Quarterfinal Feature Match: Christian Lührs vs. Jan Brinkmann

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Kim Eikefet

Jan Brinkmann was everybody's pick for the quarterfinals match where he faced Christian Lührs. Playing a black and red Machine Head deck, the common opinion was that he would crush Lührs's Orbosition deck.

Game 1

The first game was definitely Jan's. He went first and played a swamp, Dark Ritual, Plague Spitter. "From then it went downhill. I had no chance, I just played some critters and then he attacked me with a double Phyrexian Scuta without kickers. But the hill giants were enough," Christian explains.

Lührs 0 - Brinkmann 1

Game 2

After the first game, Christian sideboarded in three Stinging Barriers for two Temporal Adepts and one Merfolk Looter. "The other three creatures would just die to a Plague Spitters. But the Stinging Barriers are good, because they kill the Spitters," Lührs says.

The game was pretty fast though, and Lührs didn't remember much after the match. "I think I started Porting him, but he still went Ritual, Spitter. But I had two Magpies, two Thwarts and somehow I just killed him," he says.

Lührs 1 - Brinkmann 1

Game 3

Brinkmann got out a second turn Spitter in the third game as well, but Lührs cast some walls and two Thieving Magpies. Then, Brinkmann went Blazing Specter, Blazing Specter and a third Blazing Specter, the last one was countered though.

Things looked bad for Christian, but he went on to topdeck a Stinging Barrier that shot down the annoying Spitter - and all of Jan's creatures died along with it. Finally, the two Thieving Magpies served through the air and won the game.

Lührs 2 - Brinkmann 1

Game 4

Jan cast an early Spitter in the fourth game as well, while Christian got out a Glacial Wall. "At one point we were at 14-14 thanks to the Spitter. Then he chose to Vendetta the Wall for seven damage," Christian says. He got out an Opposition, and so he could tap down the Spitter once. After that, he went into topdeck mode. "I drew a Static Orb, and so I had both an Opposition and a Static Orb but no creatures in play. He attacked me with the Spitter and I drew a Stinging Barrier," Christian smiles.

Getting low on life, Jan had to kill his own Spitter with a Scorching Lava to avoid dying from it. At this point, Jan was at one life while Christian was at eight and had a Thieving Magpie on the table. With a double Ritual, he cast Skizzik, but Christian had topdecked a Counterspell and countered the Skizzik as he thought that Jan might have an Urza's Rage as well. So Jan had to Rage the Magpie instead.

Christian went on to topdeck another Thieving Magpie, and the Magpie dealt that last point of damage to Jan. "It was incredible, I really didn't expect it. But I topdecked a lot," he admits.

Final Result: Christian Lührs 3 - Jan Brinkmann 1

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