn-three for Cook consisted of Brainstorm, bringing the Gemstone Cavern down to one counter, followed by Scalding Tarn to shuffle away the unwanted cards. Durward's third turn was a less impressive hard-cast Basking Rootwalla. Cook took this opportunity to Burning wish for Dimishing Returns. Durward attacked Cook with Basking Rootwalla which in combination with fetch-land activations and exalted brought Cook to fourteen. Durward finished his turn with resolving Survival of the Fittest.

Caleb Durward

Cook started turn-five with Brainstorm and Rite of Flame. This was when Cook started noting his storm count. Dark ritual, Lion's Eye Diamond and Infernal Tutor raised the count to five. Cook responded to his Infernal Tutor by sacrificing Lion's Eye Diamond for black mana. The tutor searched up Ad Nauseam. Cook played Ad Nausem and revealed Silence, Chrome Mox , Infernal Tutor, Gemstone Mine, Dark Ritual, Duress, Infernal Tutor, Empty the Warrens, and Orim's Chant before stopping to think. After a short pause, Cook revealed one more card; Lotus Petal. Cook then played a land, Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, Chrome Mox, and finally Empty the Warrens for eighteen Goblins. Facing down a Goblin horde, Durward took to the air by discarding Vengevine to Survival of the Fittest for Wonder then pitching Wonder for Basking Rootwalla. Cook played Orim's Chant with kicker during combat to preserve his precious two life points.

Bryant Cook

Cook attacked with eighteen Goblins. Durward traded his Basking Rootwalla for a Goblin and was dealt seventeen damage going down to three. Durward was finally able to show what his Survival engine can do when he pitched Basking Rootwalla, with madness, to get another Basking Rootwalla. The second Basking Rootwalla was then discarded, with madnees, to trigger the Vengevines in Durwards graveyard. Cook had no answer for the flying duo of Elementals.

Durwood 1 – Cook 0

Game 2

Cook led with City of Brass into Ponder. Durward mimicked his game-one performance with an immediate Wasteland activation on his turn. On the next turn, Cook played Polluted Delta. Durward continued his parody of game-one with Noble Hierarch on turn-two. A Brainstorm, Polluted Delta activation, and a Ponder summed up Cook's following turn. Durward applied major pressure by casting Aquamoeba, discarding Vengevine, and casting Wild Mongrel. This triggered Vengevine and allowed Durward to attack Cook down to thirteen. Cook knew he was running out of time so we went for broke. He played Rite of Flames, two Lotus Petal, two Dark Ritual, and a Burning Wish for Dimishing Returns. Durward attempted to Spell Pierce the Returns, but Pyroblast ensured a fresh hand of seven cards for both players. Cook's new hand yielded him two Ponder and a Brainstorm but managed nothing more from casting those spells. Cook extended his hand and Durward continued on to the Semi-Finals.

Durwood 2 – Cook 0

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