Quarterfinal Feature Match: Joost Vollebregt vs. Daniel Zink

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By Mark Wraith

One thing was for sure, with an hour and a half for the quarter-finals, these players wouldn't be running short of time in their best of three match. Daniel won the coin-flip and chose to go first.

Game 1

Daniel started out quickly with a Firebrand Ranger on his second turn, but it wasn't going anywhere - Joost had a Galina's Knight ready to cast. Daniel summoned an Ancient Kavu which although Red could at least get past Galina's Knight by becoming colorless, so Vollebregt Hobbled it to stop it from attacking.

Daniel continued to play spells, but only the Volcanic Imp was threatening, the Thunderscape Familiar didn't appear to have much chance of getting damage in, especially when Joost continued to block the ground up with a Sea Snidd.

The Dutchman used the Snidd's ability to good effect on his next turn, making one of his Islands into a Forest, to permit his Ordered Migration to put another bird into play. Another Hobble put paid to the Volcanic Imp, and the 1/1 flyers started their assault. Zink didn't have a way to deal with these flyers in his turn, and they hit once again, bringing Daniel to twelve. Another large creature joined in the fun for Joost, as he summoned an Alloy Golem.

Once again Zink did not draw a solution and had to take another four damage, although when he was on eight life, he managed to activate the Volcanic Imp again by returning it to his hand with a Lava Zombie and recasting it. However, Joost had an answer for this, and his Repulse on the Imp meant that the German had to Scorching Lava one of the birds to stay on five life. The Snidd changed a land into a Forest again, and this time it was not four 1/1 flyers, but four cards drawn via an Allied Strategies. A Magma Burst to take out the Volcanic Imp and deal three damage to Daniel was enough to end the first game.

Game 2

Daniel played first hoping to get a much faster draw than in the first game, where most of his potential early beats were held up by a solitary Galina's Knight. It was Joost who got the first creature, though, a Stormscape Apprentice.

Once again Daniel played a Thunderscape Familiar, and used it's ability to play a Firescreamer on his third turn. As in the first game, the Dutchman was again ready with a Hobble to deal with it, but Daniel had plenty more gas yet.

He Lightning Darted the Apprentice, and played an Urborg Phantom. Luckily for him Joost that time did not have the Hobble, only a Samite Pilgrim which he did not block the Phantom with, going down to 14 life instead. Daniel made sure it wouldn't be blocking anything this game - removing it from the game with a kicked Scorching Lava.

Under a little pressure - as he did not yet have five lands to play his Sea Snidd in hand, the Dutchman felt the need to summon a Vodalian Serpent without kicker to trade with it. The Phantom was immediately Recovered, however, and Daniel followed this up with a Phyrexian Slayer.

Vollebregt's Sea Snidd which came out once he found a fifth land on his next turn was Soul Burned, and another attack put him down to eleven. He did have plenty of things he could do in his hand, though, notably an Ordered Migration, an Allied Strategies, and a Repulse. He decided that the Migration was the thing to do that turn, putting three 1/1 flyers into play.

The Thunderscape Familiar came over regardless, although it traded for only one bird. Daniel recast the Phantom, and now it seemed like perhaps Joost was gaining the upper hand, as he could easily deal with the Phantom on a bird, or cast Magma Burst on the two creatures, now that he had six lands.

The Dutchman had a Strategy though, literally. He drew three cards with it and now had six cards to Daniel's two. Even worse for Daniel that his cards were merely Ancient Kavu and a land, while Joost still had Magma Burst and Repulse.

Things went from bad to worse for the German as he drew another land while Joost drew Hobble and prevented the Phyrexian Slayer from attacking or blocking - cantrip Pacifism is good. Even the Mire Kavu that Daniel drew next was not nearly enough, by now Vollebregt had a Galina's Knight as well as the aforementioned cards.

Despite being in control, Joost still decided to Prohibit the Slingshot Goblin, and then Magma Burst the two Ancient and Mire Kavus. With only an Urborg Phantom remaining without a Hobble on it, which could not block, Zink scooped when Joost attacked with all of his creatures for eleven damage.

Final Result: Joost Vollebregt defeats Daniel Zink 2 - 0

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