Quarterfinal Feature Match: David Price (USA) vs. Xavier Curto Vives (Spain)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Craig Jones

David Price had drafted another red/black/blue deck with Yawgmoth's Agenda again and was looking for his first big tournament win in a while. Xavier Curto Vives had drafted predominantly white/blue/green but also had Harrow to find the swamp to pay the kicker on his probe. Price won the coin flip and opted to play first.

Game 1

Price started fast with Shivan Zombie then Kavu Scout. Curto harrowed to fix his mana and then stalled Price's charge with tappers, shackles and a Benalish Heralds. Price couldn't really get round double shackles. He'd knocked Curto down to 5 and did have a Soul Burn to finish the Spaniard off in the deck somewhere. Unfortunately he kept drawing land and eventually Curto made enough fat monsters to finish him off.

Game 2

Curto paid the price for playing 4 colors when he laid only 3 plains in the second game. Price started knocking his life down with an effectively untouchable Shivan Zombie. The only creatures Curto summoned were white. Price used a Soul Burn to leave Curto dangerously low on life. When Price dropped Yawgmoth's Agenda next turn Curto conceded knowing Price could recast the burn from the graveyard.

Game 3

Turn 3 Harrow, turn 4 Probe with kicker from Curto and the American was in trouble. An Armadillo cloak on a Spirit Weaver spelled the end for the American.

Final Result: Xavier Curto Vives beat David Price 2-1

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