Quarterfinal Feature Match: Antoine Ruel vs. Jan Doise

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

Antoine decided to go first and had to mulligan. His opponent did the same.

Jan plays Fertile Ground followed by a Quirion Sentinel another Fertile Growth and a Thornscape Familiar. Ruel on the other hand only played a Llanowar Knight during his third turn and left his four mana unused in his fourth turn. Jan attacked with his Familiar only to see it get blocked by the Knight. He then played a Caldera Kavu that attacked the next turn for three damage bringing Antoine down to 10.

Antoine seemed to be missing blue mana and was only able to play a Pincer Spider until his sixth turn when he finally got a blue mana source and cast Hunting Drake targeting the Kavu. He was trying to delay the Belgian, who didn't seem to be aware of his Kavu's second ability to change color. This mistake had probably cost him the game. Kavu is replayed by Jan together with a Thornscape Apprentice. Antoine had a decision to make, whether to play Sulam Djinn, Allied Strategy or Snake Snidd. After some thinking he played the green Djinn together with a Stormscape Apprentice. When Jan attacked Antoine he forced Antoine to block with a Pincer Spider together with a Sulam Djinn. After some thinking Jan pumped up the Kavu two times and gave it first strike with his Thornscape Apprentice. Antoine didn't see that coming. The Frenchman had to find an answer for the Caldera Kavu so he cast Allied Strategies to find something. For that time he had to settle with his Apprentice to tap the Kavu. The Belgian then played Rooting Kavu as another potential threat. Ruel played Sea Snidd leaving exactly two mana open for Gerrard's Command. The Belgian attacked with both his Rooting Kavu and his Caldera Kavu. Antoine blocks the Caldera Kavu with the Spider and the Snidd. When Jan gave the Caldera Kavu first strike and then declared 4 damage to the Snidd, the Frenchman played Gerrard's Command on it. Ruel seemed to be gaining control of the situation as he cast Exclude targeting a kicked Stormscape Battlemage. Not only did he counter the Belgian's creatures but also played his Armadillo Cloak on the Snidd to win complete control of the game. When Jan realized that it would just be a question of turns, he conceded.

Ruel's Teddy Bear seemed to be working overtime. After he drew what he needed the question was how long the bear could keep up with.

Game 2

Jan plays a Thornscape Apprentice while Ruel plays a Stormscape Apprentice. Both players start trading damage until the Belgian played a hooded Kavu followed by an Amphibious Kavu. Ruel on the other hand, played a Sunscape Battlemage and enchanted it later on with Wings of Hope. Jan went into an aggressive position and attacked each turn. The Frenchman then played a Reviving Vapors revealing Sea Snidd, Exclude and Aura Blast. He chose the Aura Blast and won two life since his opponent had a Fertile Ground in play and had missed two land drops. The Belgian persisted with his attacks getting Ruel down to 14. Antoine cast a Razorfoot Griffin that should start picking on his opponent's life totals. The Belgian, who had been attacking with his Hooded Kavu, had to put it on top of his deck when Antoine got lucky once again in his draw and got a Hunting Drake. After having won control of the board he started attacking with his two flyers.

The Belgian got more nervous by the minute, saying he would be cursed. He did not give up although and continued applying pressure. He didn't seem to have any answer for Ruel's two flyers that kept attacking. The only thing he managed to cast in order to delay his ending was Tangle that had just bought him two extra turns. Desperate, the Belgian attacked with three creatures after he had cast a Sinister Strength on his Amphibious Kavu. Ruel still had 14 life left after the attack. When he then cast an Armadillo Cloak on his kicked Benalish Lancer, his opponent conceded. The Belgian had two Serpentine Kavu in hand accompanied by a Darigaaz, the Igniter and a Stormscape Battlemage but he didn't have any mana to cast it since Antoine destroyed his Fertile Ground.

Final Result: Antoine Ruel 2 - 0

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