Quarterfinal Feature Match: Andrew Grain vs. Wei Ren Khoo

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By Chris Kwan

Wei Ren is a recent Australian import from Malaysia, being one of their top players who is studying in Australia. Wei Ren's Blue/White Control deck is matched up against Andrew Grain's Blue Skies deck.

Game 1

Andrew arrives late and appears to be a bit stressed about something. He wins the die roll and plays first, dropping a Sky Diamond on his second turn. He follows it up with a Chimeric Idol on his next turn, which Wei counterspells, and Andrew Foils it discarding down to 1 card. Wei has the answer for it next turn when he Dismantling Blows it.

Andrew plays no more threats on his next two turns and Wei played Accumulated Knowledge twice at the end of his fourth turn and then drops a Blinding Angel, which hits the table safely. He commences the beats as Andrew gushes into a Spiketail Hatchling. The Angel continues the beatdown as Andrew gushes again and then Opts, trying to find some more creatures to halt the attack.

Finally the mighty Chris Zantides arrives bearing a Star Wars Boba Fett card and Andrew lets out a sigh of relief as his lucky charm is returned. His luck doesn't change however as on two life he attempts to washout, which is met by absorb. He then casts Rising Waters, which Wei lets through. His last spell for the turn is a Rishadan Airship, which Wei counterspells, Andrew foils and Wei shows a foil of his own for the win.

Game 2

Wei Ren is forced to mulligan twice and shakes his head. Andrew's first creature is Troublesome Spirit on his fourth turn, which Andrew protects with a Foil on Wei's counterspell. He starts the beats and attempts to drop a Spiketail Hatchling and Rishadan Airship, both of which are absorbed.

Wei drops Aura Fracture and Dismantling Blows Andrews next creature, a Chimeric Idol. Andrew manages to get another Hatchling under Wei's counterspell net and Wei is forced to Bismantling Blow with kicker his own aura fracture to draw some answers. He finds one with a Blinding Angel, which he protects this time with a counter for Andrew's foil. Andrew drops another Spirit and Wei Ren's head drops, as he is forced to go looking for answers again.

He draws a Wrath of God off the top and clears the board, and drops a Rootwater Thief, one of his sideboard cards. Andrew drops another hatchling but his Airship is absorbed, bringing Wei' life total to a safe range. Wei then manages to cast 4 Accumulated Knowledges in two turns to totally refill his hand, while Andrew tries to match it with a gush.

Wei is now in complete control and recalls for his Angel and Knowledge, gaining even more card advantage. He plays the Angel with a counter for Andrew's Foil and ignores Andrew's next spell, a Chimeric Idol. A few turns later the angel is joined by its twin, and Andrew is looking in serious trouble. With Wei holding a handful of counters Andrew's troublesome spirit doesn't stand a chance of entering play and Wei wins his dreaded matchup.

Final Result: Wei Ren Khoo wins, 2-0

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