Quarterfinal: Dante Rosati vs. Roger Miller

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By Will Copeman

This quarterfinal match featured the New Zealand champion, Roger Miller vs Dante Rosati, a player from Melbourne who has had a string of strong performances on his local scene.

Miller's draft was defined by the first pack, in which four players passed the amazing Mortivore until Roger took it. The pick was followed up by some very solid black and blue picks, making a deck which featured Braids, Cabal Minion, Concentrate, Deluge, 2 Psychatog and two Gravediggers. Roger said he felt a little unsure of the deck but felt he might be able to exploit his opponent's weak mana.

Rosati drafted from position 8 and had some weaker picks until the packs swung round to his side of the table where he grabbed some bombs. He ended up playing a 3 color G/B/r monstrosity with Overrun and Cabal Patriach along with early red cards such as Ember Beast and Firebolt. Further highlights included Roar of the Wurm and Elephant Ambush.

Game 1

Rosati started out strongly despite electing to draw and a mulligan. A Filthy Cur helped along by a Seton's Desire applied early beats. Miller found himself at 6 life before he managed to stabilize with a Zombie Assasin and a Psychatog. The game turned when Miller Syncopated Rosati's Morbid Hunger and then cast one of his own which ended a Chainflinger that threatened to finish him off. When Miller had cast Mortivore, Concentrate and Skeletal Scrying for 3, the game was firmly in his favor, despite Rosati's double Roar of the Wurm.

Miller's brain exploded.

He cast a main phase Deluge which tapped all the creatures on the table instead of only his opponents creatures as he expected. Realizing his mistake, he desperately tried to summon enough blockers in his hand from the 9 cards there. Rosati, presented with opportunity, untapped, announced an alpha strike, turned all his creatures sideways and finished off Miller with a Firebolt.

Game 2

Miller looked pretty shaken after giving away an almost unloseable game and took a heavy swig from a nearby energy drink. However, Miller's start in the second game was solid with a Cephalid Scout backed up by a Psychatog and a Gravedigger. When he tutored for and summoned his Mortivore, things were looking good despite walking into an Elephant Ambush. However, Rosati started piling out fat with a Gorilla Titan, Ember Beast and two Roar of the Wurms. After a bit of a stall, Miller's card advantage looked to turn the tide with a Skeletal Scrying for four. Rosati, having a slight creature advantage and massive card disadvantage, took the chance and attacked with all his creatures. After and extremely complicated combat, Rosati only managed to bring Miller to 1 due to the fact that he could not use his Centaur Garden and cast the Morbid Hunger in his hand in the same turn. Miller returned the favour of the first game by untapping, and finishing off the tapped-out Rosati with a Psychatog and a very large Mortivore.

Game 3

Rosati only rated himself a 20% chance of winning coming into the match and seemed nonplussed at his minor miscalculation which cost him game 2. The third game began with Miller taking an early tempo advantage with some early flyers and the ever-present Psychatog. Rosati's plays of Gorilla Titan and Krosan Archer were Syncopated and Ghastly Demised respectively. Rosati was beat down by an Aven Fisher and a Treetop Sentinel to five life when he drew and cast his Cabal Patriach. However, the big bomb was too late and Miller's tempo combined with profitable use of his two gravedigger was enough swing with everything and finish of Rosati.

Final Result: Miller over Dante 2-1

Dante Rosati

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Roger Miller

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