Quarterfinal Feature Match: Kai Budde (Germany) vs. Jay Elarar (Canada)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Shawn Jeffries

Game 1

Kai took a mulligan on a one-land hand with none of the Rebel searchers that are key to this deck. His new hand made him much happier as it had Plains, Rishadan Port, and Ramosian Sergeant. He attacked during his next two turns as Elarar played Islands. On his third turn, Kai tapped out to play Lin Sivvi, making it easy for Jay to Daze. Jay then played a Port of his own, and used it during Kai's next upkeep. Kai tapped for mana and searched for Defiant Falcon with his Sergeant. During Budde's next upkeep, Jay Ported him again, but this time Kai used the Defiant Falcon to search for Lin Sivvi. Elarar played another Port on his turn, and used them both the next turn again during Kai's upkeep. Kai used the mana from the two land to search for a Steadfast Guard using Lin Sivvi, then attacked later in the turn with the Falcon and Sergeant.

Elarar found a Wash Out to help with the situation on his turn. Kai began forming his army again by playing Lin Sivvi, but was forced to discard two Steadfast Guards. Elarar took his turn to play an Air Elemental. Budde played a Longbow Archer. When Jay attacked the next turn, Budde searched for a Thermal Glider and paired the two against the Elemental. Elarar played another Elemental to replace the first. Kai again played an Archer, while putting the Thermal Glider back into his library using Sivvi. Kai couldn't get his defense up again for Elarar's next Elemental attack, so he took his first damage of the match. On his turn, Kai got two lands ported, but used the mana to search for the Thermal Glider; then played a Chimeric Idol. Elarar added a Troublesome Spirit to his flying forces, but didn't want to lose another Elemental, so he held off.

Kai built his ground-based army over the next two turns while Jay Brainstormed, which found another Spirit. Kai searched for Ramosian Sky Marshal to help in the air. The standoff continued for another turn and Kai searched for another Marshal and a Steadfast Guard. Kai asked the judge about life totals, and then played a Defiant Vanguard. Elarar had to held off another turn, obviously waiting for the one card that could clear Kai's side of the board - Wash Out. Budde put the another Guard back into his deck from the graveyard, and searched it back into play. Kai played a Defiant Falcon, thinking long about this situation. He moved into his combat phase, took 6 colorless and 1 green mana from his lands, and then activated the Chimeric Idol. He attacked with 2 Marshals, 2 Guards, an Archer, a Glider, and a Sergeant. Elarar blocked the Marshals with both Troublesome Spirits, and the Idol with the Elemental. Kai attempted to Wax the Idol, but it was Misdirected to one of Jay's Spirits. After the damage, Kai put a Marshal back into his deck, and searched for another Vanguard. Jay drew, Brainstormed, and Brainstormed again, but could not find the Wash Out, which he needed. Elarar concedes the game at 4 life. Elarar looked to see where the Wash Out was and found it just one card out of reach.

Budde 1 - Elarar 0

Game 2

Elarar chose to play and kept a good looking hand of Island, Rishadan Port, 2 Troublesome Spirit, Brainstorm, and Withdraw. Both players played only land their first two turns, and Jay's Rishadan Airship was the first creature on the board. Kai had to use a Brushland to play a Longbow Archer. Jay responded on his turn with a Troublesome Spirit. Kai's only play was a Chimeric Idol, leaving a Brushland open. Elarar attacked with the Spirit, but Kai wanted to see if his Wax would work on his Archer before deciding whether or not to block. Elarar Dazed it and the Spirit hit Budde, dropping him to 16 life. Elarar played another Spirit. Kai tried to Wrath of God on his turn, but Elarar Thwarted it, picking up three Islands. Elarar attacked for the next three turns and Kai has to chump block with a Defiant Falcon to stay alive, but at 4 life. Facing two Troublesome Spirits and a Rishadan Airship, and only able to block one with his Archer, Budde conceded this very fast game.

Budde 1 - Elarar 1

Game 3

Kai got the usual fast start his deck is known for, playing a Ramosian Sergeant and a Steadfast Guard on his first two turns, as Jay played land and Brainstormed. Kai's attacks brought Elarar to 11 life quickly, but when he tried to play a Chimeric Idol, Jay Foiled it. Kai attacks again and plays another Idol, which makes it into play. On his turn, Jay played a Troublesome Spirit, which stopped Kai's attack the next turn. When it came back to his turn, Jay said "Withdraw," and Kai's Sergeant searched for a Defiant Falcon in response. Elarar's didn't attack with the Spirit because of Kai's Idol.

Kai took this time to recover by playing a Steadfast Guard and a Falcon. Elarar responded in kind with an Air Elemental, and flew the Spirit in for 3 damage. The next turn, Budde's Parallax Wave was Thwart'ed, but Kai went through with the attack with the Guard and the Idol. Jay blocked the Idol, but couldn't answer the Wax that Kai played on the it. Jay was at 4 life when he played a Rishadan Airship on his turn. Budde played Lin Sivvi, and then attacked again knowing that the Airship couldn't block either non-flyer. He had another Wax for the unblocked Steadfast Guard.

Budde 2 - Elarar 1

Game 4

Elarar's hand looked good again with 3 Islands, Brainstorm, Thwart, and Troublesome Spirit. Both players started out playing only lands, including Elarar's Rishadan Port, which slowed down Kai a bit. Kai's third turn play was Longbow Archer, which Jay followed with a Troublesome Spirit. Kai's second Archer was Foiled, but he did bring out a Defiant Falcon. Elarar attacked with the Spirit and Kai took it on the chin bringing him down to 15 because he had to use Brushlands to play the earlier Archers.

Elarar played a second Spirit. Kai did nothing, until Jay attacked with both Spirits. Kai searched for a Glider and double-blocked one Spirit, losing both creatures. Jay then played his third Spirit of the game. Kai took his next turn and attempted to play a Ramosian Sky Marshall, but that was Thwarted by Elarar. Jay attacked again the next turn, bringing Kai to 5 life, and played a Spiketail Hatchling. Kai took a few extra moments during his turn to think about the situation, and then played Lin Sivvi. Kai had active a Defiant Falcon and a Ramosian Sergeant to Jay's two Troublesome Spirits and Spiketail Hatchling. When Elarar attacked with the Spirits, Kai searched for another Falcon to get in the way of one of them. But then conceded the game when he realized he couldn't block the next attack.

Budde 2 - Elarar 2

Game 5

Both players started the game by shaking hands and wishing each other luck. They both commented about the fact that winner of each game was the one that played first, and it's Kai's turn now. Kai had to think long about keeping his initial hand, which didn't have any searchers, but had three lands. Both players play second-turn Rishadan Ports, but the advantage is Kai's. On Kai's fourth turn, he plays and uses a Dust Bowl on Jay's Port. Elarar isn't happy when he doesn't draw another land and has to discard an Air Elemental. Kai played a Lin Sivvi, and kept Elarar Port-locked during his upkeep, forcing another discard, this time a Drake Hatchling.

Kai played a Steadfast Guard, and then ported Jay again his next turn. Jay drew and played an Island, while Kai searched for another Guard during Jay's end-of-turn. Jay let it happen, and then played Withdraw, on the Sivvi and one Guard. Kai attacked and played a Guard from his hand. Elarar still found one Island Port-lock during upkeep, but drew a fourth land and was now able to play a Drake Hatchling. Kai took his turn to play a Parallax Wave, which Jay had to Thwart, returning three Islands to his hand and setting him far back in the game.

Kai attacked again and got one Guard through. Elarar could do nothing but play land down, then watched Kai play a Ramosian Sky Marshall. Elarar's next turn saw him only able to play a Spiketail Hatchling, Kai followed up with a Parallax Wave which Jay could not counter. After having his Drake Waved out, Jay was left defenseless and conceded. He showed Kai three Troublesome Spirits in his hand and offered congratulations.

Final Result: Budde 3 - Elarar 2

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